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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Predispose: To make liable or susceptible to,

Predominate: To be chief in importance, quantity, or degree.

Prelmtaeat: First in rank; supreme; extreme; superlative.

Preftctory: Introductory; relating to a preface.

Prefix: To fix or put before.

Promise; (noun) A position or fact laid down as the basis or
ground of an argument.

Prwais©: (verb) To set forth or lay down beforehand; assume;

Itooccupttiaa: Absence of thought; inattention.

Itopondertat: Outweighing; in excess.

Preposterous: Strikingly or utterly ridiculous or absurd; op-
posed to nature, reason, or common sense.

Prerequisite; Something necessary to the end proposed; some-
thing required for the end in view; that on which some
later thing or condition depends.

Presage: To forebode; foreshow; foretell; predict.

Primordial: Existing from the beginning; original; primitive.

PriaclpktioE: Analysis.

Pri?&tl0n: Loss; lack; the state of being deprived.

Prodigious: Great; huge; extraordinary.

Profile: A side view of the head or face; an outline of this side

Prt>g»o§i»: A prediction or forecast concerning the course of
a disease,

Projectioa-ibret; Fibres that leave the cerebrum..                      !

Prolific; Fruitful; productive; fertile,

Promiscuous: Mingled; confused; jumbled; indisaiminate;
brought together without order.

Promulgate: To make known; announce; publish; proclaim.

Proptgftxid*: The means or system employed to advance a cause.

Propttuioa: Tendency; incHnation; bent; proneness; pro-