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Salutary: Helpful; wholesome; advantageous; useful.
Sang-froid: Coolness; indifference; freedom from emotion,
Schematic:  Diagrammatic; relating to a scheme, diagram, or

Script: Handwriting; print in imitation of handwriting.

Scriptory; Written; expressed in writing.

Scrutinize; To observe closely; examine carefully.

Scrutiny: Careful observation or examination.

Secondary-automatic: Performed unconsciously from habit.

Semi-vocal: A voiced consonant.

Sense-organ; An organ-—such as the eye or ear, for instance
— that gives sensation when stimulated.

Sensory: Conveying or giving rise to sensation.

Sentient: Feeling; capable of feeling.

Septennial; Lasting or continuing for seven years.

Sepulchral; Relating to a sepulchre or tomb; hence deep,
grave, hollow in tone*

Sequence; Order; succession.

Sequent: Following; succeeding.

SexueHe aetiologle: Sexual aetiology; sexual causality; the
theory of sexual causes.

Sifettation: The act of sibilating or hissing; a hissing sound.

Simulant: One that simulates or mimics.

Simulate: To feign; imitate; counterfeit; mimic.

Simultaneous: Occurring at the same time.

Sobriquet: A nickname*

Soft palate: The soft part of the roof of the mouth; the pos-
terior part of the roof of the mouth.

Som»stlietic: Relating to general bodily sensations; relating
to " feeling."

Somatic; Relating to the body; bodily; corporeal,

SoinmunbuHc: In a hypnotic state — that state in which one is
conscious, but readily obedient to the hypnotist.