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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Sonant: Voiced; amntt|mnial by voice or

Sonority; Sound;                   quality.

Sonorous: Clear *ttount!ing; rvwm&nt ;

Sovereign: Superior in efficacy;                                                 t*

Spam:  The ftudklen,                                              of it                or

minifies ; a awvutaum ;
Spasmodic; In the manner of si


Sptstlc; Relating to          ;

Spatial : Relating to
Sptult : A Iliii or                                            tor

the tongue.

Sptclts: A group; a                   Variety;

%fdlc:                    !Vd*t; exiurt;                 -                 i 

or Hub-gxtiup.
Specific: (H^MII) A remedy; i                                                    to

cure ar prevent a fuiriicultr
SptcHc            : Dcwity ;                                 10             or

Specttti:                  to thi*                   tto             af            iirtu

which white               IH

Spttch-mtetitjaiciwi : Se it
Splwmettr: An imttrummtt         fr                                ad

for                   the ro^pirutory

Spknthttie; Relating t the           or

Spont*neott: Acting

Spomdlc:   Scattered;                                                         hrnr mid

Staccato:   Abrupt;                                                        and