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338                              GLOSSARY

Pare: Peel.

Parenthesis: An explanation inserted in a sentence. The fol-
lowing curved lines ().

Paresis: A mild form of paralysis.

Paretic: Relating to paresis; partially paralyzed.

Parity: Equality; like state or degree; analogy; close resem-

Paroxysm: Fit; convulsion; spasm.

Patent: Clear; plain; manifest.

Pathogenic: Giving origin to disease; causing illness.

Pathological: Relating to disease.

Pathologist: One versed or skilled in pathology, the science of

Patter-song: A comic song in which the words are uttered with
extreme rapidity.

Paucity: Fewness; smallness in number.

Pectoral: Relating to the chest.

Pemmican: A food used by explorers.

Percussion: The act of striking; the shock produced by a

Perforce: Necessarily; by all means.

Peripheral: External; at the surface of the body.

Peripherie: Same as peripheral.

Periphrasis: A roundabout expression; a circumlocution.

Periphrases: Plural of periphrasis.

Pernicious: Hurtful; vicious; injurious.

Peroration: The concluding part of an oration.

Per se: By itself; in and of itself.

Perspicuity: Clearness; plainness.

Pertinent: Fitting; proper; suitable; not foreign to the matter.

Perversion: The act of perverting, corrupting, or distorting;
the state of being thus perverted; impairment; injury;