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at Southern 




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For Reference 

Not to be taken 
from this library 

Southern College of SDA 
Collegedale, TN 37315 

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While much of the information provided in this brochure is 
primarily for campus residents, all students are encouraged 
to be aware of the general-information items and are ex- 
pected to abide by the campus policies and regulations 
which appear below. The Student Services Office (238-281 4) 
or a residence hall dean should be contacted if further infor- 
mation regarding a particular item is desired. 
ACADEMIC POLICIES All of the academic policies are pre- 
sented in detail in the College Catalog. Since you are 
responsible for knowing as much as possible about your 
particular program of study at Southern College, you will 
want to study this Catalog 

ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE A student possessing alcohol 
or illicit drugs or who has been drinking or using illicit 
drugs will be dismissed. Re-admission will be considered 
only after a drug dependency evaluation has been com- 


motor vehicles on campus is considered a privilege. 
Motor vehicle privileges may be suspended at the discre- 
tion of the residence hall deans or the dean of students. 

All Southern College students are held responsible for 
acquainting themselves according to the following motor 
vehicle code: 
Section I — Motor Vehicle Privileges 

1. Motor vehicle privileges as understood in this code 
means the possession or use of a motor vehicle — motor 
scooters, motorbikes, motorcycles and automobiles. 

2. Lending or borrowing of motor vehicles is discour- 

Section II — Motor Vehicle Registration 

1. Any motor vehicle that is subject to the use of a student 
must be registered with the college in the student's 
name at registration time or within 48 hours of arrival 
time in the vicinity. 

2. Temporary registration for motor vehicles brought to 
the campus for a short period of time must be made 
with the residence hall dean or the security officer. 

3. Registration stickers (decals) are available at the Se- 
curity Office (Daniells Hall) during the school year. 
Please place sticker in lower left of the rear window. 

Section III — Parking 

1. For each semester residence hall students are charged 
a parking fee of $30 for automobiles and $20 for two- 
wheeled motor vehicles. Students who bring cars dur- 
ing the course of a semester will be charged on a 
pro-rated basis. No refund on parking fees will be 

2. Residence hall student vehicle parking is restricted to 
assigned parking in the respective residence hall park- 
ing lots and to non-restricted parking areas on campus. 

3. Students who live off campus are charged a parking 
fee of $20.00 per semester for either an automobile or 

4. Students who live off campus may park vehicles in 
areas approved for community student use during the 
school day. 

5. Faculty and staff are also required to display a parking 

Section IV — Driving 

1 . Motor vehicles are not permitted to be driven on lawns, 

sidewalks or other places not intended for vehicular 

Section V — Penalties for Violations 

1. Parking violations are subject to a fine of $5 per ticket. 
Failure to pay a fine within the time prescribed on the 
ticket will result in a $2 surcharge along with the fine on 
the statement. 

2. Violations of the campustraffic code such as speeding 
and failure to observe stop signs will result in a fine of 

3. Secreting or failure to register a motor vehicle with the 
college will result in a $50 fine and possible discipli- 
nary action. 

4. In the event a person accumulates more than 5 tickets 
in a semester, driving privileges will be suspended. 

5. All fines are to be paid in cash by the end of each 
semester before exam permits may be picked up. All 
appeals will be made to the head of Security. 

Section VI — Damage, Loss or Theft 

Southern College assumes no responsibility for loss 
resulting from theft or accident, vandalism, fire and other 
causes for damage of any vehicle or its accessories on 
college property. Automobile parts or tools left outside of 
automobiles may be hauled away without notice. 
Section VII — Bicycles 

1. All bicycles should be locked when not in use. 

2. Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus sidewalks or 
on grassed areas of the campus. 

3. Bicycles are to be stored only in designated areas. 
Section VIII — Inoperable Vehicles 

Except by permission of a residence hall dean or the 
dean of students, inoperable vehicles may not be parked 
on the campus. Such vehicles parked without permission 
will be towed away at the owner's expense. 

BENEFIT PROGRAMS Any organization desiring a benefit 
program must submit a proposal to the Administrative 
Council through the office of the dean of students. No 
organization may have more than one per year. The total 
number of benefits in one school year may not exceed 

BULLETIN BOARDS Inappropriate bulletin board material 
may be removed by the Student Services Office person- 

CAMPUS CLUBS Over twenty academic-department and 
special-interest clubs are organized each school year. 
Each organization must file a statement of purpose and 
officers roster, including a faculty advisor, with the Stu- 
dent Services Office for approval and formal college rec- 
ognition. Only approved organizations are to function on 

CAMPUS LEAVES Late leaves: Residence hall students 
are expected to remain in their residence halls between 
closing time and 6:00 a.m. if they have not arranged an 
overnight leave or a late leave with the residence hall 

Overnight and weekend leaves: Printed forms for over- 
night leave requests are available in the residence hall 
offices. If the period of proposed leave from the campus 
includes a work or class appointment, suitable arrange- 
ments must be made with the work superintendent or 

academic dean respectively. Overnight leaves in the sur- 
rounding community (Chattanooga/Collegedale/ 
Cleveland) are not permitted unless the students are ac- 
companied by parents. Overnight leaves are cancelled at 
any time students are present on campus or in the sur- 
rounding community (as stated above) during the time of 
the leave. If under 21 years of age, freshmen students are 
limited to overnight leaves which involve a maximum of 
eight (8) nights of absence from the campus per semester, 
excluding vacations. Students on citizenship probation 
are limited to overnight leaves which involve a maximum 
of two (2) nights of absence from the campus per calendar 
month excluding vacations. In case of emergency requir- 
ing a leave which is not provided for by regular policy, 
parents should contact the residence hall dean. Weekend 
leaves terminate at curfew Sunday. If an emergency situa- 
tion makes it impossible to return to the residence hall by 
curfew students have the responsibility of telephoning 
their residence hall dean to request an extension of time. 

CAMPUS SECURITY A full-time security officer is in charge 
of campus parking and security of the buildings. The 
campus Security Office is located on the first floor of 
Daniells Hall. 

CHAPEL AND ASSEMBLY Chapels are scheduled each 
Tuesday at 11:05 a.m. and assemblies on Thursday at 
11:05 a.m. All single village students and all residence 
hall students are required to attend 20 of these meetings 
per semester. Married students are required to meet half of 
this requirement. Failure to meet this requirement can 
result in suspension of your registration. There will be a 
$25 re-registration fee to become reinstated. Special 
permission must be given by the dean of students' office 
for a specific change in requirements due to work or class 
schedule only. 

CHURCH PUBLICATIONS Copies of Insight and the Ad- 
ventist Review are available in the residence halls weekly. 

COLLEGE STANDARDS Students are expected to estab- 
lish a Christian lifestyle which fosters maximum spiritual, 
mental, physical and social growth. Such a lifestyle will 
include engaging in prayer, Bible study and Christian- 
service activities; practicing good study habits; selecting 
a balanced and nutritious diet and scheduling adequate 
periods of rest; participating in wholesome recreational 
and leisure-time activities; and relating responsibly and 
respectfully to other persons. Behaviors which do not 
promote such a lifestyle and are expressly forbidden in- 
clude the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and illicit 
drugs; gambling; dancing; improper sexual behavior; 
homosexuality; and attendance at entertainments which 
are spiritually or morally destructive. Students who en- 
gage in such behavior will be subject to suspension 
and/or dismissal from the college. 

counseling administers a formal program of counseling 
through the Testing and Counseling Office. This program 
provides various aptitude and psychological tests as well 
as interestand personality inventorieswhichare available 
for students who wish to gain insight into various problems 
which may be associated with their college experience 
and planning for life. College entrance examination re- 
sults and other personal data which may assist in counsel- 

ing and guidance are kept on file in the Testing and 
Counseling Office. 

CURFEW Residence halls close at 11:00 p.m. Sunday 
through Thursday, at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, and at midnight 

DISCIPLINE All major disciplinary procedures are under 
the direction of the dean of students. Minor disciplinary 
infractions may be administered by the residence hall 

A student who deviates from the college regulations and 
standards may be placed on citizenship probation for a 
period ordinarily of at least six weeks duration. Citizen- 
ship probation carries with it some or all of the following 

a. One approved weekend leave per month to home 

b. No use of an automobile. 

c. No late leaves. 

d. Only one off-campus leave per week. No personal car 
used — must obtain a ride for this leave via permission 
from a dean and must return to the campus by sun- 

e. A perfect record of presence for night checks and 
attendance at classes, chapels, worships, Sabbath 
school and church services. 

f. Loss of all student leadership positions, including 
Student Association and religious activities. 

g. No participation in off-campus public appearances 
which represent the college except when involved in 
class activity. 

h. Other restrictions deemed appropriate. 

If a student on citizenship probation fails to comply with 
these restrictions, he or she is subject to dismissal. 

Suspension from the college for a definite or indefinite 
period of time is an alternative for the student involved in 
unacceptable conduct. Students under suspension will 
leave the campus during the entire period of suspension 
unless specific arrangements to the contrary have been 
made. A student who has been suspended must submit 
his request for college readmission to the dean of stu- 

The dean of students may request w/r/idrawa/ at the end 
of the semester or session of a student not adhering to 
college standards and regulations. Completion of 
coursework for that semester or session will be allowed if 
the student's conduct is acceptable for the interim. 

Immediate withdrawal may be requested of a student 
who is involved in a single major misbehavior, who has 
accumulated a series of deviations, or who is insubordi- 
nate in his relation to the college authorities. A residence 
hall student who accepts the privilege of withdrawing 
agrees to move away from the college community; unwill- 
ingness to do so may result in formal dismissal. A student 
who has been suspended must have his reapplication 
approved by the dean of students. 

Expulsion may be a last alternative for a student in- 
volved in very serious misconduct. Such action may result 
from a student's being involved in any of the three situa- 
tions above under withdrawal. Expelled students will not 
be eligible for readmission to SC. 

Any student under official college disciplinary action 
will be so informed by letter from the dean of students. A 

copy of the official statement of disciplinary action will be 
filed in the student's personal folder in the dean of stu- 
dents' office and additional copies will be sent to the 
student's parents and to the residence hall dean, if a 
student is a residence hall student. Copies of disciplinary 
letters are not sent to parents of independent students. 

A student who has been administered discipline may 
appeal the decision to the dean of students. The dean of 
students' decision may be appealed directly to the presi- 
dent of the college. 

DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION Anyone desiring to dis- 
tribute information via pamphlets or papers on the campus 
of Southern College must receive permission to do so from 
the Office of Student Services. 
DRESS Because opinions regarding appropriate dress 
vary widely with time, place, style and people, the SC 
faculty and administration fee I that you will be able to meet 
the standards for appropriate appearance at Southern 
College with the least confusion if controversial areas are 
dealt with in specifics rather than in principle. The princi- 
ples of neatness, modesty, cleanliness and appropriate- 
ness are inherent in all regulations concerning dress. 
Guests at Southern College are expected to adhere to the 
same standards as do the students and staff. 

All students: Clothing worn for general campus wear 
should convey a neat, modest appearance. Tight-fitting or 
revealing styles and fabrics, sloppy attire, overalls, com- 
mon T-shirts, tank tops, and torn, frayed clothing are inap- 
propriate. Shoes must be worn in all public places. 

Since chapels and the church are God's meeting 
places, students' attire should reflect their reverence for 
Him in those places. 

The basic principles of modesty, good taste, and neat- 
ness also apply to clothing worn in the recreational areas 
and the College Plaza. Shorts worn for athletic activities 
should be of modest length and fit. Shorts are not to be 
worn about the campus or in classroom buildings, the 
library, cafeteria, student center or Wright Hall. 

Jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, chains, 
medallions, earrings, and ornamental, professional, and 
engagement rings are unacceptable. Exceptions are 
medical alert chains or bracelets. Wearing jewelry will 
result in suspension from school. There will be a $25 
registration fee to become reinstated. 

Men: The men on campus should be neat, clean, and 
well groomed. Slacks with shirts and/or sweaters are the 
most appropriate basic dress for campus activities. 
Sleeveless shirts or no shirts are inappropriate. 

Men are requested to keep their hair clean and neatly 
styled. Moustaches, beards, and sideburns should be 
trimmed and well groomed. 

Appropriate Sabbath dress for men includes suits or 
sport coat and slacks with sweaters or with dress shirts 
and ties. 

Women: The women on campus should reflect Christian 
principles in their modest, feminine attire. Skirts or slacks 
with blouses, sweaters, and/or jackets or dresses are ap- 
propriate for most occasions. 

Attire that would be considered immodest and thus 
unacceptable includes skirts with deep slits, miniskirts, 
and sheer fabric blouses or revealing tops with low 
necklines and bare midriffs or shoulders. Women are re- 

quested to wear modest one-piece swimsuits in the 
swimming pool area. 

Make-up and nail polish, if worn, should be natural 
looking and inconspicuous. 

Reverence for God should be shown through appro- 
priate Sabbath dress. Pant attire is not acceptable for 
Friday vespers, Sabbath school or church. 
FINANCIAL SERVICES The college maintains an Office of 
Student Finance and Financial Aid which will advise stu- 
dents as to the availability of loans, grants, and scholar- 
ships both from private and government sources. 

A banking service for deposits and cash withdrawals is 
operated by the Accounting Office for the convenience of 
students. Financial sponsors should provide students with 
sufficient funds through the banking service to cover the 
cost of personal items of an incidental nature and travel 
expenses off campus including vacation periods. With- 
drawals may be made by the student in person only as 
long as there is a credit balance. These deposit accounts 
are entirely separate from the student's school expense 
account. Withdrawals from regular expense accounts are 
discouraged and permitted only under special arrange- 
ments with the director of student accounts and with the 
permission of the financial sponsor. 

FIREARMS AND FIRECRACKERS Items of explosive na- 
ture, firearms or pellet guns are not allowed on the cam- 
pus. Possession of or exploding fireworks or combustible 
chemicals in the residence halls or on the campus is 
expressly prohibited. Violators of this regulation will be 
fined and will be subject to suspension or dismissal. 

FIRE DRILL Each residence hall is required to hold 
periodic fire drills; when an alarm sounds, residents are to 
follow announced procedure as promptly as possible. 

FIRE EQUIPMENT The misuse of fire extinguishers, fire 
alarms, or other fire protection equipment will subject a 
student to a $100 fine and/or other discipline. 

FIRE HAZARDS Candles, open-flame lamps, fire hazards 
of any nature are not permitted in the residence halls. 

FOOD SERVICE Three nutritious meals are served each 
day in the college cafeteria, on the third floor of Wright 
Hall. Students may use their identification cards to charge 
meals on their monthly statements. A $2 surcharge is 
added to each meal charged without an ID card. Cash is 
also accepted in payment. 

The Campus Kitchen, located in the Fleming Plaza, is a 
fast-food restaurant, also operated by the Food Service 
Department, which serves meals continuously throughout 
the day. 

K.R's Place is located in the student center. This is a 
fast-food place that is open from 1 -.00-4:00 and 6:00-8:00 

In addition, the Food Service staff will provide special 
luncheons and banquets for groups who make requests to 
the director of food service two weeks in advance. 

GUESTS Each residence hall is a private campus home 
where guests are welcome to visit. Residents must ar- 
range with a residence hall dean for guests to reside 
overnight in student rooms. 

Such guests are to register at the service desk and will 
be expected to abide by general campus and residence 
hall regulations. Visits should be limited to three nights. If 

a longer stay is arranged, a charge of $2 per night will be 
placed on the resident's account. 

who conspires to engage in hazing or commits any act that 
injures, degradesordisgraces, ortendsto injure, degrade 
or disgrace a fellow student will be subject to serious 
discipline, including dismissal. 
HEALTH SERVICES Health care may be obtained by all 
permanent dormitory residents and all village students 
taking eight or more hours during the school year orthree 
or more during the summer at the Student Health Service, 
administered by a nurse director in cooperation with the 
college physician. Clinic hours are posted and the physi- 
cian makes daily calls at the Health Service Monday 
through Friday. He leaves when all who are waiting have 
been cared for. A nurse is on duty after clinic hours also, 
except during vacations and summer, and may be 
reached for emergencies by calling 238-2713. A four- 
teen-bed infirmary is maintained for overnight confine- 
ment if necessary. 

Health Service personnel work in conjunction with the 
Absence Committee by making recommendations regard- 
ing absences due to illness. See Class Attendance under 
Academic Policies in the Catalog for procedure to follow 
for obtaining excuses for class absences. 

Southern College requires that students be covered by 
health insurance. Students who are already covered with a 
similar insurance plan may during registration request at 
Health Service to be excluded from the school policy. 
Such students will need to supply, at that time, written 
evidence from their parent's employer or local insurance 
agent which contains the company name and policy 
number under which they are covered, otherwise, cover- 
age must be purchased through the college health insur- 
ance plan. 
HOUSING Single students enrolled for more than three 
semester hours who have not completed a baccalaureate 
degree or four years of college and who do not live with 
parents, close relatives, or legal guardians in the vicinity 
must live in the residence halls. 

In order to live elsewhere a student must present a 
written request to the dean of students. Requests will be 
considered if the student is not on citizenship probation, 
demonstrates definite financial need which off-campus 
living will correct, or has other extenuating circumstances 
making non-dormitory residence necessary. In general, 
only students 23 and older are allowed to live outside the 
residence halls. When a student has been given special 
permission to live off campus, no change in residence 
may be made without permission of the dean of students. 

Students who live in the residence hall must be regis- 
tered in classes. Anyone who drops classes will need to 
make living arrangements outside of the residence hall. 
Any exception to this policy must be cleared through the 
residence hall dean and the dean of students. 

Married student housing is available through the busi- 
ness manager's office. Once a student is no longer en- 
rolled or accepted as a student, he or she will be asked to 
vacate college housing. 
KEYS Room keys are issued to all residents without charge. 
A substantial fee is charged for each key lost or not re- 
turned when a resident checks out of the residence hall. 

KITCHENETTES Each residence hall has a kitchenette 
where residents may prepare food. 

LAUNDRY ROOMS Coin-operated washers and dryers are 
available in laundry rooms in each residence hail. These 
rooms are closed fifteen minutes before sundown on Fri- 
day and are open again after sundown on Saturday. 

LAUNDRY SERVICE A laundry and dry cleaners serving 
the students and the community is located in the Fleming 

LOST AND FOUND The Lost and Found Department is in 
the Service Department. 

MAIL Mailboxes are located in the foyer of each residence 
hall. Mail is delivered each morning Sunday through Fri- 
day. A resident's mailing address is the student's room 
number followed by the name of the residence hall and 
Southern College, Collegedale, TN 37315. Use of correct 
address makes mail service more efficient. 

MARRIAGE Except by special permission of the dean of 
students, student marriages are not permitted while a 
school term is in progress. Students who fail to follow this 
procedure will be asked to withdraw from college. 

MOTION PICTURES All feature-length motion pictures 
must be approved for showing on campus or at any 
school-related function by the faculty Film Preview Com- 
mittee. Requests for the showing of films should be di- 
rected to the dean of students for approval by the Student 
Services Committee according to the following 

1 . The Student Association may show a maximum of four 
films per semester with no more than one per year 
being a public benefit program. 

2. The Artist Adventure Series has the option of showing 
two films per semester. 

3. The Humanities Perspective Series may present four 
films per semester. 

4. Other campus organizations may show a feature film in 
a program restricted to the membership of the sponsor- 
ing group and invited guests. No campus organization 
will be allowed to show more than one such film during 
the academic year. 

MUSIC STANDARDS: (a) Music performed or reproduced 
anywhere on campus is expected to be in harmony with 
standards of good taste applicable to the occasion and in 
keeping with the ideals of spiritual commitment and per- 
sonal relationship with God to which the College is dedi- 
cated. To assist with the responsibility a screening com- 
mittee is appointed by the College president each year to 
screen all student programs before they are presented. 
Student groups should contact the chairman of the screen- 
ing committee in ample time before their scheduled per- 
formance so that the committee can be called for the 
screening. Failure to have a program properly screened 
may cause cancellation of the program. A musical group 
organized by students for public performances must be 
approved by the Student Services Committee, (b) Rock 
music of any type is not acceptable on campus. It has a 
debilitating effect on the refined sensibilities of the Chris- 
tian and can have an almost hypnotic and demonic effect 
on the human mind and body with its wild, loud, steady 
and primitive beat. 

PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION Students are to present 
proper identification when requested to do so by adminis- 

trators, faculty, staff, cafeteria, library, residence hal' and 
security student personnel. 

PETS Pets are not permitted in the residence halls. 

PLACEMENT SERVICE The Director of Counseling oper- 
ates a placement service which issues announcements 
concerning employment opportunities and upon request 
provides potential employers with data on graduates of 
the college. The placement service is effective in assist- 
ing students to find satisfactory professional employment. 
Registration with the placement service is voluntary and 
should be made at the beginning of the senior year or the 
end of the junior year. 

student rooms, as well as automobiles, bicycles and 
motorcycles parked in campus parking areas, should be 
kept locked at all times. The college cannot accept re- 
sponsibility for stolen items/money, or damage to per- 
sonal property. 

PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION Students are expected 
to conduct themselves with discretion and in a manner 
which will not embarrass other people. 

for students holding office in non-academic organizations 
which perform publicly on or off campus or in student 
organizations, including publication staffs and all com- 
mittees are: 

1. A record of good citizenship. 

2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. 

3. Student Association membership. 

To run for or hold any elected office in a student organi- 
zation, a student must have: 

1. A record of good citizenship. 

2. A cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or a 2.50 
grade point average for the previous semester with a 
minimum cumulative average of 2.00. Secondary 
school grade point averages will be calculated on 
major subjects only. 

QUESTIONNAIRES Class-project questionnaires are to be 
recommended by the instructor and submitted to the 
academic dean for approval prior to the distribution of the 
questionnaire. Questionnaires originating outside the 
classroom to survey student life and services are to be 
approved by the dean of student affairs prior to their dis- 

REFRIGERATORS Refrigerators not exceeding a capacity 
of 4.5 cubic feet are permitted in the student rooms. 

RESIDENCE HALL HOURS Residence halls will be open 
according to the following schedule: 
Sunday-Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

Friday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Sabbath 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Young men may call at Thatcher lobbies according to 
the following schedule: 
Sunday-Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Friday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Sabbath 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

RESIDENCE HALL VISITORS Southern College is a private 
school. Thus the residence halls are private buildings and 
function for the needs of the students who live there. Any 
non-resident student or visitor who has not made ar- 
rangements with the dean on duty will be asked to leave at 
the closing time. Also, any visitor who plans to stay in the 

residence hall for the weekend must make arrangements 
with the dean on duty upon his or her arrival on campus. 

RIGHT OF ENTRY The college reserves the right for a resi- 
dence hall dean, his representative, or a college security 
officer to enter and inspect a student's room whenever 
necessary. A student accepts this authorization when he 
rents a room in a residence hall. 

ROOM ASSIGNMENTS Residents are not to move from one 
room to another without first making arrangements with a 
residence hall dean. 

ROOM FURNISHINGS AND CARE Room furnishings in- 
clude beds, desks, chairs, drawer space, window drapes 
and carpet. Students should bring their own bed linens, 
pillows, bedspreads, towels, washcloths and wastebas- 
kets. Drapes and furnishings are not to be removed from 
the room. Wallpaper and contact paper should not be put 
on the walls. Poster putty and/or masking tape should be 
used to hang posters. Nails, tacks or Scotch tape are not to 
be used for this purpose. 

Residents are responsible for the condition of their 
rooms and will be charged for damages, as well as custo- 
dial expenses if a room is left in need of repair and clean- 
ing. Rooms and furniture are not to be painted. 

The college Engineering Department is responsible for 
maintaining facilities and furnishings in the residence 
halls, including painting, electrical and plumbing repairs 
and installation of drapery rods, hooks, etc. Residents are 
to leave requests for such services at the service desk. 

Students' rooms are to be decorated in harmony with 
college standards. Items such as alcoholic-beverage con- 
tainers and pictures/posters of nude or scantily-clad per- 
sons are not to be displayed. 

Cooking appliances must not be used in student rooms. 
State health regulations prohibit cooking in sleeping 
rooms. Such appliances may be used in residence hall 
ROOM RESERVATIONS After a student has been ac- 
cepted by the college, a room reservation can be made. 
Before a housing or room reservation may be made, $100 
of the advance payment as a deposit must be paid. Tenta- 
tive reservations may be made without a deposit before 
July 1 ; however, the deposit must be paid by that date in 
order to hold the reservation. After July 1, requests for 
reservations must be accompanied by the $100 deposit. 
An advance payment of $100 insures a student a room. 
The deposit will be refunded when a student checks out of 
the residence hall (foran indefinite period oftime)afterthe 
first 30 days of residency, provided all dormitory obliga- 
tions have been satisfactorily cared for and the floor, 
walls, woodwork and furniture of the room are clean and 
undamaged. For further details regarding room deposit 
refunds, please refer to the College Catalog, page 203. 


Attendance at Sabbath school and church services is 
required of resident students each week. Students are 
required to individually indicate in writing as they leave 
the residence hall the Sabbath school and church they will 
be attending that day. Students who accumulate unex- 
cused absences will be subject to discipline. 

SELLING Selling or soliciting of goods or services in the 
residence halls must be approved by the head dean. 

Salesmen or peddlers are not allowed to function on the 
college campus. This includes the student center. 

SKATEBOARDS Skateboards are not to be towed behind 
any vehicle whatsoever. 

SOUND EQUIPMENT Sound equipment is not to be heard 
outside a student's room at any time. Failure to comply 
with this policy will result in the removal of the equipment. 
Head phones are recommended. 

STORAGE A iocked storage room is located in each resi- 
dence hall where residents may keep luggage and car- 
tons at their own risk. All such items are to be tagged. The 
college will assume no responsibility for the protection of 
stored items. 

STUDENT CENTER Lounges, a snackshop, a game room, 
and a prayer room are avai lable for student use on the third 
floor of the Student Center building. Student Association 
offices, the chaplain's office, the Campus Ministry's office, 
and a Counseling Center are also located there. Class- 
rooms and teachers' offices are housed on the first floor of 
the building and the cafeteria is on the second floor. 

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT Students at Southern College 
are encouraged to obtain part-time employment in the 
college's industries, services, or academic divisions in 
order to help pay for their school expenses. Students 
accepting employment with the college are expected to 
be punctual to work appointments and to maintain their 
work schedule during the entire semester, including 
examination week. To be absent from work appointments 
without cause or previous arrangement or without notifica- 
tion in the case of illness is sufficient reason for discharge. 
Residence hall students who wish to accept off-campus 
employment must obtain permission from the dean of stu- 
dents. Permission will be denied if the employment could 
be detrimental to the physical well-being and/or character 
development of the student. 

Students may work as volunteers for the fire department 
or the ambulance service if they maintain a cumulative 
grade point average of 2.00. First semester freshmen must 
have a satisfactory secondary school record. 

STUDENT RECORDS Copies of the Family Education 
Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and amendments sub- 
sequent to this Act and HEW guidelines are available in 
the Office of Student Affairs. Students have the right to 
inspect and review official records, files and data directly 
related to them kept by any unit of the college. This request 
should be made in writing to the administrator responsible 
for the record. Requests are to be processed within forty- 
five days from the date the request has been filed. The Act 
stipulates a reasonable fee may be charged if copies of 
the material in the file are desired. 

STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Student Association is an 
organization of the total student body which is responsible 
for specific activities on campus, acts as a voice for the 
student body, and provides opportunity for leadership 
training. Officers are elected and appointed each spring 
to serve the following school year. Publications of the 
Student Association include the Joker, a directory of stu- 
dents and staff; the Numerique, a listing of phone num- 
bers; the Southern Accent, the weekly campus news- 
paper; the Chatter, a weekly news/announcement sheet; 
and Southern Memories, the college yearbook. 
Students enrolled for a minimum of eight semester 

hours are members of the Student Association and are 
eligible to receive the various services provided by the 

STUDY ATMOSPHERE A study atmosphere is to be main- 
tained in the residence halls at all times. Musical instru- 
ments are not to be played in the residence halls (see the 
"Sound Equipment" item listed). 

SUICIDE Any student who attempts or makes a gesture of 
suicide will be asked to withdraw from school and will be 
readmitted only after therapy and a letter from the 

TELEPHONES Each residence hall room is equipped with 
a telephone jack. Students must provide their own phones 
which may be touch-tone or rotary. Pay telephones are 
available in the residence halls and in the College Plaza. 
Under no circumstances are third party calls to be made 
on the col lege telephone lines or collect calls accepted. A 
student who becomes involved with third party billing or 
accepting collect calls will be subject to the following 
penalty: a $25 fine and suspension from classes until the 
fine and telephone charges are paid. 

TELEVISION AND STEREO SETS Television sets are not 
allowed in the rooms of the residence halls. The dormitory 
deans are not responsible for the safety of any equipment 
confiscated during the school year. 

THEATER ATTENDANCE The college does not condone 
attendance at motion picture theaters. Attendance at the 
theater may result in disciplinary action. 

VIDEO TAPES Suggested guidelines pertaining to the 
showing of video tapes are as follows: 

1 . The ultimate responsibility for any video tapes shown 
lies with the sponsor of the club viewing the video tape, 
or with the faculty member in whose home the video is 

2. The Film Preview Committee will preview a video if it is 
asked to at least two weeks before the viewing date. 

3. The chairman of the Film Preview Committee will give 
his nonbinding opinion on any video film. 

4. Videos that a faculty member may assume to be eligi- 
ble for viewing are: 

a. Any film on the Southern Col lege approved film list. 

b. Any film that has been approved by the Pacific 
Union Film Committee for either general or limited 

c. Any film with a "G" rating. This provision applies 
only for video viewing and not for films shown on the 
campus, as some "Crated films are rejected by the 
Film Committee. Ideally, the faculty membershould 
have viewed or obtained information about the 
video before showing. 

5. Caution should be used in viewing "PG" rated videos. 
Most "PG" films are rejected by the Film Committee. 
The video should be viewed by the sponsoring faculty 
member, Film Preview Committee, or another faculty 

6. "R" and "X" rated videos should not be shown. 
WEEKEND LEAVES Anytime you leave the dormitory over- 
night a leave slip must be filled out and approved by a 
dean before leaving. Weekend leave slips must be turned 
in to the main desk by 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, at which 
time they will be approved or denied and returned to your 
mailbox. Falsification of weekend leaves will result in 

disciplinary action. Freshmen are limited to eight over- 
night leaves per semester. Any leave other than to home 
may need approval of parents or guardian. 

WORLD MISSIONS Information concerning Student Mis- 
sionary orTaskforce opportunities is available in the chap- 
lain's office. 

WORSHIP ATTENDANCE (Residence Halls) The strength 
to live a Christian life is possible through an on-going 
relationship with God. Christian living and spiritual com- 
mitment are dependent primarily on personal devotions. 
The Lord can bless you through the experience of the 
worship program, but dorm worships can never fulfill the 
need for a private devotional life. The deans urge you to 
take the time to meditate and study on your own. This will 
make dorm worships and other religious services much 
more meaningful. 

We feel it is necessary to require attendance at worship 
in order to maintain the spiritual uniqueness of Southern 
College. Our purposes for worship are: 

1. To offer a daily reminder of who we are, why we are here 
and where we are going. 

2. To develop a sense of Christian community. 

3. To give the student strength and encouragement 
through Christian fellowship. 

4. To enhance the spiritual growth of the students. 

5. To establish and strengthen the habit of daily devo- 

Each student has the privilege of planning his own 
worship schedule. There are 1 3 options offered each week 
which are listed below: 





10:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 


7:30 a.m. 

Residence Hall 

7:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 

10:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 


7:30 a.m. 

Residence Hall 

7:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 

10:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 


7:00 p.m. 



7:30 a.m. 

Residence Hall 

7:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 

10:00 p.m. 

Residence Hall 


8:00 p.m. 



Sundown Meditations 


Worship credit cards will be given until the scheduled 
starting time of the program. Residence hall students are 
required to attend worship once a day, five days each 
week. Friday evening vespers, 8:00 p.m., is mandatory for 
all residents not having an authorized overnight leave. 

Worship excuse blanks are available at the front desk. 
Excuses are given consideration when the student misses 
a whole day of worship options because of one single 
circumstance beyond the student's control. Examples of 
such circumstances would be sickness, school- 
sponsored trips, or emergencies beyond the student's 
control. Excuses are not considered for a single worship 

Excuse blanks must have the appropriate signatures 
and be turned in by the following Monday. Students who 
have a direct conflict in meeting all worships in a single 
day may petition for an excuse. Petition forms are availa- 

ble at the front desk. Approved weekend leaves wi 1 1 lower 
the worship requirement. 

Seven skips are allowed each semester. The eighth skip 
will result in citizenship probation for up to 21 days. On the 
ninth skip the resident is subject to citizenship probation 
for up to 42 days. On the tenth skip the student will be up 
for suspension. 



Published by the Student Services Office of 
Southern College of Seventh-day Adventists, 
Collegedale, TN 37315/ Printed at The College