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GLOSSARY                              347

Sttaza; A number of lines or verses regularly adjusted to one


Static electricity: Electricity produced by friction or other
mechanical means, and employed in charges rather than

Stenographic; Written in shorthand.

Stethoscope; An instrument employed by physicians in listen-
ing to respiratory sounds; heart sounds, etc.

Sthenk: Giving power; stimulating; having power to inspire
or animate.

Stimulant: That which stimulates.

Stimulate: Impel; incite; prompt; rouse to activity.  To
increase physiological action; to produce a quick but
temporary increase in vital activity,

Stimuli: Plural of stimulus.

Stimulus: That which stimulates or excites, especially that
which stimulates a sense-organ.

Stramonium: A drug; a medicine.

StrAnguktory: Marked by strangling and suffocation.

Stress: Emphasis; accent.

Stultify: To make foolish; to cause to appear absurdly incon-

Subcentre; A centre within a centre; a small centre.

Subcortictl: Beneath the cortex of the brain.

Subjective: Mental; internal; in the self; belonging to the self.

Subjoin: To add; attach; affix; annex.

Subordiumte: (adjective) Having a lower position in a scale;
Inferior; secondary; minor.

Subordinate: (wrb) To make subordinate.

Subsem: To serve; administer to.

Subsenient: Subserving; acting as an instrument or agent;
adapted to promote some end or purpose.  Obedient;