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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Kepmtive: Relating to reparation.

Repetitive: Involving n^tituin;
Replete: Full; abounding.

Repudiate: To refune to                         to


Requleken; To bring to life         ; revive,
Requisite: Necew&ry; required; needful;
Requisition:   Request;  gummottH;   demand;   the ait of re-
Residential: Relating to it matltitrc or home; fitted for rr

Respiration;   Breathing;   the   act   of                  aiwi

Ratbt: The inner coat of the eyeWI,

of tlit* optic nerve.
Retract; To draw back; withdraw*
Retrogrtssion: A goittg twirkwiinlw;
R?rbmtt; To return; mwtlmtk; edio; reflect,
Rifert; To return; falltmck; to return to or             an

nal or iwicolral tyte,
Revoke: Annul; cancel; w*|*4l;
Rhttoricitlly;  In a rhetorical or an

correct composition and delivery,
Rhytto; Regularity of movement;                                      tlw

regular recurrence of accent or              ; tit** "           " in

a particular movenu*nt or execution,
Rhjtodcal; Marked by rhythm;               in                   *ir a<>

ant; keeping tfow.
Rbytbmus: Samu as rAyJftjn.
RiA-gI0t^d^s: The glottis; the |H*rtwrc of the
Rwbiics; Formal iiwtrmtiow; directbni or
fttsdimentd: Unclevcbiwd; elementary;

nut fully                 ;