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L f t 7^ t) 


for the HOME 



cV MRDEif/ % 

"#taudard" Plumbing Fixtures and china fittings are made in the 
colors illustrated on this page. Each center disk is a "^attdafd" 
fixture color. It is surrounded by three colors which combine 
with it harmoniously and which represent a simple color scheme 
with the color at the bottom for the floors, the color at the 
top right, the walls, and the color at the top left, the dominant 
tone in the draperies. 

The distinguishing characteristic of bandar d" colors is purity. 
It is this characteristic which makes possible that harmony with 
other colors, so essential to lasting satisfaction. 

: S YOU read this book the conviction will come to you that the bathroom 
can be the most distinctive, as well as the most essential, room in your 
home. It is the one room that distinguishes an American home of today 
from the homes of all other lands and all other times. 

This salient characteristic of America, the bathroom, is a symbol of the 
highest standard of hygiene and home sanitation that has ever existed. 

The Standard <$anitar.9 Tt)fc). Co. has taken an important part in the attain- 
ment of this high standard of living. As the world's largest manufacturer ofr 
plumbing fixtures, this company has pioneered improvements in the construc- 
tion and design of plumbing fixtures which have promoted the health, comfort 
and happiness of a whole nation. 

And now by creating new and beautiful designs for plumbing fixtures in a 
variety of exquisite colors, "<$tancfard" has made it possible to think of the 
bathroom in terms of beauty as well as utility. 

These new styled plumbing fixtures in color have made a modern interior 
of the old-fashioned bathroom in thousands of homes, and contributed, as 
nothing else can, to their comfort and livability. 

Note the reasonableness of the prices as you turn the pages and refer to 
page 58, if interested in the "Standard" Time Payment Plan. 


Orchid of Vincennes — this color, like all the Standard" colors, was inspired 
by and derives its name from, some historic achievement in the ceramic art.^ 
The name is a tribute to the high degree of artistry attained by the craftsmen 
of the potters of old Vincennes in the time of Louis XIV of France. Here, in • 
the Royalton Bath, the Castleton Lavatory and Master Madera Water-closet, 
this delicate color is given a harmonious setting of green, blue and black. 

There are certain interesting facts you must know about the manufacture 
of colored plumbing fixtures before you can select them with fine discrimination. 

The ideal materials for the making of plumbing fixtures are vitreous china 
and enameled iron. The processes of their manufacture are different and from 
that difference arises the difficulty of obtaining the same shade of color in the 
bath which is enameled as in the water-closet which must be vitreous china, 
or in the lavatory which may be either vitreous china or enamel. 

Since no two manufacturers make the same colors, all the colored fixtures 
you select for your bathroom should be made by the same company. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

Royalton Bath— P 2360 G (Finish G) 

In Color In White 

5 yi ft. (In A-R Enamel) 
Castleton Lavatory — F 7 1 G 

(Finish G) 

Master Madera Closet — F 2025 

K 1 5 1 Shower (Finish G) 


$372.15 $3*5*95 

385 .00 
99 .00 

S1OI3.80 $Q02 .60 

425 .00 

1 24 -CO 

92 .65 



Ming Green, the fresh, cheerful green of growing things, is so named because 
it was the official color of the great X ling Dynasty which directed the destiny of > 
China from 1368 to 1644 A. D, 

In this bathroom design the Ming Green of the Recess Pembroke Bath, the 
Penwood Lavatory with its modern lines, and the improved Madera Water- 
closet, is the key color for a beautiful decorative scheme of green and rose, 
with accents of magenta and gold. 

When you come to remodel your old bathroom or build a new one, you will 
find that good taste in the selection and use of the plumbing fixtures ancj 
materials is more important than the price you pay for them. 

The difference in cost of an uncomfortably small bathroom and one of 
comfortable size, is astonishingly little. The bathrooms shown in this book are 
all capable of easy installation, all contain suggestions for your own bathroom 
problems, all offer distinctive features. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

Pembroke Bath, P 23 1 5 B, b ft. (with TnTSlcmT 

white duck curtain) 3 1 99 . 5 5 

Penwood Lavatory, F 128G, 27x22 in. I 98 .40 
Madera Closet, F 2102 I 79 .50 

Total ~Jl77-45 

(Ionian Black enameled fixtures are , 

made in A-R Enamel only), Add .... $ 27 .90 

In White 

$167 .15 

73 -40 
5(3 .bo 

$297.15 — 

(Colored shower curtains additional in price. Ask your Plumber) 



Rose du Barry, — the name was given by the makers of the famous 
old Sevres ware to their most beautiful color in honor of Madam du 
Barry who was the favorite of both Louis XV and Louis XVI of France. 
This historic color has been recreated in plumbing fixtures by the master 
color ists of "<$tattdaFd". . . 

In this bathroom design, Rose du Barry is the dominant note of a color 
scheme which while adding very little to the cost, makes possible a distinctive 
bathroom The comparative prices of the bath, lavatory and water closet 
in color and in white are listed. These prices reveal the fact that the dis- 
tinction of color in "^tattdafd" Plumbing Fixtures is not costly 

The bathroom illustrated on this page is an example of the individu- 
ality which can be achieved when the home owner and the architect give the 
bathroom as much consideration as an interior, as the other rooms of the home. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

In Color I In White 

$129. 15 , $l IO.60 

Pembroke Bath, P 23 '5 B - 5X ft -> 

(with white duck curtain) 

Laton Lavatory, P 3117 G — 

24 x 20 inches 

Master Devoro Closet — F 2035. _ 

Total $300-70 S^i - 10 

(Enameled fixtures in Ionian Black 

made in A-R Enamel only). Add $ 19.65 

1 12.00 


(Colored shower curtains are additional in price. 
Ask your Plumber) 



Ivoire de Medici, the mellow tint of old ivory, was first accomplished by 
Italian potters who worked under the patronage of the famous de Medici 
family ol Florence. 

In this bathroom design the beauty of the old ivory of the corner Pembroke 
Hath, the Blackford Vitreous China Lavatory and Madera Water Closet 
with open front seat is brought out fully by the contrasting peach colored 
walls, the blue of the floor and the green of the curtains. 

Color in plumbing fixtures is not costly— in fact it is 'but a small part of the 
total cost of any bathroom. Used correctly it is by far the most economical, 
means of attaining individuality in bathroom furnishing and decoration In 
originating the color composition, keep in mind the value of simplicity The 
starting point should be the selection of the color for the plumbing fixtures 
1 hat is the key color. Then you can select colors for the walls, floor and dra- 
peries which will contrast harmoniously with the color of the plumbing fixtures. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom : 

Pembroke Bath, P 2312 E, 5 ft., (with white 
duck curtain) 

Blackford Lavatory, F 1 1 7 H S, 24 x Vo inches 

Madera Closet, F 2 102 (open front seat) 


(Ionian Black enameled fixtures are made in 

In Color In White 


7Q .50 



$200.70 I $236.05 

- — _; v.. u .,.^,vu "-UUIL5 aic niauc in 

A-R Enamel only). I f in Black, add.... $ 14.75 

(Colored shower curtains are additional in price. Ask your Plumber) 



; -p 


-.. 0BP 


Clair cle Lune as a name was first used by the French to describe a Chinese 
porcelain, the color of which is as delicate as the "light of the moon . 

In this bathroom design which is both original and practical the Clair de 
Lune of the plumbing fixtures is complemented by the beige of the walls, the 
blue-green of the floor and the gold of the faucets and shower door. 

This room illustrates clearly the possibilities which the modern conception o 
the bathroom, as an interior, will permit in decorative treatment. It is an ideal 
bathroom to serve two adjoining bedrooms, as it includes a bath and a separate 
shower allowing the use of that type bath which best suits the bather s preference. 
The bath is a Royalton, the lavatory a Templeton, the water-closet an Ariston 

To be practical for bathroom use, materials which surround the bath and 
shower must be waterproofed, but the balance of the room can be attractively 
painted or decorated in beautiful non-waterproof materials. 

Prices for Fixtures in thi s Bathro om: 

In Color 

In White 

16b .OO 1 

$3 4.95 

590 -OO 
135 .OO 

Royalton Bath— P 1370 G 

(Finish G) ^A ft- (A-R Enam.) 
Templeton Lavatory — F 51 G 

(Finish G) 36 x 10 in 

Ariston Closet — F 201 5 

K 1 1 3 (Finish G) Shower, 38x38 

in. A-R Enameled receptor 

(less door) 

Price of plate glass shower door , 

with gold-plated frame (onappl ic ation) 

Total '$'?6i -85 $1380 -45 


368.90 3 5° >50 

T'A N G 



Tang Red,— a color of rich beauty originated by the master potters of the 
great T'ang Dynasty which governed China from 618 to 907 A. D. 

For all its individuality this bathroom is easy and economical to build. The 
architect has changed the whole appearance of the rectangular shape of the room 
by using one corner as an alcove for the water-closet and the opposite corner for 
a convenient built-in closet. The bath is placed in the recess formed by these 
two cut-off corners, and is further distinguished by the use of waterproofed com- 
position board in the back, bearing a novel sand-blasted design. 

The rich color of the plumbing fixtures— Pembroke Bath, Brainard Lavatory 
and Madera Water-closet,— contrasts harmoniously with the lemon yellow of the'" 
walls, the steel blue of the floor and the gold of the shower and window curtains. 

So much beauty and comfort may be accomplished by foresighted planning 
and well-informed selection! It costs no more to have a color scheme that is 
harmonious than one that is inharmonious. And "<$\mui<\vd" Plumbing Fixtures, 
for all their beauty of line and proportion, are not higher priced than others' 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

Pembroke Bath — P2317B — 4*4 ft. 

(with white duck shower curtain) 
Brainard Lavatory, F 100G, 27 x 22 in. . 
Madera Closet — F 2 102 


(Ionian Black enameled fixtures are 

ma de i n A- R En amel only), Add 

I n Col or 
$122 .70 

113 .50 

79- 5Q 


$ 12.85 

In White 

83 .90 

50 .bo 

(Colored shower curtains additional in price. Ask your Plumber) 



St Porchaire Brown —this color of rare beauty was originated in the time 
of Henry II of France. Today not more than sixty-five pieces of original 
St Porchaire China are preserved in the private museums. In this bathroom 
design the St Porchaire Brown of the Pembroke Bath, Brainarcl Lavatory and 
Devoro Water Closet is combined most effectively with plum color and golden 
ochre The fittings have china parts in the same color as the plumbing 
fixtures A hand painted or special design wall paper panel over the bath adds 
an individual touch that makes this room design unusually attractive. 

The design of this room shows how a half-story room with a dormer window 
may be converted into an extra bathroom. And the present-day family, with 
its knowledge of the value of personal cleanliness, demands the extra bathroom. 
This space, often unused, can be utilized to no better advantage. 

Real distinction can be had, even here, at no great expense. And 
no improvement you can make in your home will add more to its 
desirability and sale value. 

The installation of Standard" Plumbing Fixtures, frequently on deferred 
payments has enabled many owners to command a better price or to secure 
more desirable tenants. The details of this plan are given on page 58. 


[ --: 







— j 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

Pembroke Bath, P %%i$ J, %% ft - • 

Brainard Lavatory, F 100 G, 30 x 24 inches 
Devoro Closet, F 2122 

In Color j In White 

$ 99.20 


$ 82.45 



Total • ■ $318.10 1 $233. 70. 

(Enameled fixtures in Ionian Black are made 

in A-R Enamel only). Add 3 14.05 



Ionian Black,— the name was inspired by the remarkable pottery produced 
by the early Greeks. Strictly defined, black is the entire absence of color 
But black must be considered as a color when it is used in a decorative scheme 
How beautiful it can be when it is combined with Chinese Red, gold green- 
black, and gray, is illustrated in this bathroom design. 

The hand of the architect shows itself plainly in this design. The unusual 
placing of the plumbing fixtures, with the Pemberton Lavatory and the high 
mirror between the windows, the bath in a pillared recess, and the water closa 
in an alcove, makes for interest as well as convenience. 

The lines of the massive Woodmere Bath and of the Pemberton Lavatory 
are in perfect harmony with the modern architectural treatment of the room '' 
1 he lighting arrangement over the bath, in which the light comes through a 
plate of frosted glass over the alcove, is an indication of the unusualness in 
modern bathroom decorative treatment. 

It is not expected that the bathroom designs illustrated will be copied in 
detail. They are put forward as suggestions which disclose some of the 
possibilities of bathroom decoration and help you to plan a better bath- 
room with an individual and beautiful color scheme, t 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

Woodmere Bath, P 2390 J (Finish G), 5K" 
ft. (A-R Enamel). 

Pemberton Lavatory, F 61 G (Finish G), 
30x21 inches 

In Color In White 

$269.70 $237.00 


Purimo Closet, F 2005 1 124.00 

Total g "1008 "70" 


$886 ."ocT 



Royal Copenhagen Blue, — this color, more than any other, has contributed 
to the fame of Denmark's pottery. In "kernel ard" plumbing fixtures it becomes 
the inspiration for a bathroom design of unusual charm and individuality. 

Note especially the exceptional size and graceful lines of the lavatory. Tttis 
is the Chesterton model with a top forty-two inches long. This unusual 
length provides convenient space for toiletries, and the wide set legs of the 
lavatory permit the dressing bench to be drawn up close. 

It is easy to imagine this bathroom in a remodeled house of Colonial style. 
The problem of having both the windows and the shower is solved simply by using 
the same waterproof material in the window curtains as in the shower curtain. 

Shown on the floor plan is a Bidet. This fixture, which provides a rectal 
or vaginal douche, is illustrated in your Plumber's catalogue. It is used in fine 
homes in Europe and South America, and should be included in every bath- 
room where utmost convenience is desired. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom : 




Table— F 8b 

Pembroke Bath — P 2315 A (Finish X) Jn Color 

5 ft., (with white duck curtain) $199.95 

Chesterton Lavatory — F 80 G (Finish X) 

(42 x 22 inches) .... 
Darlington Dressing 

(Finish X) 

Devoro Closet — F 2122... . 
Bidet — F 5000 

Total S909 .05 

(Ionian Black enameled fixtures are made 

in A-R Enamel only), Add $ 12 .85 

In White 

375 -00 

I 50 .00 



Si 87. 10 
300 .00 

130 .00 

102 .50 


(Colored shower curtains additional in price. Ask your Plumber) 




White — the color which traditionally has been the expression of cleanliness 
and until recently almost the only color in which plumbing fixtures were made- 
will always be preferred by some home owners. 

And white can be as distinctive as color— when it is used as a color and 
correctly combined with other colors. All too frequently white, simply because 
it denotes cleanliness, has been the only color in the bathroom— white fixtures, 
white walls, white ceiling. But white is too striking to be used without relief! 
and the all-white is the exception rather than the rule. 

Whether you prefer plumbing fixtures of white or color remember that the 
function of the background is to provide the contrast which will bring out the 
beauty of the fixtures. It is a mistake to try to match the color of the fixtures' 
in the wall material. The all-green, rose, orchid or blue bathroom will be no 
more distinguished than the all-white bathrooms of the past. 

In this bathroom the green of the walls and tile-red of the floor provide the 
contrast which enhances the simple and graceful lines of the plumbing fixtures. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

$ 1 3 2 . 20 

Pembroke Bath — P2312 E — 5 ft., In Color I n White 

(with white duck curtain) 

Lucerne Lavatory — F 367, 24 x 20 

inches, (with single faucets as shown 

and with rubber stopper) 

Madbrook Closet — F 2 143 


(Ionian Black enameled fixtures are 

made in A-R E namel only), Add . . . 



1 -• 


3 U-75 

$113 .85 


3 i 1 1 . 70 



* 10'3" - 

\— — r-J — 1 


(Colored shower curtains additional in price. Ask your Plumber) 




Have you long wanted a second bathroom and wondered where you could 
find the space for it? Then consider this beautiful bathroom— installed in a 
space five feet square! 

There are other groups of "$tancfai<cf" Plumbing Fixtures than those shown 
here, which will fit nicely into this space and cost less. See the Recona Bath 
on page 29, the Marcosa Lavatory on page 19, and the Siacto Water Closet on 
page 38. Your plumbing contractor will be glad to suggest other groups. 

An unused closet or hall end, can of times be converted into the extra bath- 
room you would like so much to have. With a cheerful color scheme, well 
selected wall and floor materials, and "$\Mifavd" Plumbing Fixtures, the small 
extra bathroom can be as distinctive as it is convenient. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 

K 57i- 



rA — 




a /nr- ,-„u V"\ - ft- In Color In White 

Pembroke Bath, P 2317 A (Hinish X), 5 tt., 

(with white duck curtain) . . . .' $180.65 $176.80 

Marlton Lavatory, F 3 1 5 G (Finish X) 109 .00 95 .00 

Master Devoro Closet, F 2035 112.00 89.0 

Total $4io.6> $36° -S o 

(Ionian Black enameled fixtures made in A-R 

Enamel only). If in Black, add $ 12.85 

(Colored shower curtains are additional in price. Ask your Plumber) 




Imagine your bathroom with new "italic! a^d" Plumbing Fixtures — a roomy/ 
comfortable bath that is easy to keep clean and bright, a pedestal type lavatory,' • 
a quiet, efficient water closet of the syphon-jet type. 

Perhaps you would like a built-in mirror, a leaded glass window and shelves 
in a space-saving arrangement like those shown in the illustration. At last you 
would have a bathroom worthy of your home, a bathroom that you would be 
glad to have your guests see. 

If you prefer you can install these plumbing fixtures and modernize your 
bathroom on easy monthly payments. Just ask your plumbing contractor, or 
consult a Standard" Showroom representative. 

Not only the cost of the plumbing fixtures, but the charge for installing them, 
the materials for remodeling the room, and the necessary work can be financed 
by means of the "^tanciafd" Time Payment Plan. For further infor- 
mation about this simple, convenient plan see page 58. 

Prices for the Fixtures in this Bathroom: 


In Color In White 

Pembroke Bath, P 23 1 7 J, 5 ft 

$ 93-30 $ 77 . 75 

59-55 5i -5° 
63.35 40.95 

Laton Lavatory, P 3 1 1 7 G, 24 x 20 inches .... 
Siacto Closet, F 2 1 48 


$216.20 Si 70.20 

(Ionian Black enameled fixtures made in A-R 
Enamel only). If in Black, add 

$ 18.45 







One of the most important 
improvements ever made in the 
construction of plumbing fixtures 
is Acid-Resisting Enamel. It was 
I developed and perfected by the 
chemists of the Standard Sanitary 
Mfg. Co. 
• Fruit and vegetable acids do not 
roughen or discolor plumbing fix- 
. •. tures made of Ac id-Resisting 
Enamel. It has superior dura- 
bility and permanency of gloss. 
Not even the acids used by tile 
setters can mar its smooth, glass- 
like surface. 

Acid-Resisting Enamel is easy to 
clean and to keep clean. With a 
minimum of care it stays spotless 
and bright. Due to its unusual 
durability, Acid-Resisting Enamel is 

being widely specified for homes, hospitals and hotels 

Although the first cost of plumbing fixtures made of Acid-Resisting Enamel 

.* slightly more, the replacement expense it eliminates and the longer life 
and beauty it gives to the fixtures, result in an appreciable saving. £tattdaFd 

Acid-Resisting Enamel is identified by the trade mark— 'Standard" A-R, which 
i permanent mark in every fixture made of this material. 
All enameled plumbing fixtures shown in this book can be obtained in 
nel The same fixtures, with the few exceptions noted, ar£ 

also available in regular enamel. 


Chromard is the name used to describe the Standard Sanitary 
Mfc Go's process of plating brass with chromium and to describe the 
plating itself. Chromard is more durable than nickel plating and has a 
distinctive silver-like sheen. 

Chromard does not tarnish or corrode even when exposed to unusually 
severe conditions. Unlike silver and nickel, 
it requires no polishing. Washing with a 
damp cloth restores its gleaming bright- 
ness. With ordinary care this new finish 
will retain its beauty indefinitely. 

All Standard" fittings are available 

with the exposed metal parts finished in 

Chromard. Chromard Finish costs but 

little more than nickel plating, in fact, the 

difference is so slight and the advantages 

so much greater, that Chromard is rapidly 

displacing nickel. 


'cStatufaffdT styled lavatories — 
the Templeton, Pemberton, Ches- 
terton and Castleton — represent 
a new and wholly different type of 
beauty in bathroom fixtures. 

Created by '$tattcfait<f' design- 
ers, fired in vitreous china of attrac- 
tive sparkling color or in white, with 
graceful fittings comparable to 
hand-wrought jewelry, these lava- 
tories have made the modern bath- 
room a practical possibility. They 
contribute a note of assured dis- 
tinction equally as well to the most 
luxurious bathroom and to the 
bathroom representing careful ex- 

The Templeton and Pemberton 
are each fired in a single piece 
of genuine vitreous china, each 
has a spacious top for toiletries, 
each is designed to give a full 
measure of practical service as 
well as contribute to the beauty 
and individuality of the bathroom, 
fittings may be of Chromard or gold 

'£tancf aticf LAVATORIES 

Templeton - F 51 G (Finish G) 
The especially designed Mastercraf t 
plate, smooth or hand-hammered, as 
described below. 

The Chesterton is illustrated on 
page 1 6, The Castleton on page 1 7 .* 

Prices and Sizes: 

30 x 20 

36 X 20 



F 5 


G (Finish X) . . . 
G (Finish X H) . 
G (Finish G) . . . . 


$455 -oo 
565 .00 
6 1 5 .00 


S520 .00 
680 .00 




G (Finish X) . . . 
G (Finish X H) . 
G (Finish G) . . . . 

390 .00 

540 .OO 
590 .OO 


G (Finish X) 

G (Finish X H) . 
G (Finish G) . . . . 


455 -°° 
565 .00 
615 .00 




G (Finish X) . . . 
G (Finish X H) . 
G (Finish G) .... | 

500 .00 

430 .OO 

590 .OO 

Pemberton - F 61 G (Finish G) 

For complete list of finishes of Master- 
craft fittings, see inside of Back Cover. 
A straight line design fitting is also avail- 
able for the Pemberton. Consult your 
Plumber for information about it, and 
for prices on the other finishes of fittings. 


The Chesterton - 

The Darlington 

The tendency to use the 
bathroom as a dressing-room, 
as a solarium, with the new 
health-bringing window glass that 
admits the ultra-violet ray, as a 
lounge room or a boudoir — now 
offers unlimited opportunity 
for the development of original 
and striking arrangements. A 
smart note is the combination 
of the en suite lavatory and dress- 
ing table. 

If you are seeking something 
new and interesting in fixture 
arrangement — something as 
convenient as it is attractive— 
what will serve the purpose 
better than the installation of the 
Chesterton Lavatory and the Dar- 
lington Dressing Table? Of identi- 
cal design, they can be used even 
in a room of moderate dimensions, to 

The Chesterton in the regular sizes 
the bathroom on page 10 is the Chester 

Chesterton - F 80 G (Finish G) 

produce a truly individual bathroom. 

is illustrated on this page. Shown in 
rton in a 42- inch width, a remarkable 
achievement in vitreous china. Its 
beauty is comparable to that of 
lavatories made of marble or 
other materials, which are not cast* 
in one piece and must have a 
cemented bowl. 

The Chesterton is fired in 
a single piece of genuine vitreous 
china, is wholly impervious to 
moisture or stain, and is as sanitary 
as it is beautiful. 

Prices and Sizes: 

27x22 30 x 24 42 x 24 
in. in. in. 

In Color 

F8oG(FinishX)$ 194- 00 $214.003375 -oo 
FSoG(FinishG) 302.35 322. 35I 483.40 

In White 
F 80 G (Finish X) ? 1 75 .oo? 188 . oo.$30o .00 
F8oG(FinishG) 283.40! 296.40' 408.40 
30 x 18 in. 

F 86 (Finish X) . 
F 86 (Finish G) . 

In Color 

In White 

$i 50.00 

215 .OO 

Darlington - F 86 (Finish G) 

(For complete list of finishes for Master- 
craft fittings, see Inside Back Cover) 


Broadmore - F 84 G (Finish X) 
Expressing a new idea in lavatory design 
is the Broadmore, a double-bowl lavatory of 
vitreous china, with metal legs and with 
Mastercraft fittings for each bowl. 

This type of fixture, two complete lava- 
tories on the one set of legs, is in popular 
favor in many luxurious European homes and 
world-famous hotels, and will add a fine touch 
of the Continental to American homes in 
which something distinctive is desired. It is 
ideal for toilet rooms, for a bedroom instal- 
lation, and for bathrooms of original design. 
The Castleton, a beautiful dressing table 
type lavatory, is shown in color in the bath- 
room on page 2. The fitting has spout, 
handles and lift knob for the drain all on the 
single body. The Brainard, a pedestal type of 
excellent paneled design, is shown here with 
Chromard Finish fittings having china handles 
and escutcheons. It is illustrated in color 
on the cover and on pages 7 and 8. 
Prices and Sizes: 

F71 G (Finish X) 
F71 G (Finish G) 
F 84 G (Finish X) 
F 84 G (Finish G) 

F ico G 

F icoG (Finish X) 

In Color 

In White 

30 x 22 



$280 .00! 
425 .cc 

,$49> -oo 

I 625 .00 

27 x 22 

30 x 24 

$ M 3 • 50 

1 42 . 70 



30X 22 


$240 .00 

385 ,00 

27 x 22 

$ 83.90 


$4 1 .CO 

540 .00 

30 x 24 


(Prices are for fixtures and fittings only) 



* « 


■$> <$> 


Castleton - F 71 G (Finish X) 

rainard - F 100 G 


Blackford - F117 HS 

Pen wood - F128 G 

Randall - F 270 G 

Pedestal types of china lavatories have become 
the ideal fixtures for practically every medium 
cost bathroom. Shown here are three styles, 
two with a pedestal of pleasing octagonal lines 
and with sturdy base, the other with a vitreous 
china leg and with wall hangers. 

All '§ftatidaf<f' pedestal lavatories have the 
pedestals fitted to their individual bowl at the 
factory, thereby assuring a firm and level 

The Penwood is supplied through an integral 
spout, cast as a part of the bow 1. The Blackfdrd 
and Flandall have single metal spouts. All can 
supply hot, cold, or tempered water. 

The Ma dent a dental lavatory fills the 
need of correctly planned bathrooms for 
a separate fixture for cleaning the teeth. The 
valves supply tempered water through the 
spout at the top. 

Prices and Sizes. 

Madenta - F 571 

(With Chromard Fittings) , In Color In White 

F 117 HS- 

24 x 20 in $ 88 .oo $ 66 .35 

27 x 22 in 97-85 72-90 

30x2.4 in 130.10 94-4o 


24 x 20 in 88.55 66.85 

27 x 22 in 98.40 73-4o 

30 x 24 in 130.65 94-9° 

F 270 G — 

20x18 in 68.55 53-95 

24 x 20 in 89 . 5 5 67 .95 


1 4 x 13 in 55-55 44-3° 



Lucerne - F 367 G 

Marlton - F 31 5 G (Finish X) 

Here is an excellent group of china wa 
hanging lavatories. The Marlton is a high 
quality fixture for small, but distinctive bath- 
rooms. It is furnished with iViastercraft fittings 
of special design. The iVlarcosa, also designed 
as a space-saver, is more economical in cost. 

The Lucerne can be had as shown above or 
with faucets supplying the lavatory with hot and 
cold water separately, as illustrated and priced in 
the bathroom on page i r. The Carmen is ideal 
tor the bathroom which requires beauty with 
economy. All these lavatories are available 
in white or any 'gftattdattT color. 

Standard" Vitreous China lavatories will 
not stain or craze, are impervious to moisture, 
and are readily cleaned with a damp cloth. The 
lavatories shown in this book, and many more 
shown in your Plumber's catalogue, offer a 
complete variety of styles. The prices listed 
include the fittings as described, plated cast brass 
trap and supply pipes with shut-off valves. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With Chromard Fittings) 
F 3 1 5 G (Finish X)— 

26 x 14 in 

F 319 RZ- 

20 x I3>£ in 

2b x 14 in 

F 367 G - 

18 x 15 in 

20 x 18 in 

24 x 20 in , 

F377 WZ — 

18 x 15 in 

20 x 18 in 

In Color 

In White 

Si 09 .00 I $ 95 .00 






31 .80 
34 -t>5 

61 .85 


Marcosd - F 319 RZ 



Carmen - F 377 WZ 




"£\MidsLVd" Enameled Lavatories, like 
those of vitreous china, are made in a wide 
variety of designs and prices. Those shown 
in this book are representative of the more 
frequently specified styles. 

Standard" enameled lavatories are 
economical in cost, are pleasing in 
design and are made to give years of excel- 
lent service. They can be had with regular 
enamel in white and in the Standard" 
colors except Ionian Black, or in Acid- 
Resisting Enamel in white and all 
the nine "^andard" colors. 

Your Plumber's catalogue illustrates 
an extensive variety of other designs, 
not shown here, which permits you to select 
the exact fixture to meet your needs. 

Laton - P 3117 G 

Clyde - P3127 G . 

Shown on this page are the popular Clyde and 
Laton pedestal types. The Clyde is a modern 
design lavatory of unusually attractive lines. 
It has the efficient "York" type fitting, 
with separate valves supplying hot, cold, or 
tempered water through a single spout. The lift 
knob over the spout controls the metal stopper 
of the drain. 

This fitting is a sanitary one, as it allows 
the washing of the hands in running tempered 
water. An integral cast-in overflow prevents 
the bowl from running over. » 

The Laton, the most popular style of pedestal 
enameled lavatory, can be had either with the 
"York" fitting, or with two single faucets and 
with a chain and rubber drain stopper, as shown, 
or with several other fitting styles shown in your 
Plumber's catalogue. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With Chromard 

Finish Fittings) 

In Color ' $ 48.25 

In White 
P 3 1 1 7 G — 

in Color. 

In White 
P 3127 G— 

In Color 

In White 

Laton - P 3117 EZ 

Note— All Standard" enameled fixtures in Ionian Black 
are furnished in Acid-Resisting Enamel only, at approxi- 
mately 25% additional to the color prices shown. Consult 
your Plumber for exact prices. All other enameled 
fixtures in this book, both in white and color, are priced 
with regular enamel only, unless otherwise noted. 



Ophir - P 3845 N 

Ophir - P 3847 H 

Hundreds of thousands of these types of 
Standard" lavatories have been installed in 
homes in all parts of the world. Of wall-hanging 
design, well supported on strong cast-iron hangers, 
they are of ample size for convenience and are 
most economical in cost. 

The same care is given in molding and in 
enameling these lavatories as is given the finest 
colored pedestal lavatory or bath. 

Fittings illustrated are — the single spout type, 
supplied with hot, cold, or tempered water by two 
separate valves and which has a rubber stopper; 
the fitting which has single faucets with rubber 
drain stopper (this type is shown with both china 
and metal handles on the faucets) ; and the fitting 
composed of single faucets with a lift drain and 
metal stopper. Prices for the fixtures include the 
trap, supply pipes and shut-off valves under the 
lavatories. Each lavatory has a cast-in overflow 
with an integral enameled grid. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With Chromard Fittings) 

P 3845 N— . 

21 x 17 in [ $ 

24 x 18 in 

P 3847 H- 

24 x 20 in 

27 x 22 in 

P 4205 R— 

19 x 17 in 

21 x 18 in 

P 4207 R— 

21 x 18 in 

In Color In White 

24 ,60 

(For prices of enameled fixtures in Ionian Black 
see Note, page 20) 

[-'PLUMBING fixtures - 

2 7 

Othello - P4207 R 


An 3 lo - P 4955 N 

Beverly - P 4335 R 

Marco - P4219TZ - 
These lavatories have been designed for the 
modest home, in which comfort, economy ot 
cost and long service are more important than 
individuality of design, or in which the space 
for the bathroom is very limited. 

The An^lo is particularly suitable for use as 
a bedroom lavatory, as it can be placed in a 
corner The Marco is a space-saving design. 
Yet inexpensive as these lavatories are, they 
represent the very highest in quality. Careful 
workmanship and the best in materials, both 
for the fixture and the brass fittings, assure a > 
greater dollar for dollar value in all £tattda?d . 
lavatories than any others. 

Many Plumbers have their own display 
rooms in which are shown as complete a selection 
of "${mdfLvd" Plumbing Fixtures as the space 
allows As a consequence, you can see man\ 
of the lavatories and other fixtures shown in this 
book, in your own neighborhood at the shop ot 
your selected dealer. 

Prices and Sizes^ 

(With Chromard Fittings) 

P %$?X 

P4365R — 

14 x 16 in. 

19 x 17 in- 

21 x 18 in. 
P 4955 N — 

ib x 16 in. 

10 x 19 in 

In Color In White 


27 .bo 


$35 -So 
23-5 5 

23 .65 

25 .05 

30 .CO 


Alva - P 4365 R 

(For prices of fixtures in Ionian Black, sec Note, 
page 20) 



Royalton - P 2377 X (Finish X) 

For nearly fifty years the mark ^tatldafcT on bath-tubs has denoted the 
very best in quality, style and convenience. "Standard" pioneered the devel- 
opment of the cast iron enameled leg type bath, the built-in bath with the single 
front wall and that having the outside apron, and is always keeping pace with 
the widespread desire for distinctiveness in design and greater utility. 

Quality, variety in color and design, a full assortment of '$tatltfat*{f' fittings 
made expressly for '$tattcCat*cf' baths — these are the '$taticfaf*cf' assurances of 
a better installation. 

No bath expresses the modern idea of beauty, simplicity of line and utmost 
convenience better than the Royalton, a bath that is a distinguished appointment 
in the finest bathroom. The Royalton, above, has a shower with Mastercraft 
fittings, including auxiliary body sprays, and has a handsome plate glass shower 
door with Chromard finish frame and grille. 

Royalton — P 2377 X (Finish X) — Size 5^ feet — with Acid-Resisting Enamel — 
Mastercraft fittings and Door Frames in Chromard Finish. 

\ With Glass Doors I As shown (less doors) 


In Color. 
In White. 

§1 108 .05 
io66 .05 

406 .50 


Royalton - P 2360 G (Finish X) 
The straight lines of rim and panel and the massive construction of the Royal- 
ton are in keeping with the straight line simplicity typical ol the modern archi- 
tectural designs. All models of this bath are 36 inches wide and 5^ feet in length. 

The models illustrated are avail- 
able for opposite corners or outlets. 
P 2360 G, for instance, is designed for 
right corner with a right outlet. The 
same design for a left corner with left 
outlet is designated P 2365 G. 

The attractive angles of the Master- 
craft design fitting make it particularly 
appropriate for this distinctive bath. 
The fitting is available for either the 
through-the-rim style or through-the-wall- 
for any of the Royalton designs. 

The Royalton, as are all '^tattdatfcf' 
baths, is made with the greatest 
care. Of highest quality materials, 
the extra attention given to their con- 
struction assures greater service ajid 
satisfaction. The extra skill and care 
in workmanship, the extra amount of 
iron in the casting, the extra precau- 
tions in applying the enamel, the extra 
demands in the inspection standards — 
these are part of all "<$tattdaf»cf' pro- 
duction requirements, strictly observed 
so that you may have a superior 

Roydlton - P 2367 G (Finish X) 

Royalton - P 2372 J (Finish X) 

'Standard" bath designs are available 
for practically any installation condition. 
If they are not shown in this book, consult 
your Plumber for illustrations and prices. 


In Color I In White 

$}4 ft. length— with Acid-Resisting Enamel, Mastercraft fittings in 

Chromard finish .„,.,. , c- I * 

P 236a G (Finish X), or P 2365 G (Finish X) for left corner b345 -45 ^99 - 2 > 

P 2167 G (Finish X), or P 2362 G (Finish X) for right corner 335 -55 ™9 -35 

P ~n\ 7 -> ) (Finish X),^r_P 2377 J (Finish X) for left outlet 3 10 -35 268.35 



Woodmere Neo-Classic - P 2387 J 

Evidencing the desire to keep pace with the demand for distinctiveness 
of design and greater utility, Standard" is now offering the Woodmere 
Neo-Classic and the Pembroke Neo-Classic, two new attractive models of 
popular types of built-in enameled baths. 

However interesting the architectural treatment of the bathroom, however 
individual its color scheme, it can only be as beautiful or as modern as its 
plumbing fixtures. For 
bathrooms of unusual 
character, the Wood- 
mere Neo-Classic is an 
admirable fixture. It is 
distinguished by its 
unusual massiveness 
and its charming sim- 
plicity of design. 

Shown on this page 
are two of the most 
frequently installed 
types of this bath. 

Dimensions : 
Width over-all . . . .33 in. 

Width of rim 4 l A in. Woodmere Neo-Classic - P 2390 J 

Height from floor . . 17^ in. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(Regular enamel, Chromard Finish Fittings) 

P 2387 J or P 2382 J (right corner) 

(Fittings as shown) 
P 2390 J or P 2392 J (left outlet) 

( For Bathe shown on Page 32-B ) 

P 2382 J or P 2387 J (left corner) 

(Mast ere raft design fittings) 
P2390 N or P 2392 N (left outlet) 

In Color 

5 ft. 

$196. 25 


For prices of the fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 20. 

5 l A ft. 

223 .05 

In White 

5 ft. 

$ 1 60 . I o 


1 80 . 60 




2 5 

A "Standard" bath with a 
"Standard" shower is the ideal 
combination for bathrooms in 
which the space is limited. Here 
are two styles of the new 
P e m b r o k e Neo-Classic with 
"Standard" bath and shower 
fittings which supply hot, cold 
or tempered water. One type 
has separate hot and cold water 
shower valves supplying an 
adjustable shower head, the 
other a mixing valve with a 
single handle. 

The Pembroke Neo-Classic, 
like the more massive Wood- 
mere Neo-Classic, is a recently 
developed "Standard" bath, 
designed to meet fully all the 
requirements of the present- 
day bathroom in which is desired 
a touch of modernity. 

It is not bizarre, it was not 
developed at the inception stage 
of this new era in art and in home ^ em 
decoration, "^audard" designers 
extremist has developed into the 

broke Neo-Classic, with Shower - P2307E 

have awaited the period when the 
rationalist who sees the need for an 
interior which, reasonably, meets 
the need for sensible modern 

Your Plumber can show you 
in his catalogue a number of types' 
of showers which can be used with 
every Pembroke Neo-Classic and 
Woodmere Neo-Classic design. 

Dimensions : 

Width over-all 30 inches 

Width of rim 3 ^ inches 

Height from floor 17*4 inches 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With regular 

1 n Color 

In White 

enamel — Chromard 

Finish Fittings) 

P 2307 Eor 

'a'A ft. 



P2312 E 

5 ft. 



(left corner) 

5'A ft. 

138. 10 


b ft. 

2 1 r . 90 


P 2 3 1 5 A or 

4* ft. 

1 36 . 50 


P 23.7 A 

5 ft. 



(left outlet) 

5^ ft. 



,6 ft. 



Pembroke Neo-Classic, with Shower - P231 5 A 

Prices include Chromard Finish 
Curtain Rod. For prices of fixtures in 
Ionian Black, see Note, Page 20. 



- P 231 2 J 

This page illustrates three styles of the Pembroke Neo-Classic, without 
shower. Prices for these designs and those with other types of fittings as shown 
on Page 32-C are given below. 

All models of the Pem- 
broke Neo-Classic can be had 
with outlets at opposite ends 
to those shown. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(Regular enamel— 

Chroma id Finish 


P 2312 J or J4Kft. 

P 2307 J 

(right corner) 

P 2315 N or 
P 2317 N 
(left outlet) 

P 23 10 J or 
(right outlet) [6 

(For Baths shown 
Page 32-C) 

P 23 10 J or 

P ^3°5 J 
(right corner) 

5 ft. 
5^ ft. 

6 ft. 
4^ ft. 

5 ft 


6 ft 
5 ft 


P 2317 J or 

(right outlet) 

4^ ft 

5 ft 
5ti ft 

6 ft 

5 ft. 

6 ft. 


S 1 02 . 70 






92. 15 

161 .45 


191 .30 

1 12.50 
1 1 8 . 40 


3 85.25 
1 46 . 80 
71 .60 
71 .60 




Pembroke Neo-C!assic - P 231 5 N 


IOI . lO 

101 . 10 





For prices of fixtures in Ionian 
Black, see Note, Page 20. 

Pembroke Neo-Classic - P 2319 J 




Brighton - P 2444 N 

Brighton - P 2446 J 

The Brighton and Aclapto Baths have 
the body and rim cast in one piece. One, 
two, three or all four sides can be fin- 
ished in tile, marble, vitrified glass, 
waterproofed composition board, or other 
suitable materials. 

The Brighton, P 2446 J, is illustrated 
as a free-standing installation, that is, 
entirely away from the wall. It can be 
placed directly on the floor, or may be 
installed on a dais. 

The Brighton and Adapto Baths ate 
similar in design. Both have flat rims, 
The Brighton is 36 inches wide over-all ; 
the Adapto 30 inches. A feature of 
these baths is that they can be installed 
as a sunken bath, flush with the floor, or 
raised from the floor level to any part of 
their full height, \7~jA inches. a 

All "$\andnvd" baths give more satis- 
factory service when they are supplied 
and drained by "^aucfard" brass fittings, 
made especially for them. Highest quality material, skilled workmanship, 
careful inspections, assure proper and satisfactory operation of these fittings. 

Adapto - P 2450 J 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With regular enamel, 
Chromard Finish Fittings) 
P 2444 N (right or left 


P 2446 J (right or left 


P 2450 J (right or left 


[ n Color 

4^ ft. 

S 109. 55 

5 ft. 


5K ^. 

6 ft. 

117 ^5!$ 131^75 

In White 

4^ ft. 

$94 .05 

5 ft. 


$94 .05 



100 .20 

6 ft. 


(For prices of fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 20) 

Vplukbing fixtures 


Recona - P 2483 D 

The Conred is a most serviceable bath 
of the single shell type. It is so designed 
that both sides and both ends have 
practically no slope, thus providing the 
maximum of bathing room for the 
space it occupies. 

It represents the ultimate in space 
and price economy for popular types 
of built-in baths. 

The Recona is the same design as the 
Conred, except that it is made for a 
recess. Both can be had enameled inside 
and painted outside, or enameled both 
inside and outside. 

Prices and Sizes: 

Conred - P 2460 J 

(With regular 

I n Color 

enamel and Chrom- 4/4 ft. ( 
aid Finish Fittings) 

5 ft. | 5H ft. 

P 2460 J $106.60 

Enameled All-over 

P 2471 J. 
P 2483 D. 

P 2460 J. 
P 2471 J. 
P 2483 D. 

Siob .60 |$i 1 2 .50 
96.80 96 .80 102 .70 
71.85 71.85 77.75 
Enameled Inside Only 
% 94-95 % 94-95 % 99-6o 
85.15 85.15 89.80 
67.20 67.20 71 .85 

Conred - P 2471 J 

Dimensions — Conred and Recona 
Width 30 in. Height 17 in. 

In White 

4 l A feet 

(With regular enamel — 1 Enam. I Enam. 

Chroma rd Finish Fittings) ' Al hover Inside 
P 2460 J, or P 2461 J (right 

corner) $91.70 $82.35 

P 2471 J, or P 2470 J (left 

corner) So . 5 5 71.20 

P 2483 D, or P 2482 D (right 

outlet) 59-5Q I 55-75 

5 feet 




5 l A feet 




$91 .70 
59 ■ 50 

71 .20 

$96 .40 
64 .20 

74 -95 

(For prices of fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 20) 



What could add more to the 
comfort and convenience of the 
modest bathroom than a Conred or 
Recona Bath with a shower? Here 
is all the cleanliness of a built-in 
bath, the comfort of a refreshing 
shower, the sparkling beauty of 
color, at a most economical price. 
If you are considering a Conred or 
Recona Bath in color, it would be 
well to specify enamel inside and 
outside, for then the color will be 

Conred and Recona Baths are 
available in patterns for both left 
and right outlets for each design 
shown. The Conred is designated 
P 246 1 B J for right corner The 
Recona with a left outlet is the 
P2481 B. 

The Conred and Recona baths, 
on account of their roomy and 
space-saving designs are especially 
adapted for the five-foot bathroom 

Conred - P 2460 B J 

ciucij_ji<-.^j ivji Liiv-. iivv^ iwwt uuv-ii* v^^.i. 

and those requiring careful planning for the economical use of space. And, 
the use of Acid-Resisting Enamel, inside and out, or inside only, will doubly 
assure a fixture which will remain bright and lustrous indefinitely. 

All "Jvtaudard" fixtures, enameled or china, which are furnished in 

color and with fittings with china 
parts, are supplied with the 
handles and escutcheons in the t 
same color. 

Here, again, it is wise to 
insist on "^andard" fittings with 
Standard" fixtures, for only in 
factories of the same manufacturer 
can a plumbing fixture color be 
assured of being duplicated in the 

Prices and Sizes: 
(With regular enamel — Chromard Finish 



I P2 4 6oBjl P 248 B|P2 4 t>oBJ:P 1480 B 
In Color 

4>£ ft,. . $141 .30S1 19 .20 
5 ft.. . I 141 .30! 1 ig .20 
^]/ 2 ft... ! i47-io| 12-5 -65 

Si 29.65!$! 14. 5? 
129.05 114-5 5 
134.30, 119-75 

5 ft... 

5 l Ah... 

In White 

124 .60 

124 .bo 

129 .30 

107 .80 

li> -25 
i ig .00 

98 .80 
103 .10 

Recona - P 2480 B 

(For prices of fixtures in Ionian Black, 
see Note, page 20) 


Essex - P 2500 D 

Essex - P2501 F 

The Essex is the ideal bath for the' small or the extra bathroom planned for 
comfort rather than decorative distinction. It is furnished regularly with the 
inside enameled, and a painted outside. The Essex with base is a very practical 
fixture as it eliminates the dirt-catching space under the tub. The Essex is 30 
inches wide, 22^ inches high. 

The P 2501 F is shown with a fitting which has a double bath faucet inside the 
tub, supplying hot, cold or tempered water through a single spout, and with a 
standing drain with a lift knob, on the outside of the tub. The P 2500 D has a 
double faucet and a connected drain and overflow with a rubber stopper. Illus- 
trated on page 33 are two types of fittings which can be used to give the 
benefits of shower bathing to these baths. 

The Kovald and Recwald are popular designs, where very limited space 
presents the greatest problem. They are especially adaptable for small apart- 
ments and for maids' bathrooms and can be had for either right or left outlet. 

All the prices for baths listed in this book are for the fixtures in regular 
enamel. The one exception is the Royal ton Bath illustrated on pages 23 and 24. 

The superior durability of Acicl-Resisting Enamel is just as desirable in baths 
and lavatories as in kitchen sinks and laun- 
dry trays. I f your budget permits — by all 
means specify Acicl-Resisting Enamel. 1 1 
resists tile setters' acids, and is not affected 
by cleansing compounds or medicines. 
Its longer-lasting surface is a valuable 
feature if color is used, for a difference 
in shade may show wherever the surface 
gloss is removed. Then, too, Acid-Resist- 
ing Enamel is easy to clean. 

Prices and Sizes: 
(Regular enamel and Chromard Finish Fit t i ngs) 


In Color In White 

P 2421 D | P 2410 N 1 P 2413 D | P 2430 N 

43 in 

48 in 

$101 .10 
101 .10 

¥ 87.65 
87 .65 

$ 82 .90 |$ 72 .70 
82 .90 | 72 .70 


P2501 F 

P2500D | P2501 F 

4 ft.... 
4 K ft. . . . 

5 ft.... 

5tf ft- - - ■ 

6 ft.... 

$ 49-90 
63 .IO 

82 .40 

$ 71 .60 

71 .60 

71 .bo 

85 .40 


3 42 .70 1$ 63 .95 
42.70 63 .95 
42.70 63.95 
53.25 75.10 
68.70 1 91 .JO 

(For prices of 
see Note, page 20) 

fixtures in Ionian Black, 

Kovald - 

P 2423 D 



Recwald - P 2430 N 


Shower - K113X Shower - K 127 

The advanced bathroom includes a compartment shower in its instal- 
lation. It thus offers the owner and his guest the choice of a shower 
or tub bath. This shower conserves space and makes possible the use of 
additional sprays. The compartment shower also serves as a second or 
third bathroom in the home, when the total space given to bathrooms must 
be used economically. 

The K 113 X is shown with an Acid-Resisting Enameled one-piece floor 
receptor, size 38 x 38 inches, with drain, and with Mastercraft fittings, including 
six adjustable body sprays, three under the shower head and three on the 
opposite wall. 

The K 127 is supplied with two needle sprays. These sprays are in the form? 
of tiny holes in the horseshoe shaped pipes on either side and give a most 
invigorating, tingling shower. Both showers, because of the unusual number of 
spray outlets, require an ample volume of water to assure satisfactory operation. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(All fitting s in Chromard Finish, except where noted) 

In Color In White 

K 113 X — Shower, less door, receptor, and drain $187 .25 

Add for P 2515, 38 x 38 in., receptor, in Acid-Resisting Enamel [$111.15 9 2 - 8 5 

K113X — Shower complete, with Chromard Finish glass door, 

27 x 78 in., P 25 1 5 receptor and drain 547 -4° 529 .00 

Add for gold-plate instead of Chromard on fittings I 7 1 -3? 

(Price for Shower door with gold-plate, on application) 

K 1 27 Shower, for 38 x 38 in. recess, (less floor strainer) ■ 1 24 .20 

Add for Chromard curtain rod, floor strainer as shown, and white 

duck curtain ' 1 -^5 





The Pembroke Neo-Classic Bath and the 
Woodmere Neo-Classic Bath, created by an 
international authority on design are new 
models of the "Standard" Pembroke and 
Woodmere and bring to these fixtures/ long 
known for their quality and durability/ true 
beauty of modern design. 

All plumbing fixtures dr^ modern in the sense that they 
are recent/ but 'Standard" Plumbing Fixtures in particular 
have that unstudied simplicity and beauty of line which make 
them adaptable for the present form of interior decoration. 
And of all 'Standard" Plumbing Fixtures none is better suited 
to the modern setting than the Neo-Classic design. 

The distinctiveness of this design combined with the un- 
usual charm of any one of the "Standard" colors can be used 
as a starting point for a bathroom that is a truly modern 
and beautiful interior. 

Woodmere Neo-Classic - P 2382 J (Finish X) 

The Woodmere Neo-Classic and the Pembroke Neo-Classic 
have been developed so recently that it was impossible, on account 
of time required for printing and issuing of this book, to change the 
designs shown in the bathrooms on the front pages. The Wood- 
mere design illustrated on page 9, and the Pembroke designs illustrated 
on pages 1 , 3. 4, 5. 7, 8. 10, 11, 1 2 and 1 3 have been discontinued. 
Please remember that all bathrooms in which 'Standard" Wood- 
meres or 'Standard" Pembrokes are now planned to be used, should 
be designed to harmonize with the form and the lines of the 
Woodmere Neo-Classic and Pembroke Neo-Classic. 



Woodmere Neo-Classic - P 2390 N 




Pembroke Neo-Classic - P 2310 J 

The Woodmere Neo-Classic corner style/ shown on page 32-B, 
has a Chromard Finish Mastercraft fittins in the right end wall. This 
fitting has all the beauty of surface of fine silver/ and its lines 
harmonize with the bath. 

The Pembroke Neo-Classic Baths here shown ^re the same 
designs as those shown on page 27, except in color and with differ- 
ent fittings. Other models of the Woodmere Neo-Classic in white 
are illustrated on page 25. For prices for the Woodmeres see page 
25/ for the Pembrokes see page 27. Prices listed are for the baths 
and fittings only. 

Pembroke Neo-Classic - P 2317 J 



Study the bathroom illustrated on page 32-A and the bathroom 
above. Each expresses the true idea of modern design and construe- 
tion — each emphasizes the beauty that is obtainable by a carefully 
planned use of the many modern materials now available. 

The plan and general arrangement of the bathroom above is the 
same as the bathroom shown on page 5, except that the Pembroke 
Neo-Classic bath and a Neo-Classic design lavatory are shown. 

The lavatory illustrated in the above bathroom and in that on 
page 32-A is a companion fixture to the bath. Your Plumber can 
furnish full information about sizes and prices. 

Bathrooms like these ^rz practical/ with all materials commercially 
obtainable. New fixture designs, a complete range of "Standard" 
colors, new materials for floors (such as linoleum, rubber, cork, carpet, 
colorful irregular tiles), new materials forwalls (such as decorated plas- 
ter, waterproofed textiles, decorated wall papers, wood and rock 
composition board and many new designs, shapes and colors of tile) 
make possible a distinctive bathroom of reasonable cost for every home. 


3 2-D 



Every home with a large family or where guests are frequently entertained 
should have ample shower bathing facilities. The K 151 and K 200 are built- 
in showers, used most frequently in combined bath and shower installations. 
They can be used in separate compartments also. 

The mixing valve shown in the K 151 supplies hot, tempered or cold water 
at a turn of the lever, a convenience and comfort for the 
bather. This shower is also shown with a volume regulator 
on the head, which controls the pressure of the streams. 

"Standard" showers can also be had with a shower- 
head of vitreous china with a metal face and with a lever 
handle to regulate water volume and pressure. It is neces- 
sary to remove only one screw to clean these heads from sedi- 
ment. China shower heads can be had in color, and thus 
complete the color accents needed for the fixtures. 

In many homes which have but one bathroom a shower is 
installed in the basement or garage. Long, hot auto trips, stren- 
uous golf or tennis matches, an afternoon of gardening or lawn- 
mowing — these activities call for a refreshing shower bath, 
and at such times the extra shower is a great convenience. 

The K 666 and K 667 give the benefits of a shower to the 
owners of baths that are not tiled-in. These fittings include 
for the price shown, the bath valve with a special transfer 
valve which supplies water of the desired temperature to the 
shower head instead of to the bath faucet nozzle, a rubber 
hose and spray for the K 666, and a rigid plated riser and 
shower head, adjustable to desired positions, for the K 667. 


China parts 
In Color 

(Metal parts in Chromard Finish) 

K 151 i ? 3^-oo 

K 200 1 18.20 

China parts 
In White 

!< of Supply P'P 683 ™ 11 drains not included j 

15 . 10 

S 31.10 
16 .40 
14 .20 





Cross section of the Purimo 

A— Twin jet which acceler- 
ates water action. 

B— Wide outlet channel — 
note deep seal of trap. 

C— Narrow non-soiling flush 
rim — holes are punched to 
give smooth even flush to 
all surfaces of the bowl. 

D— Large water surface of 
the bowl — prevents soiling. 

Nothing has contributed more to the well-beine 
of the fam,ly and comfort of the home than has hi 
modern water-closet. It is truly the most important 
Plumbing fixture, for the health of every one depends 
upon the prompt and sanitary disposal of human 
waste It can be truthfully said that only nee 
the advent of correctly designed water-closet a 

bvTJr n0t l0n f r th3n 2 ° yearS at the ^ and 
by hen universal use, can safety from the terrible 
epidemics of the past be reasonably assured 

Water-closets may look alike, but there'are cer- 
tain features that must be present if the watet 

™r; seI Kf r m safeguar ^ ^ h °™ ^TSve 

constant trouble-free service. 

'£taucfar<cr Water-closets are obtainable in a 
number of styles and designs. Differences in p ice 
are due to differences in the size and design o the 
closet, its method of operation, the type of fi t in" 
and construction of seat. But irrespective of price 
every Standard Water-closet is 
designed to give efficient service. 

Here are photographs of the 
tops of the bowls of the Purimo 
Ariston, Madera and Devoro' 
respectively. Note the gener- 
ous length of each, thus assur- 
ing comfort and preventing 
soiling of rim. 

How a water-closet operat 
Here is shown a cut-out view of the tank and 
bowl of the Purimo. When the lever handle A 
is turned, the lever B lifts the flush valve H from 
its seat. Water rushes through the flush con- 
nection G into the bowl. The first impulse of 
the water pressure reaches the jet K which 
starts a water movement into the outlet L and 
which siphons out the contents of the bowl 

fluTh Hnf ur l ° f ^ Wat T ?° WS fr ° m the h0les of the 
and adding its weight to give a rapid noiseless flush 

1 he valve H remains open until most of the water has 
entered the bowl, when the weight of the remand 
water closes it. As the water level lowers, the float baC 

theTanl Tn^ ^W VaIve D whih '-gins to fin 
^ a i T fl ° at bal1 raises until sufficient water for the 

Overflow f" 3 Cntered thC tank ' then the valve shuts off 
Ove flow E carries away any water entering above proper 
level refill tube F supplies water to the bowl so the™ 
be an assured water seal against sewer odors and gas. 





Purimo - F 2005 
the closet glistening, a clamp cloth will 

* * -H- 77 * 

The Purimo and the Ariston are 
the very highest types of "^randard" 
closets. Both are of the syphon jet type, 
and of pleasing design. Both have extra 
long bowls, that of the Purimo having 
the extended front and cut-out rear, the 
Ariston, having the same features, but 
not so pronounced in shape. 

The Purimo is molded in graceful 
curves with a straight paneled tank, the 
Ariston has a number of faces in rim, 
bowl, and seat, in the modern manner. 
Both have the highest quality "^tandafd" 
water-control fittings. 



Length — 

wall to 

front of bowl 

Purimo i2}i inches 

Ariston 23 inches 

z8}4 inches 
30 inches 


In Color 

In \\ hue 

Purimo — -F 2005 

Ariston — F 2015 . . 

S 124 .00 


$ 99.00 
135 .00 

Standard" Water-closets are 
made of Genuine Vitreous China, 
the ideal material for these fixtures. 
Vitreous China is hard vitrified 
clay, fired at a temperature of 
2500 degrees. The glaze, which is 
applied at a second firing of prac- 
tically the same temperature, 
becomes a homogeneous part of 
the fixture, and thus will not 
stain, chip, craze or wear off. 
- As a glance at the cross-section 
of the Purimo, page 34, will show 

' there are a number of walls on the 
inside of a closet bowl. Vitreous 
China is ideal for the bowl, only if 
these walls are of uniform thick- 
ness, and free from cracks. The 
Standard" casting process is the 
only method which assures such 

The surface of this Vitreous 
China is non-absorbent to moisture 
or soil, and assures a sanitary fix- 
ture, no matter how many years it 
may be used. Vitreous China is also 
the easiest of materials to clean. 
A wet bowl-brush keeps the inside of 

keep the outside shining and bright. 

Ariston - F2015 




'Standard" water-closets illus- 
trated on pages 35, 36 and 37 are of 
syphon jet design. This is the most 
efficient flushing method. When 
the closet is flushed, water at once 
enters the up-leg of the outlet 
through the jet shown in the illus- 
tration, page 34. This creates a 
syphonic action which removes the 
contents from the bowl, quickly, 
without the churning or agitation 
found in so many of the less expen- 
sive closets or those of unproven 

"Standard" closets have twin 
jet channels to promote quicker 
action. The jets are concealed, 
eliminating the unsightly bulging 
jet channels at the back. They 
can be drained free of water in freez- 
ing weather if the house is closed, 
thus preventing cracked bowls. 
* * * * ~ 
The Master Madera and Master 
Devoro are ideal closets where the 
most efficient action is desired and 
where the budget requires some Master Madera - F 2025 

economy. The Master Madera has the elongated type bowl the Muster 
Devoro a round front type bowl without the elongation Bot ha e the am 
effici ent water control as used_m the Purimo and Ariston, both hive : fuU s£e 

tanks of pleasing design. * 

These closets are sure to give long 
dependable, troublefree service and repre- 
sent a sure economy of purchase over a 
period of years in installation. 

These water-closets and the Purimo 
and Ariston illustrated on page 35 are 
furnished regularly with "Church" £eats 
in sea pearl finish. When the closets 
are supplied in color, the seats are 
in the same color. The hinges regularly 
furnished are plated in Chromard. The 
tank handles, regularly furnished in 
china can be had in all-metal design 
at extra cost. 



22^ in. 
22 z.j in. 

Master Devoro - F 2035 

Master Madera77 
Maste r Devoro . . 
Prices ^ 

Master Madera F2025 $124.00 
Master Devoro F 2035] y 2 .00 

Wail to front 
of bowl 

I I n Color 

29^ in. 

27 Kin. 

In White 

3 99 .00 
89 .00 


Devoro - F2122 

The Devoro and Madera are installed 
and operating satisfactorily in thousands 
of homes. They are syphon jet closets of 
the lowest possible cost, quality still 
being considered. The bowls are identi- 
cal in shape and design with those 
closets shown on page 36. 

The tanks and the china housing 
for the flush connections are more simple 
in form, the fittings are of good q u a l i t y 
and design, and will give years of 
efficient service. 

All china caps covering the bolts 
which fasten the water-closet to the 
floor are supplied in white, or if the 
closet is in color, in the same color. 


yij",uu i Wall to front 
Wldth of bowl 


i->,% in. 17H in - 


23^ in. | 20^ in. 


In Color 

In White 

Devoro F 2122 ... . 
Madera F 2102 . . . 

$ 70.35 

5 49 -7> 
56 .60 

"^audafd" water-closet bowls 
are designed to provide the largest 
water surface possible. The ideal 
closet is one which has a permanent 
water level under the entire opening 
of the bowl. 

The syphon jet type of 
"Standard" closets realizes this con- 
dition more than any other. This 
assures a clean sanitary bowl surface 
and prevents soiling. 

- The water-seal, the depth of 
water from the top surface to the 
lowest part of the trap, affords pro- 
tection from sewer gases. This seal 
must be generous, so there will be 
no possibility of gases leaking 
through. Note again, in the illus- 
tration on page 34 how deep is the 
'SSftancfftfcf' water-seal. 

It is important, also, that the 
outlet channel be large, to permit 
passage of sanitary pads, often dis- 
posed of in this manner. Here, too, 
Standard" closets safeguard sani- 
tation, for the large bowl outlets 
in "j>tattdat*d" closets assure free- 
dom from stoppage. 

Madera - F2102 


The most important part of the 
water-closet is the part you don't 
see — the fitting inside the tank. 
Shown in the cut-out illustration of 
the Purimo, page 34, is a view of 
the construction of the famous 
'Statidafd" Water Control. It is 
an improved flushing mechanism, 
perfected after years of actual 

It is a most efficient and de- 
pendable fitting. It is as quiet as 
possible and still permit good 
mechanical action and quick refill 
of the tank. The sound of the 
flushing action cannot be heard 
beyond the bathroom. 

Working parts are of heavy, 
non-corroding red metal, the flush 
ball of pure gum rubber and the 
float valve of hard rubber. 

It and all "Standard" water- 
closet tank fittings, can be furnished 
with a concealed supply, which is 
supplied through the back of the 
tank, or an exposed supply, filled 
through a short plated pipe enter- 

Siacto - F 2148 

ing the tank from underneath. The Standard" water-control fitting is regularly 
furnished with the Purimo, Ariston, Master Madera, and Master Devoro. 

On this page are two moderate cost 
closets, which are so constructed that a 
quick and complete flush is obtained. 
The weight of the water entering through 
the rim supplies the greater part of the 
flushing action but the bowl is so con- 
structed that an action similar to that 
of the syphon jet is employed to secure 
quick and quiet removal of the contents. 
The Madbrook has an elongated bowl, 
the Siacto bowl is furnished with a 
rounded front. 

Madbrook - F2143 

Cross section 
of the Siacto 
closet. Water 
surface is under 
practically the 



Wall to 

front of 




20^ in. 
20^4 in. 

27 in. 
20 in. 




In ■ 


^F 2 i48 

— F2143 





Maderno - F 2174 

"$\&advLVd" closets which meet the need 
washdown type in which the weight of 
the water entering through the flush rim 
empties the bowl. A jet at the back starts 
the flush. The Maderno has an elongated 
bowl, the Ejecto is of the round front type. 
Closets on pages 38 and 3g are sup- 
plied from the back through a pyralin 
covered brass flush pipe. All Standard" 
closets are thoroughly tested at the fac- 
tories and are packed complete in 
individual crates. '$tattdaF<f' closets 
are made entirely in Standard" 

An important part of every 
closet is the seat. The "Standard" 
closets illustrated in this book are 
furnished with the well known 
attractive "Church" brand of seats. 
These are made of fully seasoned 
wood, are non-warping, and covered 
with durable sheet Pyralin. This 
sheet covering will not open up, 
crack, or craze and, being non- 
absorbent, is easy to keep clean 
and sanitary. 

The hinge, too, is important. It 
must be of strong, rugged construc- 
tion and must be so attached to the 
seat that it will prevent the seat and 
cover from becoming loose and wob- 
bling, "^audard" brass hinges are 
used on "Church" seats and ire 
attached with re-info rcing pins. 

In the prices shown for white 
closets the seats are included in 
white; and for closets in color the 
seats in same color, plain finish, 
or in sea pearl for those closets 
mentioned on page 36. 

The Maderno and Ejecto are 
for strict economy. They are of the 

Dimensions Width 

Maderno . 
Ej ecto . . 

20A4 in. 
20)4 in. 

Wall to 

front of 

bow l 

28 in. 


— F2174 

— F2185 

In Color I In White 

% 69.75 $ 45.80 
60.65I 39.00 

Cross section of 
the Ejecto. The 
water surface is 
larger than in 
most closets 
of this type. 


v . 


i (R 




1 A^ 




Standard bathroom accessories are made for tiled-in installations and are 
designed to fill practically every need. They are made of genuine vitreous 
china and in sizes to fit with one or two courses of commonly used tile Thev 
can be had in white or in any of the nine Standard" colors. Against the 
contrasting shades of the walls, they provide interesting spots of color when 
repeating the fixture colors. wnen 

^* att i* r(f ' chi " a , accessories are of a greatly superior type. Thev are 
made in '3Ward' factories, of the same grade of materials as are vitreous 
china lavatories and water-closets. They are fired at the same temperature 
as the fixtures, and represent the very highest in quality 

See the accessories you desire in a "^attdard" Showroom or refer to the 
^tattdafd general catalogue of your Plumber, for sizes and prices. 



THE Standard" "THREE 8's" SINK — 

— the ideal design for the modern kitchen 

Under the window where the light comes in — that is the correct 
place for the kitchen sink. But before it could be placed there it 
was necessary for "Standard" to design and introduce a sink 
with an 8-inch low back. 

At the same time the sink compartment itself was made a full 
8 inches deep — two inches more tjian usual — to prevent over-the- 
rim splashing. 

Then an 8-inch front was designed so that the proportions of 
the sink would be harmonious and beautiful. So popular has 
the 8-inch low back become that "Standard" sinks with 12-inch 
high backs have been discontinued. 

Of course the "Three 8's" Sink is installed yard-stick-high and is 
made in one solid piece. The one-piece construction will always 
be the most sanitary and satisfactory construction for the kitchen 
sink. It is the easiest and most economical to install — and once 
installed there are no joints between sink, drain-board and back, 
as there are with the sink installed with built-in parts, which may 
become unsanitary. 

All "^audard" sinks are available in both regular enamel and 
Acid-Resisting Enamel. Acid-Resisting Enamel is recommended 
because fruit and vegetable acids cannot roughen or discolor it. 
Minerals in the water do not stain it. It will not become pitted 
with tiny particles of dirt. Its glass-like surface is easy to keep 
clean and shining. Acid-Resisting Enameled Sinks are available 
in all the "^audatid" colors. 

The "Three 8's" and other designs of 
"£taudai<d" Sinks, Acid-Resisting Enamel, 
white and colored, Chromard finish, and 
many other 'Standard" products bear the en- 
dorsement of the Good Housekeeping Insti- 
tute and the Delineator Home Institute. 
Only articles that have undergone severe 
actual usage tests in the model homes and 
kitchens of these Institutes bear their 
approval. These seals of endorsement add 
to your assurance of a quality product. 


Home Institute 




K 882 S 


Shown above are the K 882 S and the K 883 S "<$tatidat'd" Mastercraft faucets for sinks. 
These are of Chromard Finish with China or Chromard soap dishes. The K 881 S supplies 
hot and cold water to the spout, the K 883 S has an extra valve for soft water, filtered water 
or ice water. They can be supplied for "Standard" sinks at an additional cost. Consult 
your Plumber for information about these attractive, non-tarnishing, easy-to-clean faucets. 





Brentwood - P 6660 Q S 

What could contribute more to the beauty of your kitchen than this lovely 
massive Brentwood 'Three 8's" Sink in the '$tattcfatfcf color you prefer? 

All in one piece, with not a crevice in which dirt or grease can accumulate, 
it will keep its gleaming beauty indefinitely and give you many happy hours at 
its side. It is easy to clean and will make your kitchen the model of the 

The Brentwood, the double-drain- board model of the "Three 8's" design,' 
is illustrated on this page with two types of faucets. The P 6660 Q S is shown 

with the K 888 S Mastercraft 
faucet and the P 6661 R S is 
illustrated with the K 882 S, a 
faucet with two valves through 
the back of the sink. 

Prices and Sizes: 
Prices shown are for "Three 8's" 
Sinks in Acid-Re sis ting Enamel, 
with Mastercraft design faucets,' 
strainer and trap in Chromard, and 
with cast-iron wall hangers. (Gar- 
bage container not included) 

Brentwood - P 6661 R S 

All "Three 8's"' Sinks can be had with the 
garbage container shown in the illustration. Add for 
same in color, $23 .75 ; in white, $20 .00. "Three 8's" 
Sinks can also be had in Regular Enamel, and 
with the K 902 S faucet shown on page 50, at a more 
economical cost. Ask your Plumber for prices. 

60 x 22 

P 6660 Q S 
P6661 RS 

P 6660 Q S 
P6661 RS 

74 x 22 

78 x 22 

I n Color 

Si45.i5|$i63 .35 $175 -75 

148.75I 166.95! 179.35 

In White 

126.60I 141 . 7 5 1 1 52 .10 
130-20 I45-35; I55-70 

: ^^(&rf»E 

i/ntimm FIXTURES 



Glenmere - P 6656 Q 5 

The Glenmere is the most popular design of the "Three 8's" Sink as it gives 

ample work room and still fits into limited space. Even in the 42 inch length, 

so popular in apartment kitchenettes, it is an efficient fixture. And in color, 

its appealing beautv is unquestioned. It is made with right or left hand sink 

compartments, as shown. Dimen- P 
sions for the Glenmere, and those 
"Three 8's" Sinks shown on pages 

Dimensions : 

(for "Three 8's" Sinks — pages 42, 43. 44-) 
Length of Sink Compartment 


P 6065 Q S— P 6680 Q S . 

42x12 in. ' 51x21 in. 42 and 44 are listed at the left. 

21 ]/& in. 

:-".s in. 
27^ in. 

60x21 in. 7-txz2in. 78 x 22 in. 

P6660Q SI 
P 666 1 R S/ 

2(3 in. 

28 in. 

Length of Drain-boards: 

41 x 22 in. 52 x 22 in. 

P 6656 QS 20^8 in. I 24^ in. 

P 6605 Q S— P 6680 Q S I 24^ in. 

P6661 RSJ 

(each drain -board) . . 

60x22 in. 74x21 in. 78x22 in. 

ipfs in. Z4jj in. 

T-lH in - 

(Dimensions are the same for P 6657 Q S and 
P 6656 Q S, for P 6665 Q S and P 6666 Q S, and 
for P 6680 Q S and P 6681 Q S.) 

Prices and Sizes: 

Glenmere - P 6657 Q S 

In Color 

In White 

(In Acid-Resisting Enamel and Chrom- 
ard Finish Fittings) 
P 6656 Q S or P 6657 Q S : $103.20 I $114.55 9 9' -65 I gioi -io 

42 x 22 in. I 52x22 in. 42 x 22 in. | 52 x 22 in. 

(Add for Garbage Container: In Color $23.75; In White $20.00. See Note, page 42, 
for additional price information) 



Stratford - P 6665 Q S 
The Stratford is the corner model, and the Sherborne the recess model, of the 
"Three 8's" Sink design. The Stratford is also made for a right corner with 
drain-board on the left end, P 6666 Q S. The Sherborne is also made with the 
sink compartment on the right side (P 6681 Q S). 

Beautiful fixtures these, and representative of the most modern in kitchen 
sink equipment. And particularly so, if supplied in Acid-Resisting Enamel, for 
Acid-Resisting Enamel is a positive assurance against discoloration. This 
feature alone, when colored sinks are installed, is worth many times its 
cost in the added satisfaction and protection it gives. 

You can install a "Three 8's" Sink 
in place of your present sink with very 
little cost for the actual installation. The 
faucet has the same dimensions as the 
ordinarily used swinging spout type. A 
slight change in wall brackets may*» be 
required but the trap, in practically every 
case, can be fitted direct to the old waste 

Let your Plumber tell you how easy it is 
to have this sink. And remember, you can 
have it on the convenient Time Payment 
Sherborne - P 6680 Q S Plan mentioned on page 58. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With Acid-Resisting Enamel and Chromard Finish Fittings) 

52 x 22 in. 

In Color | In White 

P 6665 Q S or P 6666 Q S (right corner) — less garbage container .... 
P 6680 Q S or P 6681 Q S (sink on right) — less garbage container . . . 

$125 .go 


(Add for Garbage Container, In Color, $23 .7$; In White, $20.00. 
additional price information) 

See Note, page 42, for 




Clinton - P6710 Q S 
To meet the growing demand for the low back type sink, 'Standard" has 
made a remarkable step forward by offering the regular design sink with the 
8-inch low back. , . 

These sinks, for years furnished with a back 12 inches high, now may be 
installed under the low window and so improve the appearance and 
arrangement of the whole kitchen. The sink depth is still 6 inches, the 
apron type sinks still have the 6-inch deep apron. 

Shown on this page are the 
double drain-board and double 
compartment sinks of the new 
8-inch back, 6-inch deep style. 

Your Plumber can show you an 
illustration of the double compart- 
ment sink with drain-boards at 
each end. 

The faucet is the popular 
K902S, shown on page 50. It is 
furnished with a china soap dish. 
When sinks are in color, the soap 
dish and china handles of the faucet 
are of the same color. 

Hampton - P 6737 Q S 
Prices and Sizes; 

(With regular enamel, and Chroma rd 
Finish Fittings) 

P6710QS • 

P6737QS, or P6736QS (Drain- 
_ board on right) 

60 x 22 in. 

In Color 

$ 78.65 
i*2. 55 

I n White 

$ 65.55 


74 x 20 in. 

In Color 


In White 

$ 94.65 

78 x i% in. 

In Color 

§122 .65 

In White 


(Note— All "iStaucWd" enameled fixtures in Ionian Black are furnished in Ac id-Resisting 
Enamel only, at approximately 25% additional in cost to the color prices shown Consult 
your Plumber for exact prices. All other enameled fixtures in this book are priced, both in 
white and color, in regular enamel unless otherwise noted) 


Concord - P6715 QS 

Wayne - P 6721 Q S 

Bedford - P 6706 Q S 

The Bedford, Wayne and Concord 
styles of 6-inch deep apron sinks have been 
installed in many thousands of homes. 
They are well proportioned, roomy, and 
fill the need for attractive, yet inexpensive, 
combination sinks and drain-boards. The 
corner sinks can be had with either 
drain- boards or sink compartments against 
the side wall, as preferred. 

The hot and cold water valves of trje 
faucet supply water through a swing- 
ing spout, the stream from which will 
reach practically the whole of the sink 

The sinks with 6-inch deep compart- 
ments are priced in this book in regular 
enamel. Acid-Resisting Enamel, while it 
adds somewhat to the cost, more tlian 
repays its price in the added beauty, 
service and convenience it provides. Ask 
your Plumber about this superior enamel, 
and for a demonstration of its qualities. 

Prices and Sizes- 

(With Chromard Finish faucet, 42 x 20 in. 

Strainer, and trap) In Color | In White 

P 6706 Q S, or P 6707 Q S — (left 


P6715 QS, or P6716QS — (right 


P 672 1 Q S, or P 0720 Q S — (left 


52 x 20 in. 

bo x 22 in. 

§55 .15 

65 .20 
65 .20 


In Color | In White In Color | In White 


80. qo 

(For prices for the fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 45) 

$63 -55 


§75-3 5 





Hudson - P6814QS 

Perhaps no one-piece sink ever made 
has enjoyed greater popularity than the 
type here illustrated. These sinks have 
brought to those homes where strict 
economy controls the selection, all the 
benefits of the apron type— one-piece 
construction, with no joints or crevices, 
roomy compartments and drain-boards, 
pleasing appearance and efficient swinging 
spout faucet. 

Think how cheerful your kitchen 
would be if you replaced the old, worn- 
out sink that you have used so long 
with one of these handsome one-piece 
models. And replacing your present sink, 
usually involves no great labor charge, as 
the new sink can in most cases be served 
by the same supply pipes as the old one. 

In color, with Acid-Resisting Enamel 
and under a low window, it will bring new 
beauty and convenience to your kitchen. 
The "§tattdatt<f Time Payment Plan pro- 
vides an easy way to have it. 

Warren - P6815 QS 

Warren - P 6816 Q S 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With Chromard Fittings) | 42 x 20 in. 


In Color 

In White 

P6815 QSor P6816QS 

In Color 

In White 

46 x 20 in. 



52 x 20 in. 52 x 22 in. fro x 22 i rL_ 

$61 -45 
5 1 .80 

(For prices of fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 45) 

Vpluhbihg hxtures 

$75 .65 


$64.05 84.55 

5-; ,85 70.25 


Stark ~ P 6825 Q S 

Putnam - P6821 Q S 

The great variety of Standard" sinks 
permits you to have the design best suited 
to your requirements and your budget. 

Here are three styles of the roll-rim 
corner type sinks. The P 6820 and P 682 1 
are for opposite corners with the sink 
compartment next to the wall. The P 6825 
(and the P 6824 for the left corner), have 
the drain-board next to the wall. 

The corner type of sink is an adaptable 
type. The end surface can be placed 
against a wall, or can be installed against 
a built-in cabinet, which provides a 
convenient location for pots, pans and 
utensils used around a sink. 

All S-inch back - 6-inch deep sinks listed 
in this book include in the price shown, the 
sink, faucet with soap dish, strainer^and 
cast brass sink trap. Metal parts are 
Chromard Finish, china parts in white or 
color. Sink is painted in white or color on 
the under side. Sturdy cast-iron wall 
hangers are also included in the prices. 

Prices and Sizes: 

(With Chromard Fittings) 
P 6820 Q S or P 6821 QS 

In Color 

In White 

P 6825 Q S or P 6824 Q S (left corner) 

In Color , 

In White 

46 x 20 in. 1 52 x 20 in. 

$67 . ro 


67 .10 



70 .95 


52 x 22 in. 

(For prices of enameled fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 45) 

61 .50 

73 .60 

61 .50 

60 x 22 in. 




Portland - P 6731 QS 

Hale - P 6830 Q S 

All 8- inch back regular models, both apron and roll-rim types, have sink 
compartments and drain boards of generous dimensions. Those sinks less than 
52 inches long over-all have drainboards no less than 18 inches in length and 
sink compartments from 22 inches up. 

Sinks that are 52 inches long or over, have drain-boards 19 inches or more 
in length and sink compartments not less than 22 inches. An exception is the 
P 6736 QS which has two compartments, each 18 inches long and a 20- inch 
drain-board. Actual dimensions of each type sink are 
shown in your Plumber's catalogue. 

Shown on this page are two types of ^tattdafd 
recess sinks and two types of sinks without drain- 
boards. The recess types of sinks, "Three 8s or 
the designs shown above, are very popular models 
for kitchens which make the most economical use 
of space. In keeping with the increasing demand for 
built-in kitchen furniture, these sinks will meet many 
installation needs. 

P 6700 QS and the P 6800 E are made in a wide 
variety of sizes. All are reasonably priced and allow 
every home owner, no matter how modest his budget, 
to have the convenience of a modern kitchen sink. 

Prices and Sizes: ; , 



Madison - P6700QS 

(With Chromard Fittings) I n Color 

P 6731 Q S, or P 6730 Q S (drain-board 
on right)— I 

51 x 20 inches § 97 -°5 

Go x 22 inches '• 1 1 3 . 40 

P 6830 Q S, or P 683 1 Q S (drain-board 
on left)— 

52 x 20 inches 

60 x 22 inches 

1 16.20 

P 6700 Q S 
In Color . 
In White 

30 x 18 in. 


P 6800 E 
In Color 
In White 

24 x 18 in. 

$24 ■ 1 5 

21 .45 

24 x zoin.j 30 x 2Q in. 



30 x 18 in. 




In White 

§80 . 30 
93 • 3 5 


3b x 20 in. 

58. qo 

Salem - P 6800 E 

24 x 20 in. 1 30 x 20 in. [ 30 x 20 in. | 42 x 22 in. 
§30.20 §29.40 §36.40 §44-45 

26.30 25.65 3 1 - 2 5 _3 7-/0 

P 6700 Q S and P 6800 E are made in other sizes. Consult your Plumber. (For prices of 
fixtures in Ionian Black, see Note, page 45) 





All sinks in this book, both the 
"Three S's" and regular types, are 
priced with the K 759 strainer. This 
is a flat strainer, flush with the bottom 
of the sink. The "Three-S's" types and 
those with the 6-inch apron can also 
be had with the K 878 strainer, .at 
an additional cost. 

This type of strainer permits the 
use of the sink compartment to hold the 
dishes, eliminating the old-fashioned dish- 
pan. As noted in the cut-out view, it is 
wider in diameter than the K 759 and 
has a cup and auxiliary strainer. 

The cup is lowered into the strainer 
by the knob (A). The plug (B) forms 
a seat and holds the water in the 
compartment. Food particles lodge 
in the cup strainer, and when the 
cup is lifted the water drains 
off. The strainer (C) is an added 

A similar strainer with lift handle in 
the back of the sink can be had, also. 
This modern convenience is not costly 
as the comparison of prices below 
shows. Consult your Plumber for prices 
of the particular sink you prefer. 

P 6706 — 42 x 20 inches, in white Regular Enamel * 

with K 759 strainer $29 .00. 

with K 878 strainer 3 1 .80 

P 6656 — 52 x 20 inches, in white A-R Enamel 

with K 759 strainer 63 .45 

with K 878 strainer 66.25 

bandar d" Faucets for every kitchen need 
Does your present sink faucet leak? Is it tarnished, 
or the handles broken? Why not replace it, at once, 
with a handsome Standard" swinging spout design? 
The K 902 S and the K907S are two very popular 
types, with an S-inch spread between supply pipes, and 
can be attached to the pipes which supply your present 
faucets. A strap wrench, as a rule, is all that is needed 
to make the change. These faucets are of pleasing 
design, in Chromard finish, and have the Re-kU feature. 
The K 907 S has a transfer valve that furnishes hot, 
cold or tempered water to the rinsing spray. 


(With Chromard Finish) 


K 902 S 
K 907 S 

China Parts 
In Color 


China Parts 
In White 




Color in 'Standard" Kitchen binks 

lust imagine your kitchen with a *gtandai»d w sink of Ming Green. Walls 
of peach color and trimmings of light blue. Wouldn't it be a radiant and 
cheerful kitchen? Nothing has done more to make the kitchen attractive than, 
the well-designed sink in color. 

Perhaps you would prefer to originate your own color scheme. Select the 
color for the sink first— mellow ivory, delicate orchid, light blue, Ming 
Green, or rose, are preferred by most — then choose a contrasting color for 
the walls that will bring out the color of the sink. And with the great 
variety of colors available for other items of kitchen equipment, it is so easy 
to complete the scheme with harmonious color accents 
in the woodwork, curtains, other furniture and kitchenware. 

A handy garbage container 

All "Standard" sinks are more efficient if 
equipped with "^tatidafd" garbage containers. 
The 'Three 8's" designs can be had with the con- 
tainer attached directly to the sink. 

The container shown here fastens to the wall 
under your present sink. The container is made 
of vitreous china and pushes back under the 
sink when not in use. In white or colors. 

P Cx)6i (for "Three 8's" sinks) 

P 6gb2 

In Color In White 


21 .00 



THE "frmidavd 


The basket 
of heavy non- 
wire, holds 
dishes for a 
family of six. 
ment holds 

Dishwashing three times a day! Is there a 
woman who does her own work who doesn't lon^ to 
escape from the monotony of dishwashing' An 
electric dishwasher— that is the way out of the 
never-ending task! 

The 'gUtufafd" Electric Dishwasher has ex- 
clusive features which make it the most efficient 
and dependable electric dishwasher ever developed 
A centrifugal pump is used to obtain the forcefui 
water action. The dishwashing compartment has 
The compartment is lts ° wn not water supply so that no hose is 
needed to rinse the dishes. 

The soapy water circulates through the 
pump and is sprayed upon the dishes in 
strong, evenly distributed streams which 
deluge every dish, but are so directed that not 
even the thinnest china is moved from its place 
The basket, supported in a friction socket 
can be stopped by a touch of the hand. 

Food particles are removed from the water 
and are held by the efficient double strainer 
This means that the water, which is recircu- 
lated by the pump, is clean, and does not carry 
the food particles back onto the dishes. 

An exclusive feature which will appeal to 
every housewife is the flexible shaft with a 
whipper attachment. This whipper can be 
used for whipping cream, for beating eggs, 
mixing salad dressings, etc. 

easy to clean; only the 
spray nozzle remains 
after the removal of 
the basket, which is 
easily lifted out. 

Food particles are 
removed from the 
soapy water by this 
double strainer. 


Dishwasher (with extra drain-board) - P 6901 

turned slowly in the basket, removes the soil. 
S witch off the current and drain the washing 
water. Start the basket again and turn on the 
rinse valve. Clear, hot rinse water direct from 
the supply line is sprayed over all the dishes. 
Dishes can be quickly and easily removed 
from the tray and the basket, or may be allowed 
to remain in the basket until the next meal, if 

Shown on this page are three popular models 
of the "SXtXlfavd" Dishwasher. The P 690 1 and 
P 6900 (drain-board on left) are 61 x 24 inches in 
size. The P 6908 and P 6907 (with sink on left) 
are 46 x 24 inches in size. The P 69 1 5 is 
furnished with the flexible shaft and has only the 
hot water rinsing spray valve which also supplies 
the dishwasher. The motor regularly furnished 
is }i H. P., A. C. single phase, 1 10 volts, 
60 cycles. Motors for other kinds of cur- 
rent are available at an added cost. 

Food acids and cleansers cannot 
roughen or discolor the "Standard" Elec- 
tric Dishwasher, because it is made of 
Acid-Resisting Enamel. 

Prices ( With A-R Enamel, Chromard Fi ttings): 

I n Color | In Whit e 

P 6900 or P 690 1 (less legs) , $41 5 . 00 $390 . 00 
P (3907 or P 0908 (includes 

whipper shown for P 6901) 395 .00 365.00 
P0915 (includes flexible 

shaft and whipper) . 

How the Dishwasher 

The Dishwashing compart- 
ment is filled with hot water up to 
the level designated on the bottom 
of the basket, and a small amount 
of dishwashing powder is sprin- 
kled in. The basket is filled with 
dishes — the silverware in the cen- 
ter compartment, platters, plates 
and saucers in the lower basket.. 
cups and glassware in the top 
tray — and the lid is closed. Turn 
on the switch and the hot soapy 
water, circulated in forceful sprays 
over and over again onto all sur- 
faces of the dishes as they' are 

Dishwasher - P6915 

345.00 325-00 

Add for garbage container, as shown on Page 5 i : 
In Color, $14.75; In White, $21 .00. (Garbage 
container cannot be attached direct to P 6915) 

Dishwasher (with sink) - P 6908 


"^tattdand" ELECTRIC 

How cheerfully the housewife 
welcomes wash-day when the laun- 
dry is designed and constructed to 
permit the installation of the 
modern "£\and(ivd" Washer as 
shown in this illustration. And 
how quickly the work will be done 
when the laundry unit is com- 
pletely *£fatti<fa#(f' . 

The "gUnd&vd" Electric 
Clothes- washer, uses the reversing 
agitator principle to obtain 
the most rapid and thorough 
washing action. This mechani- 
cal principle has long been recog- 
nized as one of the simplest and 
therefore most dependable. 

Surging through the clothes 
the soap>' 

View of the inside of the 
washing tray. Note the 
smooth, rounded corners 
and «cnerous-size agitator. 

c — r # 


^ ■ ^w — '"''^K^^^c^ii 

D jfi 

1 ^& sIHI" a 1 

water loosens and washes away every speck of soil. 
No particle of dirt can escape, yet forceful as this 
water action is you can trust your entire wash to the 
Standard" Electric Clothes-washer. 

The all-metal wringer is adjustable to 
four positions around the wringer post, thus 
permitting the washer to be used effectively with 
one or two trays. The wringer rolls are of so^t 
rubber and there is a special safety feature 
whereby the tension of the rollers may be 
released instantly. 

The power of the motor is transmitted 
to the agitator in the tub by a sturdy, 
simple shaft and gear, so arranged to 
allow 7 the wringer to be used while the 
agitator is in motion. 

Ample power drives the agitator, 
gently but forcefully, as it carries the 
clothes through the rich suds, loosening 
all the dirt and soil. 

All the controls of the Clothes- washer 
are within easy reach as shown in the 
illustration to the left. (A) is the lever 
which throws the agitator in and out of 
gear, (B) the lever which starts and stops 
the wringer and locks it in position, 
(C) the wringer tension screw and safety 
release, (D) the switch to operate the 
motor, (E) the handle which controls the 
washer drain. 



The ff $\mdf\vd" Electric Clothes- 
washer is a sturdy washer. The 
tub is of strong enameled iron, 
as are the legs, frame, and gear 
housing. There are no belts, 
the driving mechanism is a simple 
steel gear and arm, operating on 
ball bearings. 

An exclusive feature is the fact 
that the washer can be directly 
connected to the supplies and drain, 
thereby becoming as permanent as 
the installed laundry trays. It can 
be filled and emptied without the 
use of hose or bucket. 

Think of the convenience and 
advantage of a permanent washer 
in your home. No flimsy construc- 
tion to get out of repair, no slopping 
the floor when filling and emptying 
the trays, no annoying vibration 
when the motor is running, no 
getting out of level which throws 
Stationary Clothes -Washer - P 7500 severe strains on many parts of 
cheaply constructed portable washers, thereby reducing their life and adding 
to their upkeep expense. m _ 

The tub is regularly furnished with the inside of white Acid-Kesisting 
Enamel, and will hold the heat as no other washer can. Acid-Resisting 
Enamel is easy to clean, is not affected by strong soaps or cleansers, will keep its 
sparkling beauty always. . 

The outside of the tub and the legs and frame have Ming Green Duco t misft. 
The Chromard lid is removable and can be placed on the auxiliary trays and used 
as a sorting table. The motor regularly furnished is > 4 H. P., 1 10 Volts, A. C, 
60 cycle, single phase. 

The P 7510 is a com- 
plete laundry unit, which 
includes the washer and 2 
trays similar in design. All 
can be connected to a 
single drain. 

P 7500 — Width (back to front), 

36 inches; height (floor to 

rim), 32)4 inches. 
P 7510 — Width (over two trays), 

50 inches; back to front 

(tray and washer), 50 inches. 


P 7500 Si 75 .00 

P 7510 $274 -9° 

(Includes washer, 2 trays, and 
continuous drain.) 

Clothes -Washer with two trays - P 7510 



For the past several years, the base- 
ment and laundry has been the scene of 
great improvement. Shower rooms, ath- 
letic rooms, lounging rooms, play rooms, 
have been installed. 

Gas and automatic-fired furnaces have 
been responsible for cleaner, more 
orderly basements. Today the housewife 
shows her guests her modern laundry 
with as much pride as she does her 
rooms upstairs. 

Yet no matter with what unusualness 
the arrangement or decorative idea of a 
laundry might be planned, it is absolutely essential that the items of equipment 
installed there must be of the highest efficiency, if full value and satis- 
faction are to be had. 

The enameled laundry tray in sparkling enamel, which is the very best 
material for this fixture, adds beauty to any laundry. Its bright, cleanly appear- 
ance is sure to meet approval, its one-piece design and easy-to-clean enamel, 

Four-way - P 7308 B 

make it superior to all other types. 

Alden - P 7302 Q 

L & & ^t & » ^ 

i 1 i 

Acid-Resisting Enamel is ideal for the 
laundry tray, as it is not affected by 
strong soaps or cleansers, 

The Four- way is a two compart- 
ment tray designed to stand away from 
the wall, thereby permitting one to 
work all around it. It is supplied by 
a sturdy swinging-spout faucet finished 
in Chromard, and which has two extra 
valves for a hose to fill the washings 

The Alden is a tray with a back and 
two compartments cast in a single piece 
and with a swinging-spout faucet to 
supply hot, cold or tempered water to 
either tray. 

The Montrose is an economical two 
piece tray to stand against or away 
from the wall. It is shown with a 
hardwood wringer holder for each 
tray which permits the use of a hand 
wringer. If you prefer these fix- 
tures in color, your Plumber will 
gladly quote prices. 

Prices (Fixtures in White) : 

Montrose - P 7380 E 

(With Chromard 

P 7302 Q, 54 x 26 in 

P 7308 B, 5 1 x 27 in 

P 7 3 80 E, 48 x 2 3 in. (two 
sections) .^ 




$142.00 $120.60 





Radcliffe - P 7432 Q S 


Here is a fixture for the small 
kitchen, or for the kitchen of the 
housewife who desires to wash, con- 
veniently, her fine lingerie and linen 
by hand. 

This style of fixture is particularly 
desirable, also, for apartment kitchens, 
where space is limited. And, too, it 
provides the most efficient type of fix- 
ture to use with built-in cabinets. 
The 13-inch deep tray is valuable for 
a number of kitchen uses, as well as 
for washing of clothing. 
"£tandctfd" sink and laundry tray combinations include the essential 

features of both of these fixtures. The interchangeable wood drain-board, when 

placed over the tray compartment, gives all the advantages of a Sink; 

when used with the laundry tray and placed over the sink, it becomes a sorting 

table or handy work bench. . 

The Radcliffe P 7432 Q S (P 7433 Q S, with sink compartment on the right) 

has an 8-inch low back, an 8-inch deep 

apron, a sink compartment 8 inches deep 

and a tray with a depth of 13K inches. 

It is supported on wall hangers and 

two adjustable enameled legs. The 

K 902 S faucet supplies hot, cold or tem- 
pered water to both sink and tray. 

The Bacon is illustrated in two ways 

—one with a swinging spout faucet, one 

with separate hot and cold water faucets. 

In the P 7426 AF type, which has an 

8-inch deep sink, faucets which supply the 

tray are below the level of the drain-board. 
All these fixtures are priced in regular 

enamel, but, here too, Acid-Resisting 

Enamel in color will provide greater 

distinction. Ask your Plumber for 

prices of these fixtures in Acid- 
Resisting Enamel. 


<acon - P 7427 Q S 

(With Chromard Fit-lings) In Color 

Size — 50 x 24 inches. 
P 7426 A F, or P 7425 AF, 

(sink on left) 

P7427QS, 01P7428QS, 

(sink on right) 

P743 2QS, or P743 3QS 

Size — 42 x 24 inches. 
P 7432 QS, or P 7433 QS 

(For prices of these fixtures in Ionian Black, 
see Note, page 45) 

Bacon - P 7426 A F 


Remodel the old bathroom/ install an extra one 


i t h the 


Every home today is run upon a budget basis: so much for food, for clothing, 
for amusements, for savings and for educational purposes. Whether or not the 
home has a definite * "Budget Plan", there is no doubt a definite schedule for 
these and other expenses. 

If you are a home owner and are interested in modernizing the old bathroom, 
or if you want and need a second bathroom or a downstairs lavatory; if you have 
found in this book those very plumbing fixtures you have desired so long and do 
not have the ready cash, you will be interested to know about the "Standard" 
Time Payment Plan — the plan that permits you to put these improvements in 
your Budget, to pay for them as you use and enjoy them. 

The Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co.'s Time Payment Plan is an easy financing 
plan which brings the latest styled and most improved plumbing fixtures within 
the reach of every family. By using this simple plan you can have a remodeled 
bathroom that is not only useful, but beautiful. You can install that extra 
bathroom that your growing family needs, you can brighten the kitchen with a 
new sink in white or in color, you can have an efficient "Standard" Clothes- 
washer or a new set of laundry trays. 

Every home owner with a reasonable equity in his home may use this plan 
to' finance the purchase of "Standard" Plumbing Fixtures. Only a small amount 
of cash is needed — the balance, including your plumber's charge for installing 
the plumbing fixtures, may then be paici in convenient installments. 

Ask any plumbing merchant who sells "^tandat'd" Plumbing Fixtures to 
give you an estimate of the cost of the plumbing fixtures you want and the cost 
of installing them. Of this total amount you can pay as little as 10 per cent in 
cash. You can have up to two years to pay the balance in monthly installments? 

Example: Suppose the cost of the plumbing fixtures you select and your 
plumber's charge for installing them is $400.00. You pay $40.00 in cash and 
arrange to pay the balance, including the financing charge, in equal monthly 
installments, the number of installments not to exceed twenty-four and the 
amount of each installment to be not less than $10.00. Eighteen installments 
would amount to approximately $22.00 per month. 

The cost of all the materials and labor needed to make simple changes Dr 
repairs incident to the replacement of your old plumbing fixtures with modern 
plumbing fixtures, can be financed through your plumbing contractor under the 
terms of this plan. 

There is no red tape. You are not asked to have friends endorse you, you 
are not embarrassed by any credit investigation. And this plan further assures 
you of a correct and efficient installation, for plumbing dealers with a reputation 
for good work are the only ones permitted to use the plan. 

Your plumber will prepare the simple forms which are necessary in the 
operation of this plan. If your plumber is unable to do this, write to the 
Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh, and the forms will be prepared for 
you, or you will be given the names of responsible plumbing merchants in your 
own community who can prepare them. 

Any "Standard" Showroom or Branch, the addresses of which are listed 
on pages 62 and 63 of this book, will be glad to explain the plan. 



r a s s 

Parts of a Re-nU assembly. Left, the assembled 

unit; center, stem; right, above, cap 

-below, the Re-hU barrel. 

Fittings are f '$\ixndd.vd H 

The parts you don't see in 
plumbing fixtures — the concealed 
parts of the fittings — are as important 
as those you do see. These are the 
only mechanical parts of practically 
all plumbing fixtures, these are the 
parts of the fixture which must 
deliver the water, must carry it away, 
must protect your rooms against 
damage due to leaks, must protect 
your health from sewer gas, etc. 

Unless the fittings operate 
efficiently, regularly, day after day, 
your fixture — no matter how beauti- 
ful in design or color— will not be satisfactory. Do not take for granted that 
if you specify Standard" Plumbing Fixtures you will receive a complete 
"Standard" installation. . 

"Standard" brass fittings are of heavy brass, carefully made, and subject to 
rigorous inspection. They contain extra weight, extra thickness, are given extra 
care in selection of materials and in their construction— assuring that service 
to which you are entitled, and which every plumbing fixture should give. Only 
by using '"Standard" fittings on "Standard" fixtures will you receive the service 
that you expect of the fixtures. See that every fitting bears the mark, 'Standard . 
With most fittings the wear occurs on parts which are inseparable from 
the rest of the fitting, and the whole fitting must be replaced. In 
'Standard" fittings with the Re-nU feature, above, only the parts subject to 
wear need be replaced. All that is required is to remove the cap, lift out 
the stem and the barrel which contains all the wearing parts, and make the 
necessary replacements. 

a u c e t s , too, should be 'Standard" 

Take a moment to consider these fittings 
which are seldom mentioned in specifications. 
The important supply valves in the basement, 
the shut-off valves to the various fixture lines, 
the drain valves for hot water tanks, the faucets 
on the outside of the house for sprinkling the 
lawn — these, by all means, must be of sturdy 
construction, of superior quality, of good design 
and workmanship, if your entire plumbing 
installation is to be what you expect. 

The K 1660 and K 1665 are shut-off valves 
which drain the supply pipes, thereby preventing 
lines bursting from freezing. The K i6/oanclK 1680 
are lawn faucets, sturdily made to withstand the 
rigors of the weather. The K 16SS is a useful 
faucet to be used in basement or garage for filling 
of pails, etc. "Standard" rough-brass items are 
made as carefully as the faucets on your lavatory 
and bear the 'Standard" trade mark. 

K 1670 




If you live in or near one of the cities listed on pages 62 and 63, be sure to 
visit the Standard" Show room. These interesting Showrooms are maintained 
by the Standard Sanitate Ififo. Co. to further its service to architects, plumbing 
contractors and home owners. 

You do not need to have definite plans for the purchase of plumbing fixtures 
to be cordially received in a 'Standard" Show room— your interest in more 
comfortable and pleasant living will make you a welcome visitor. 

There you can see the beautiful plumbing fixture designs and colors which 
have inspired a new interest in bathroom furnishing and decoration There 
you can see that artistic combination of fixture, fitting, background, color 
lighting and arrangement that will immediately convey to you the meaning df 
style and individuality in plumbing fixtures". Fixtures in white and of more- 
economical cost are also widely displayed for your inspection 

There too, you may see the Standard" Dishwasher and the Standard" 
Uotnes- Washer in actual operation, and you may have as many demonstrations 
of these remarkable machines as you desire. 

Showroom representatives can be of material help to you in the suggestions for 
room decoration, artistic fixture arrangement, novel lighting effects and harmonv 
of bathroom color schemes which they will gladly give, should you be undecided 
in the solution of any of these phases of your bathroom decorative problems. 

Experienced and helpful, they will be glad to 
discuss every phase of home sanitation, explain 
the "^tattdar'd" Time Payment Plan, and if you 
desire, make out the forms required in the opera- 
tion of this plan. 

To make it easy to obtain estimates for the 
installation of plumbing fixtures and fittings you 
select, a portfolio shown on this page, listing and 
illustrating them, will be prepared for you. 
There is no charge for this service which does 
much to prevent mistakes and to assure complete 
satisfaction with the installation. 





Visit a Standard" Showroom, if possible. That is the most 
satisfactory way to select plumbing fixtures. There you can see 
the actual fixtures and make comparisons, there you can discuss 
your problems with experienced Standard" attendants, there 
you can secure help in originating color schemes and in develop- 
ing pleasing bathroom arrangements. When your selections are 
made, specifications providing for their installation will be written 
for you without charge. You can then take the specifications to 
your Plumber with the certainty that there should be no mis- 

If you cannot visit a Standard" Showroom, make your 
selection from this book. Then take the book to your Plumber 
and in it point out the fixtures and fittings you want. If he does 
not have them in stock he can order and, with very few exceptions, 
get them promptly. Secure a copy of your written order. In 
this written order the fixtures and fittings should be designated 
exactly as shown in this book. The letter following the number 
designates the type of fitting and must be shown. Also specify 
the size of each fixture. 

If your preference is for color, bear in mind the advantage of 
installing fixtures made by the same manufacturer. Specify 
"£tandat*d" — vitreous china fixtures, enameled fixtures, and 
fittings with china parts in the same color. If you have selected 
fixtures from a "Standard" Showroom, see that the specification 
includes a sample of the Standard" fixture color you desire, and 
a sample of the color of the shower curtains, closet seats, and any 
other items in color. 

Remember that enameled fixtures are made either with Acid- 
Resisting or regular enamel. If you want a fixture made with 
Acid-Resisting Enamel, specify "Acid-Resisting Enamel". If 
you want regular enamel, specify "Regular Enamel". 

Be sure that the fittings you want are specified to show the 
style and correct finish from the list described on the inside of the 
back cover. If any other combinations of fixture and fittings than 
those mentioned in this book are desired, consult your Plumber. 

To prevent misunderstandings, bear in mind that the prices in 
"Standard" booklets, catalogues, and advertisements are approximate, 
as they do not include labor and other installation charges. Remember, 
also that the prices in this book are subject to change without notice, as 
are changes in the form or design of the fixtures and fittings illustrated. 


The service of the nation-wide 'Sftattdafcf' organization 

The Standard" nation-wide system of Showrooms, Warehouses, and 
Branches is maintained only that you might receive the highest degree of satis- 
factory service. 

The Showrooms make it possible for you to see the actual fixtures before 
you buy, and assist you in securing correct specifications. When you have made 
your selection, any plumber you may choose can secure the fixtures you want 
from the nearby "Standard" Branch or Warehouse. If there is no plumber near 
you, write to the closest Standard" unit and you will immediately be furnished 
the names of several who can supply your requirements. 

Then, too, if you are desirous of using the "e^.andard" Time Payment Plan, 
and cannot locate a plumber who can make the necessary arrangements, 
the nearest "^.andaFd" unit will be glad to furnish the names of several Time 
Payment Plumbers in your vicinity. 

Standard cSamtat© TT)fe Co., Pittsburgh 

Division of 
American R adiator & S tandard S anitary C orporation 
"Standard" Branches/ Showrooms and Sales Offices 

♦AKRON. O. (.Show room) _________________ Crosier and High Streets 

♦ALTOONA, PA. (Showroom) __________________ 161 5 Ninth Avenue 

ATLANTA, GA. (Sales Office) _____________ 204 Norris Building, Peachtree Street 

ATLANTA, GA. (Showroom) _________________ 221 Peachtree Street 

BALTIMORE. MD. (Showroom and Sales Office) __________ 3 34 North Charles Street 

♦BEAUMONT, TEXAS (Branch Warehouse) ___________ Fannin and Orange Streets 

♦BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (Showroom) ____________ 503 Twenty-second Street, South 

BOSTON, MASS. (Showroom and Sales Office) __ ________ 186-200 Devonshire Street 

BROOKLYN, N. Y. (Showroom) _____________ 375-379 Flatbush Avenue, Ext. 

BUFFALO, N. Y. (Showroom) _________________3 74 Delaware Avenue 

♦CANTON. O (Showroom) _________________ 1 1 20 High Avenue, S. W. 

♦CHICAGO. ILL. _______________________ 3716 Iron Street 

CHICAGO, ILL. (Showroom and Sales Office) _ _ _ ________ 900 South Michigan Avenue 

CHICAGO, ILL. (Northwest Branch) __ _____________ 4508 Lawrence Avenue 

CHICAGO, ILL. (South Branch) _______________ _ 7725-33 South State Street. 

CHICAGO, ILL. (Ravenswood Service Station) _________ 4339-41 North Western Avenue 

CHICAGO, ILL. (Roseland Service Station) __________ 10433-35 South Michigan Avenue 

CINCINNATI, O. (Showroom and Sales Office) _ _ _ _ _ Southeast Corner Seventh and Walnut Streets' 

♦CLEVELAND, O. (Showroom) _________________ 4409 Euclid Avenue 

♦CLEVELAND, O. (West Side Branch — Showroom) ___________ ioSoo Lorain Avenue 

♦CLEVELAND, O. (Mayfield Branch) _______________ 2044 Random Road 

♦COLUMBUS. 0. (Showroom) _______________ 503-5 19 South Front Street 

♦DALLAS. TEXAS (Showroom) _________________ i 200 Jackson Street 

♦DECATUR, ILL. (Showroom) ________________ 502 East William Street 

♦DENVER, COLO. _____________________ 1730 Blake Street 

DENVER, COLO. (Showroom) __________________["i6 Blake Street 

♦DETROIT, MICH. (Showroom and Sales Oft.ce) ___________ 5943 Second Boulevard 

♦DETROIT, MICH. (Burnette Branch) ______________ 9181 Burnette Avenue 

♦DETROIT. MICH. (East Side Branch) _____________ _ 3747 Bewick Avenue 

♦EAST ST. LOUIS. ILL. _________________ 21 North Seventh Street 

♦EL PASO, TEXAS (Showroom) ________________ 1 60 North Piedras Street 

♦ERIE, PA. (Showroom) __________________ 1 30 West Twelfth Street 

♦EVANSTON, ILL. ____________________ _ 2.08 Jackson Street 

♦EVANSV1LLE. IND. _________________ Illinois and Governor Streets 

♦FORT WAYNE, I ND. ________________ 1 26- 118 West Columbia Street 

♦FORT WORTH, TEXAS (Showroom) ____________ 1601-07 North Ballinger Street 

♦GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ___________________ 90 Market Avenue 

HAMILTON. ONT., CANADA (Showroom) ___________ 20-28 Jackson Street, West 

♦HOUSTON. TEXAS (Showroom) _______________2 3 oo McKinney Avenue 

♦HUNTINGTON. W. VA. (Showroom) ___________ Second Avenue and Tenth Street 

♦INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (Showroom) ______________ 846 North Senate Avenue 

♦JOLIET. ILL. __________________ Railroad and McDonough Streets 

KANSAS CITY. MO. (Showroom and Sales Office) _ _ _________ 1021 Grand Avenue 

♦KNOXVILLE, TENN. (Showroom) _______________ 218 East Depot Street 

LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y. (Showroom and Sales Office) _______ 32-04 Northern Boulevard 

♦LORAIN, O, __________________ Tenth and Broadway 

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (Sales Office) ____________ 216-224 South Central Avenue 

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (Showroom) _______ 3251 Wilshire Boulevard, near Vermont Street 

♦LOUISVILLE. KY. (Showroom) _____________ Broadway and Campbell Street 

♦MANSFIELD. O, (Showroom) ___ ___________ East Fifth and Elm Streets 

♦MEMPHIS, TENN. (Showroom) _________________ 666 Beale Avenue 


"Standard" Branches/ Showrooms and Sales Offices (continued) 

♦MILWAUKEE, WIS. __________-_-_--___ , 62 7 St. Paul Avenue 

MILWAUKEE, WIS. (Showroom) _________________ 447 Broadway 

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (Showroom and Sales Office) __________ 91 5 Nicollet Avenue 

^MOBILE, ALA. (Showroom) ________________ 306 North Roval Street 

^MONTGOMERY, ALA. (Branch Warehouse) ______________ no Coosa Street 

*NASHVILLE, TENN. (Showroom) _._______._____-.- 1700 Church Street 

NEWARK, N.J. (Showroom and Sales Office) ______-___.__- 1 010 Broad Street 

NEWARK, N.J. (Showroom) __________,--_-.--_- 5 iS Ferry Street 

*NEW ORLEANS, LA. (Branch and Showroom) ________----_ 846 Baronne Street 

NEW ORLEANS, LA. (Sales Office ) _______-___--_- 517 Canal Bank Building 

NEW YORK, N. Y. (Showroom and Sales Office) ________-- 1 8 East Forty-fifth Street 

OAKLAND, CALIF. (Showroom) ______<_____----- 1030 Webster Street 

*OAK PARK, ILL. ____________-------- -60 Madison Avenue 

*OSHKOSH. WIS. ________-_-__--------- 39 Ceape Street 

*PEOR I A, ILL. (Showroom) __________________ 1 12-1 14 Main Street 

PHILADELPHIA, PA. (Showroom and Sales Office) ___________ 1 1\ 5 Walnut Street 

*PHOENIX. ARIZ. (Showroom) _______ -■»------- 447 East J efferson Street 

PITTSBURGH, PA. (Showroom and Sales Office) _______ Bessemer Building, 10b Sixth Street 

*PITTSBURGH, PA. ________-__-------- 2I 3 Galveston Avenue 

^PITTSBURGH, PA. (East End Branch) ___„___-__--- 6587 Hamilton Avenue 
PORTLAND, ORE. (Showroom) _____.. _______ Pacific Building. 181 Sixth Street 

*OUINCY ILL. (Showroom) _________-------- 330 South Sixth Street 

*RACINE WIS. _________-_-----_ Sixteenth and Junction Avenues 

RICHMOND, VA. (Showroom and Sales Office) ____-._--__- _ 304 East Grace Street 

*ROCK ISLAND, ILL. (Showroom) _____-----_--- 1615-1617 Second Avenue 

ST LOUIS, MO. (Sales Office) ^_-______-__-__-_- Continental Lite Building 

*ST LOUIS MO. (Showroom) _______________ 4140 Forest Park Boulevard 

*SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (Showroom) ________________ 1 101 Broadway 

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (Showroom) „_____-._-_---_- 349 Sutter. Street 

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (Sales Office) ________ 501 Sixth Street, Corner ot Bryant Street 

SEATTLE, WASH. (Sales Office) _______---.__--- 1241 First Avenue. South 

SEATTLE. WASH. (Showroom) „______._------- - 1301-1303 Fifth Avenue 

*SHREVEPORT, LA. (Showroom) _______-_------ 1 557-1 5 59 Texas Avenue 

^SOUTH BEND, IND. (Showroom) _______________ 1831 South Main Street 

♦SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (Branch Warehouse) ________---- yo7 North Fourth Street 

SPRINGFIELD, MASS. (Sales Office) _______-.-_-- - - - 1 55 Chestnut Street 

SPRINGFIELD, MASS. (Showroom) _____-__----- Chestnut and \V inter Streets 

*SPRINGFIELD, O. ----------------- 1226-38 Warder Street 

SYRACUSE, N. Y. (Sales Office) ________------- 302-303 Herald Building 

♦TOLEDO O. (Showroom) _______---------- iooi-ioio Summit Street 

TORONTO ONT., CANADA (Sales Office) _________ Royce and Landsdowne Avenues 

TRENTON N.J. (Showroom and Sales Office) __„__________ 100 Carroll Street 

•TUCSON, ARIZ. (Showroom) --------------- - 247 North Fourth Avenue 

*\VACO TEXAS (Branch Warehouse) _______-_-- Eleventh Street and Mary Avenue 

WASHINGTON D. C (Showroom and Sales Olfice) __________ _ 141 2 F. Street. N. W. 

WASHINGTON, D. C. (Government Dept.) ______---_-___ 114 Willard Hotel 

♦WHEELING, W. VA. (Showroom) __________------ 40 Eighteenth Street 

*WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS (Showroom) _________ - Fourteenth Street and Scott Avenue 

*YOUNGSTO\VN. O. (Showroom) _-_____-_-------- West and Tod Avenue^ 

Wa rehouses 

Baltimore. Md. ______-------------- - - 53 ' 3 Holabird Avenue 

Boston Mass _______------------- 3 b 5 c Street, South Boston 

Long Island City NY_ _____----- ".Standard" Building, 32-04 Northern Boulevard 

Los Angeles, Calif. ____--------------- - 2 ib South Central Avenue 

Newark NJ ________--_---------- 52S-534 rerrv Street 

Philadelphia, Pa." _ ------------- Glen wood Avenue and O.vford Street 

Richmond, Calif. __-_------ - ------------ P. O. Box, \V. 

Seattle, Wash. ------------------ 1242 First Avenue, South 


New York, N. Y., 50 Broad Street San Francisco, Calif., 349 Sutter Street 

Buenos Aires, Argentine Rep., S. A., Calle Cordoba 817, (Entre Piso) 
Tokio Japan Shanghai, China Manila, P. I. 

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia Auckland, N. _.. 

c ■ . (t<>< ., i H j"Rm^U c. In the cities marked (*) are carried complete lines of 
Service at standard branches. p, umbing and Heating Supplies; Farm Water Supply 

Systems; Tools and Supplies for Mills, Mines and Factories, also for the Water, Gas, Steam 
and Oil Industries. Write or call on nearest Branch. 

European Sales Offices 

Vienna Austria London, England Munich. Germany 

Brussels Belgium Lille, France Amsterdam, Holland 

Vilvorde, Belgium L >'°" s ' Fra , nce ,- M\\m, Italy 

Birmingham, England Marseilles, France Barcelona. Spam 

Brighton, England Paris. France Madrid. Spain 

Hull, England Berlin, Germany Zurich. Switzerland 

8-30 2 C M 



How can you be sure that the plumbing fixtures and fittings installed in your 
home are the "$\rnidnvd" Plumbing, Fixtures and Fittings you specified? 
These trade-marks will enable you to distinguish the products of the 
Standard <&imtai*9 Iflfo. Co. from all others. Do not wait until the plumbing 
fixtures are installed to look for these protective identification marks. Look 
for them immediately upon the delivery of the plumbing fixtures at your home. 



This trade-mark is printed permanently under the glaze of 
vitreous china plumbing fixtures, printed permanently in the 
enamel of plumbing fixtures made of regular enamel, and cast 
or stamped in the metal of brass fittings. 


This trade-mark, printed permanently in the enamel, identifies 
plumbing fixtures made of "Standard" Acid-Resisting Enamel. 


The word Re-nU on "<$tattdat«f' Brass Goods indicates renew- 
able seats and threads, a "^tanda^cf" feature. 

"Church" brand Seats, which are standard equipment on 
"Standard" water closets, are identified by this trade-mark, 
which is pressed into the under side of the seat. 


Almost every city has established legal safeguards against the faulty instal- 
lation of plumbing. This has been necessary because faulty plumbing is a 
danger to health and life. Who is thoroughly familiar with these legal safe- 
guards established in your city? Who is best qualified to install the plumbing 
in your home? A Master Plumber! His knowledge of sewerage, gas and 
water systems is invaluable to you. Depend upon him for accurate advice on 
your plumbing problems. Use his services to secure a correct and satisfactory 
plumbing installation in your home. 




"Standard" fittings, both metal and 
china, are obtainable in a variety of 
designs and finishes. Shown above, 
in the first panel, are fittings for the 
Pemberton lavatories, and the popular 
Mastercraft design for lavatories. The 
special design fitting for the Temple- 
ton is shown on page 1 5 ; that for the 
Castleton on page 17. 

In the second panel are shown the parts 
used in "^andafd" Mastercraft bath 
and shower combinations. These and 
the fittings shown in the first panel are 
obtainable in the following finishes: 

Finish X — All Chromard. 
Finish G —All Gold plate. 
Finish X H — Chromard with Gold 
hammered panels. 

Finish X C — Chromard with Chro- 
mard hammered panels. 

Finish G H— Gold plate with Gold 
hammered panels. 

Finish GC — Gold plate with Chro- 
mard hammered panels. 

The styles in the lower panel are 
those commonly furnished for most 
"c$tattdat*d" lavatories. The designs 
and finishes, left to right, are: 

All-metal design in Gold plate — 
Finish Y G. (Can also be had with 
Chromard Finish (Finish Y) or 
nickel-plate (Finish Z). 

Design with china handles, escutch- 
eon and lift knob. (Can be had 
with metal parts in Chromard or 
nickel-plate and china parts in white 
or the nine "^tnudnrd" colors). 


P. 0. Box 740 New Bedford, Mass. 

b 4