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332                                GLOSSARY

Labial: Relating to the lips.

Laboratory: A building or room in which scientific work is con-
ducted and experiments are performed.
Laceration: A tearing.
Lacuna: A gap; space; vacancy.
Lallation: Lalling (especially lalling on the letter r).
Lalling:   Inability to articulate clearly;   an infantile form of


lhi                       Lalophobia: Speech-fear; the fear of talking.

j i'                       Laminate: Made up of layers or thin plates.

j [                          Languish.: To fade; wither; become spiritless.

ijjj'                          Lapidary: Inscribed upon stone; inscribed upon tombstones.

Laryngeal: Relating to the larynx.
Larynx: The upper part of the windpipe containing the organs

of voice.

Lasciviousness: Lustfulness; indulgence in animal desires.
Laud: To praise; extol.
Leash: A line; a thong; a cord; a line by which an animal is

held in check.

Legible: That may be read; distinct; easily deciphered.
Legionary: Relating to a legion; containing a great number.
Lesion: A hurt; a wound; an injury; a changed condition due

to disease.

Lethargic: Sluggish; dull; heavy.

Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi: One of the facial muscles.
Lexicon: Dictionary.
Lexicographical:  Relating to a dictionary or the writing of a


Liaison:. An intrigue; sexual intimacy.
Lingual: Relating to the tongue.
Linguistic: Relating to language.

Linguo-palatal: Requiring both tongue and palate for articulation.
Liquor arsenicalis: A medicine.