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334                              GLOSSARY

Medicament: A medicine; a healing application.

Memoriter: By heart; from memory.

Meninges: The coverings of the brain (and spinal cord).

Mesial: Middle; relating to an imaginary plane dividing the
body into two equal halves.

Meticulous: Over-cautious; attending to minute detail.

Metrical: Pertaining to meter; of the nature of verse; meas-
ured; rhythmical.

Metronome: An instrument giving audible beats and used for
marking exact time in music.

Mimetic: Imitative; involving mimicry.

Minaret: A tower.

Mitigate: To lessen; moderate; abate; make better.

Mnemonic: Assisting the memory.

Mogilalia: A difficulty of utterance.

Monitory: Warning.

Monograph: A treatise on a single subject.

Monophthong:  A vowel consisting of only one element.

Monosyllable: A word consisting of a single syllable.

Monotonic: In a monotone; in one pitch.

Motility: Power of motion; ability to move.

Motor: Relating to motion or movement; relating to muscular

Motorial: Same as motor.

Multifarious: Having great diversity and variety.

Multiform: Having many forms; diverse.

Multiple: Having many parts and relations; consisting of a
large number; manifold.

Multiplicity: The condition of being manifold or numerous; a
great number.

Multitudinous: Numerous; consisting of a multitude.

Municipality: Township; city.

Musculature: The muscular system; the muscles.