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GLOSSARY                              343

Racial: Relating to a race or tribe.

Rulson d'fttre:  A reason for being;  a reason or an excuse for


Ennlficatlon: A branch; the act of branching.
Rampjwt: Unrestrained; unbridled; unchecked; exceeding all

Random-spontaneous;   Spontaneous in origin and random in


Rational: Reasonable; sensible; judicious.
Rationale: An explanation of reasons or principles; the reasons

or principles themselves.

Recalcitrant: Refractory; resisting; refusing to submit.
Recession: The act of receding or withdrawing; a withdrawal;

a lowing away,
RecAeiive characteristic: A characteristic or trait that may be

ktent or hidden in one generation but (under the proper

conditions) active in the next.
Recondite: Hidden; obscure.

Redintegrate: Recall to memory; arouse by association.
Refoule langue: A tongue-ram; a tongue-compressor.
Rfi act or movement;  An act performed involuntarily in

response to a stimulus.

Refractory: Unmanageable; unruly; unyielding; obstinate.
Refutation s The act or process of refuting or disproving.
Remedial: Relating to a remedy; intended as a remedy; acting

as a remedy*

Ramiaiacettt: Recalling the past; dwelling upon the past.
Remission: Discharge from penalty; pardon; forgiveness.
Renal calculi: " Kidney gravelM; a disease in which gravel-like

bodies are present in the kidneys.
E0gtde: Unfaithful; false; deserting; apostate.
Reparation:  The act or process of repairing;  restoration to