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GLOSSARY                             353

Visceral ; Relating to the viscera or internal organs.
Vitaaexualis: Seruallife.

Visualize : To see mentally ; to picture in visual imagery.
Vocal : Relating to the voice ; having voice ; involving produc-

tion of voice by the vibration of the vocal cords.
Vocal cords : A pair of membranous folds in the larynx, which

produce voice by vibrating.
Vocalize:  To produce voice;  to vibrate the vocal cords;  to

utter with voice and not merely with breath.
Vociferous : Noisy ; loud ; clamorous ; making a loud outcry.
Vogue: Fashion; mode; usage; practice.
Voluntary:   Proceeding from the wiU;   subject to the will;

spontaneous; designed; intended,
Vulnerable:   Liable to injury;  liable to attack;   assailable;

capable of being wounded.

: Watchman; policeman.
Wachsuggestto&en : Suggestions given in the waking state.
Wane: To dinainish ; decrease; decline; fail.