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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Obfuscate: To obscure; darken; cloud; render elm.
Objective; Outward; external; external to the         ; dirtrct-

Ing the mind to external things without                  to

personal sennation* and experiences.
Oblique: Slanting; Hloping.
Obliterate: To blot out;         ; efface.
ObHvion: The state of having            out of                 km of


Obscurantist: One that ttppoms the diffusion of
Obscuration; The state of         otarured t>r               ; the id

of obscuring,
Obsession: A haunting idea; tin*        of                       by an


Obsolescent: Becoming                         out of tm

Obsolete: Gone out of use; dtJdtrtkd;
Obtain: To prevail; exiiU.
Obtrude; To thrust In or ujx>n; to intrude.      *
Obtrusion: The* act of obtruding,
Obviate: To encounter or met'l; to                  qr             terj

to remove.

Ocdttde; To shut up; to
Occlusion! A shut ting up; a doling;
Octavt; A nound eight         higher or                             ,

Olffcctoiy: Relating to the         of smell
OğğiĞdent: Knowing all thing*; unlimited in
Ofltogtattic; Relating to the developnient of tJiu                 ti

opposed to that of the race*

Optical: Relating to vision or        ; rotating to the eye*.
Optic disk; The point whctrt* the optic nerve           the         of

the eye; the blind ipat    -
Oral: Relating to the mouth,
OrfWf-wtag; One of the higher
Orchestral: Rektiag