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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Travesty: A burlesque; a grotesque imitation; the act of making

a travesty or burlesque of.

Tremor: An involuntary trembling; a quivering or shaking.
Tremulous: Trembling; quivering.
Troglodyte: A cave-dweller.

Tumor: A swelling; a morbid growth or enlargement.
Tutelage: Guardianship; protection; tutorship; instruction.

Unanimous: Being of one mind; agreeirm^p^inion.

Uncomplaisant: Discourteous; disagreeao
Unctuous: Fervid; devotional; emotional;1^K^|isly bland.
UnembeHished: Not embellished; not adorned
Unequivocal: Definite; precise;  decided; witho/Ca
Unilateral: Occurring on or Delated to orAside only;
UnMtiated: Not initiated; "not mstru^aNi

Unison: A joining together; a keeping

ing in time with.
Unit character; A character or trait that is inherited and trans-,

mitted as a unit,

Unitary: Single; of the nature of a unit.                             A"

Unrealized: Not locali^^ed; not capable of being referred to any3'

definite site or position.
Unmitigated: Not mitigated or lightened in effect; having full


Uumotived: Without motive; not conditioned by motives.
Uruemie: Relating to uraemia, an abnormal condition in which

the constituents of urine are present in the blood.
Utilitarian: Relating to utility; practical
Uvula:  The small, fleshy body hanging from the soft palate

above the root of the tongue.
Uvular: Relating to the uvula; requiring the action of the uvula

for articulation.