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GLOSSARY                              335

Mutation: Change; alteration; the process of changing.
Mute consonant: A surd or voiceless consonant.
Mutism: Dumbness.
MyeHn: The white covering of a nerve-fibre.

Halve:   Not reflecting;   uncritical;  artless;  frank;   simple;


If ares: The cavity of the nose; the nostrils.

Nasals Relating to the nose.

If ascent: Coming into being; beginning to exist; undeveloped.

Hatwral selection: Selection by the elimination of the unfit and
the survival of the fit.

necropsy; Post-mortem examination; examination of a body
after death; autopsy.

Negative: A plate from which photographs are printed.

Negligible;   Unimportant;   that may be disregarded;   not
materially affecting results.

Nephritis: Inflammation of the kidneys.

Neural; Relating to the nervous system; relating to nerves.

Neurasthenia: An exhausted condition with disturbances of the
nervous system; nervous weakness; nervous prostration.

Neuroses: Plural of neurosis.

Neurosis s A nervous derangement; a functional nervous disease.

Neurotic: Relating to neurosis; subject to neuroses; nervous.

Nondtalsjott: Indifferent; unconcerned; cool.

Noa»speculfttive:   Not speculative;   without theory or con-

Norm: The normal type; standard.

Notation: A system of signs or symbols ^ the symbols themselves.

Nmcha: The nape or back part of the neck.

Nuclei: Plural of nwkus*

Nucleus: Kernel; centre; core.

Nugatory: Insignificant; trifling; vain.