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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Propensity: Same as

Prophylactic: Preventive; defending from

Propinquity: Nearness;

Propitious : Favorable ; attended by                                     or


Pwpcmad: To offer; present;
Prospective: Being still in the future or in
Prostrate : Lying helplw ; lying         tin!
Protoplttra; The living mailer of which              and           tit

largely composed and from which they art*
Protract : To lengthen ; draw out ; prolong.
Protrusion: The act of protruding or                forward.

PiwIwkUtm: A peculiarity of |K*ech or           ojf

fount! In the provinces or country flwfriciit,
Brotlso: Froviiion; restriction; stipulation.
i0?oc*ti?0; That which provokt*s excites, or            iit

or result*

Ptojd*tt: Nearest; direct;                  ;

IVoximity:   Nearness;  c!osc*rm;   the           of                    or

next in        or time or in        other
Prudery: An undue and                                          of

and delicacy ;

Pid0; (in                           FiJmn

Pijcfete: Mental ; psydidttgiritl ;              to the

Ptyehieal ; Same an p$^lw\
Psychosis : A mental cll*turlnw or dborder.
Purloin; To take or carry           for                take by

Putative: Supposed; wfK>rtcd;

Qtuurf: (i                                                If;

mtnnr ; in a        or to a certain

Qutstiloitwmirt: A list of