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GLOSSARY                              337

Organic: Relating to bodily organs; physical or bodily rather
tlian functional or mental; relating to an organism or
living object.

Organism: A living object; an animal or plant.

Orijfice: An opening; an opening into a cavity; an aperture.

OrttiograpMcaHy: According to the rules of spelling.

Orthopedic: Relating to orthopaedia, the correction of deform-

Orthoplionic; Literally, relating to right sound or to a correct
system of sound-production.

Ostensible: Seeming; appearing; professed; pretended.

Outri: Odd; peculiar; extravagant.

Overt; Clear; manifest.

Oxygenatloxi: The act of oxygenating or causing to combine
with oxygen, one of the gases of the air.

Pttkta!: Relating to the palate or roof of the mouth.

^Palatine; Sameas^otoaZ.

Pfclpttttion: A beating; a too rapid beating.

Faaacea: A cure-all; a remedy for all diseases.

Ptntomime: Dumb-show; sign language; a series of actions and

gestures intended to convey ideas.
Parabola; A geometrical figure produced by cutting a cone with

a plane parallel to one of its sides; a curved line.
Paradox: A thing seemingly false yet true; a puzzling fact.
; A model of excellence; a pattern.
: A play upon words; a quibble.

Superior to all others;  chief;   supreme;  most


J?arapheroal!a: Miscellaneous articles; a collection of objects;
*>4      MI equipment
Bwaplurtse: To express in different words; change the wording