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GLOSSARY                              349

*; A word having the same meaning as another;  a

Synoptical: Affording a general view of a subject; of the nature

of a synopsis.
Sprtotts: The putting of two or more things together; con-

struction; composition*

Ttboo; To shut out; exdude; discountenance.

Tacit: Silent; not uttered in words; implied, but not expressed.

Taciturn: Silent; mute; uncommunicative.

Tactual: Relating to the sense of touch.

Tatfow»ch*&dler: One that makes or sells tallow-candles.

Twagible: Red; definite; dear; evident; apprehensible by the

Technique; The mechanical and practical details of an art.

Telepathic: Relating to "telepathy" or "thought-transfer-

Temporal; Relating to time.

Tendinous: Relating to a tendon*

Tension; The state of being stretched or strained; a making

Tenuity: Thinness; rareness; rarity.

Thftumaturgle: Magical.

Therapeutic: Relating to therapeutics or the art of healing;
curative; alleviative.

Thtmpy: Therapeutics; the art of curing; that part of medi-
cine that deals with the discovery and application of

Thennal: Relating to heat or warmth; relating to the perception
of warmth and cold.

Thetis: A theory; theme; proposition.

Thorax; The cavity of the chest

Thyroid cartilage: The cartilage seen as the Adam's apple.