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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Pfennig: A German coin of the value of about a quarter of a cent.

A German coin of the value of about half a farthing.
Baarynx: The extreme back of the throat; the cavity behind the

Phenomenon Happening; appearance; a fact presented to


Phobia: An abnormal fear; a persistent dread.
Phonation:   Vocalisation;  the production of .vocal sound or


Phonetic: Relating to phonetics.
Phoneticians One skilled or versed in phonetics.
Phonetfcist: Same as phomtidan.
Phonetics: The science of sounds, especially those of human

The feat of sound; the fear of speaking.
A photopaphlc record of a physiological experi-
ment; a photograph,

Phthisis; Tuberculosis of the lungs; consumption of the lungs.
Phylogenetic: Relating to the evolution of the race.
Physical:  Relating to material things as opposed to mental;
relating to the body; material; bodily.

A combination of features; appearance; coun-
tenance; face*

The science of bodily functions; the study of the
normal workings of the body,
Pictorial: Relating to pictures,
Piecemeal:  By pieces; in fragments; by little and little in

Pigmentary: Mtrked by the presence of pigment or coloring


Pitch; The highness or lowness of atone; the acuteness or grave-
of a note; the relative acuteness or height of a sound
Hadd; 'Calm; serene; unruffled; undisturbed.