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Full text of "Summary Breakout Session 3, March 2-3, 2010"

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Question 1: What are the principal problems 
with existing protective clothing PPE? 


Examining the relationship between equipment stress and 
protection needed 

- Avoiding overprotection 

Difficulties related to fit, sizing combinations, and 
anthropometric concerns 

- Sizing needs: weight, height, etc. 

- Gender concerns and variables such as pregnancy 
Useful life of protective clothing 

- Service life 

- Shelf life 

- Usability 

- Reusability 



Question 2: What are the emerging issues, 
f[ hazards, and threats related to protective 
clothing PPE? 

• Changing nature of hazards faced by end users 

- Emerging threats 

- Nanoparticles 

- Biohazards 

• Issues related to decontamination 

- Effectiveness of decontamination 

- Persistence of decontamination agents 

- Verification of successful decontamination 

• Relationship between test criteria and real use 

• Durability testing 






Question 3: What are the primary challenges 
for manufacturers to design and produce 
protective clothing PPE that can be certified? 

• Economics; cost and market demand 

• Systems/ensemble perspective vs. 
use and certification of individual 

• Regulation and enforcement 

• Many standards 




Question 4: Are there very near-term things that can 
be done to effect almost immediate 
improvements to protective clothing PPE? 

• Identify research areas presenting the 
best "bang for the buck" 

• Improve the innovation cycle 
(specification vs. performance standards) 

• Special environment ensembles (e.g., OR) 

• Suitability listing of components 



Question 5: What are the two or three most 

important things that NIOSH should do to support 
the development and use of advanced protective 
clothing PPE? 

• Increased communication with, and input from, 
end users 

• Research improvements - work sharing 

- Collaboration among industry, academia, and 

• Increased surveillance of equipment already in 
use, and any associated accidents 

- Aging 

- Service life 

- Web reporting of equipment problems