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GLOSSARY                               333

litigation: The process of carrying on a suit in a court of law.
Localize : To be local ; to make local ; to assign a definite posi-

tion to ; to refer to a particular location or area.
Loc. dt; Loco citato (in the place or work cited).
Longevity i Length or duration of life.
Ixmgitudinal: Lengthwise,

Profitable; gainful.

Hatoe: Uneasiness; discomfort; indisposition.
Malevolent: Unfavorable; unpropitious ; bringing calamity.
Malformed: Abnormally formed ; ill-shaped.
Malignant; Harmful; malicious.
Mandarin: A Chinese official.
Mandibuiar: Relating to the lower jaw.
Manifold; Many; numerous; of different kinds.
Mtaipalate : To handle ; to work or operate with the hands.
Hfcjufttftve : A movement ; a change in position or arrangement
Manual: A handbook*

Manual alphabet ; Hand-language ; the deaf and dumb alphabet.
lltrk: A German coin of the value of about twenty-four cents.

A German coin of the value of about a shilling.
Maatgtterade : To go in disguise; to cover up or conceal as

with a mask.
Maatieatoiy: A substance chewed in order to increase the flow

of saliva.

Matumttan : The process of maturing or ripening.
Masta: A rule; principle; saying.
Mechanician: A mechanic; a machinist;  one versed in the

principles of mechanics.
Median: Middle; relating to the middle; situated or placed in

the middle ; mesM (which see).
Mediate: (adjective) Indirect; not immediate.
Mediate : (tw#) To bring about as an agent ; effect ; accomplish*