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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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JWtgkriag®: To steal the writings of another*
Plastic; Capable of being             or               ;               of

changed or modified.

Plea&ry: Complete; full; entire,

Pletiiom: A fulne* of the                      ;                               the

Hethysmofraph: An instrument         for

the       of &n ami or leg,
Hurality: The state of being plural;   a

Ptttttmogrtpli:  An instrument         for

Polyglot; Containing many                                                 Ian*


Polysyllable; A word of several
Polytechfiical: Embracing or                                ami

Pomtmi luSaral: The Acliinifi
P0nd«itw§: Heavy,
Portray: To picture; rrpreuent
Posttiior: Behind; toward the       or
Postfix: To acid to thr will,
Pott-hypnotic                  : A                                 to

after the subject ha*            ant of the

Something awumwl;
bromldie; A drug; a medicine.
Pottncy: Power; strength; t?ifkttcy,
Fottnt: Powerful; forceful; influentLU.
Potential: Existing in {XMHtibiiity;
Prtcede»ce: The act or right of                 ; priority In

Prte«$»t; A teaching; a maxim; a                   rote of

or action*
Prtciude: To prevent; hinder; eidude; that out