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■ ■ ■■> I 

tive History 
aJSfijf Perspective 

March-April 20] 





m Wr* 




Another 2012 Model Year Redesign 

The Crittenden Automotive Library gets an updated look but 
keeps the same solid engineering under the hood! 

Inside: Art, Retail, Presidential Elections, and the Pontiac Vibe 

Tail Lights 

A publication of The Crittenden Automotive 
Library, edited by Bill Crittenden. Tail Lights 
is and will always be free of charge for elec- 
tronic copies. The Library is supported by our 
advertisers. If interested in advertising on the 
sit e, go to 

http://www. 'advertise, php 

Cover Car: An Aston Martin V8 Vantage 

The Crittenden Automotive Library Update 3-5 

By Bill Crittenden — An update of the goings on of The Crittenden Automotive Library at 

Walmart 6 

By Bill Crittenden. The world's largest retailer has been a huge help to The Crittenden Automotive Library 

Crushed Cars as Art 7 

By Peter Fedynsky (Voice of America). New York's Guggenheim Museum has turned into something of a junkyard fea- 
turing sculptures made of automobile parts by the late American artist John Chamberlain. 

1979 Mercury Capri RS Public Relations Photograph 8-9 

Detroit and the 2012 Presidential Election 

By Bill Crittenden 

The automotive industry bailout has already played a part in the 2012 Presidential Election as presumptive Repub- 
lican nominee Mitt Romney had to defend what he wrote in an op-ed in 2008, published in The New York Times under 
the title "Let Detroit go Bankrupt," during the run-up to the Michig an primary. You can read it at the NYT website at 

Detroit, as a city and as a name, has come to represent the American automobile industry. While people refer to 
Ford, GM, and Chrysler collectively as "Detroit" their operations extend far beyond even Michigan's borders. Ford and 
General Motors are worldwide operations with a lot of employees working at foreign factories that can't vote in American 
elections, but there are plenty of factories in the United States, outside of Michigan, whose employees might sway the 
election one way or another. 

Outside of the spotlight that Michigan's ballot puts on the industry most identified with the state, the ripples if the 
automotive industry bailouts may still make waves in the 2012 election. Take, for instance, President Obama's (and my 
own) home state of Illinois, just off the top of my head here. Would the Chrysler plant in Belvidere be in business today 
if it weren't for the bailout? Illinois isn't a "battleground" state, but there are automotive factories all over the country. 
Then there are suppliers whose employees are dependent upon one or the other major Detroit automakers to stay working. 
How about the dealerships? How many Pontiac and Saturn employees are still out of work or are working in menial jobs 
at lower incomes after the federal government pressured GM to cut some of their marques? 

Americans are said to vote their pocketbooks, and how many pocketbooks are still feeling the effects, negative or 
positive, of the bailout? 

The Crittenden Automotive Library 


r A * 

M-A 2011 

Tail Lights 


The Crittenden Automotive 
Library Update 

By Bill Crittenden 

Owner, The Crittenden Automotive Library 

It's been an interesting couple of 
months here at The Crittenden Automo- 
tive Library. First off, we've completely 3 
reworked the look and feel of the site, 
going with a more colorful design and 
better navigation tools. There is now a 
navigation bar with graphic links to some 
of the most interesting sections of the site. The home page 
has been simplified but still contains links to even more sec- 
tions of the site. 

This step was taken as a further evolution of the Li- 
brary from basement hobby to serious media resource. I 
prefer simple, classic designs, but one night someone had 
told me that it's too simple. I preferred this to the gaudy 
colors and flashy clutter a lot of other automotive sites pre- 
fer, and the Library looked a lot better than a lot of similar 
sites, but oversimplification had made it look like it was 
still a cheap hobby site. Since that's not where I want to go 
with it, so I had to compare my site to others outside the 
automotive realm. What does a professional media site 
have? A navigation bar, a little color, and graphics. The 
Library now has all three, as well as an updated look to the 
logo and top left corner of the site. 

This is all part of an effort to transition from the ran- 
domness of pay-per-click ads and draw in stable sponsors 
that can help take the Library to an even greater level. 
What comes next? If I can get enough sponsorship this 
goes from something I do in my spare time to a full-time 
occupation, and if I can build what I have so far in my spare 
time, imagine what I could do if I put 50 more hours a week 
into it! 

Pontiac Vibe 

The Pontiac Vibe was added as a featured vehicle. 
While not as historically interesting or as popular or as cool 
as the muscle cars that populate the list, I drive a 2003 Vibe, 
I love the car, and through I've found a whole 
group of people who enjoy their Pontiac Vibes. 

My car is a silver single-color all-wheel drive Vibe 
with a roof rack. I've taken out the front grille and added 
two big driving lights in its place. Most of the trim bits in 
the interior were taken out and painted orange a year ago, 
but now they will be painted a medium green.. .to match the 
wheels. The wheels were trashed from 154,000 miles of 

northern Illinois road salt, and I ground off the corrosion 
and painted them green. Inspired by something I saw 
online from Tjin Edition, where wheels are painted a wild 
color on a plain color car, it looks like a real-life version of 
the Library logo! While it's not SEMA Show perfect, it's 
better than what was there before and it's part of a rally car 
look, and rally cars get beat up. The carpet, which has been 
through a toddler and a lost dog that threw up in the back 
while we were trying to find its owner, is coming out. 

"Powered by Toyota" appears just in front of the 
door mirrors, and "associate sponsor" spots include stickers 
from NOS Energy Drink (10 NOS Reward Points gets you a 
whole pack of stickers) and Cub Scout/Tiger Scout logos 
since one of my "co-drivers" as listed on the window is a 
Tiger Scout. The rear windows, which will have the text 
redone in a nicer font, include a British flag next to the 
name Crittenden for me (I've never even been to Britain but 
Crittenden is an English name) and an American flag with 
the name Walczak for my wife (Heidi Walczak) and our 7- 
year old son (Eli Walczak). Then it's going to get "The 
Crittenden Automotive Library" and 
"" across the side between the 
wheel wells. 

Mechanically, I'm reversing 9 years and 154,000 
miles of hard commuting and sadly, some neglect based on 
a very low budget. Once that's done it's still going to stay 
pretty much stock as its intended role in my garage is as a 
fuel-efficient daily driver. I'm mostly going to drive this 
little bit of advertising around town but I hope to find a nice 
twisty dirt road near me to get it really dirty at relatively 
high speed as often as possible. I live near a cruise night 
that pulls in over 100 cars a night every Monday, and while 
I'm not going to park it front and center in the show next to 
Chevelles and Shelby Mustangs I can at least tuck it in a 
back corner and not have to walk four blocks to get to and 
from the lot! 

Continued on page A... 


M-A 2011 

Tail Lights 


Stock Car Racing 

The Stock Car Racing 
project continues for the summer. 
I've narrowed the gap in NAS- 
CAR top-level driver histories to 
1984-2008, and all of the season 
pages from 1975-2012 are online 
and at least started. Once the 
driver histories are done I'll have 
all of the races in a large file that I 
can use my computer's find and 
replace functions to edit links into 
and then I'll divide that out into 
individual results pages and up- 
load them to the site. Just as a 
change of pace and a sample of 
what's to come once the big NAS- 
CAR series are online, I added the 
2009 NASCAR Corona Series to 
the site. The Corona Series, now 
known as the Toyota Series, is 
NASCAR's stock car series down 
in Mexico. Similar to some re- 
gional series up here, they run 
cars with the sponsors across the 
sides and numbers on the back 
between the rear wheel and the 
rear bumper. 


I've been uploading a 
bunch of NHTSA Special Crash 
Investigation reports to The Inter- 
net Archive. The government has 
a habit of moving things around 
on their websites and losing 
things every so often, and the 
Internet Archive offers permanent 
archival without burdening my 
own server as well as direct link- 
ing, which is something I can't do 
with the Special Crash Investiga- 
tions, which are buried behind a 
search program. 

Soon, hopefully in the 
background while I process stock 
car stats, the Library will include 
over a million pages in books and 
reports thanks to the assistance of 
The Internet Archive and their 



About Us 


The Crittenden Automotive 

@ CarsAndRacing 

Vehicles £Books 

Motorrvt'lrs. Trucks & ^Kft T Tr-i1-i1-i i rn~ 
Speculrr Vehicles ^»-f riUPDlCh 



Yeu noticed 8»s space, ekk and find out 
how others can notice yaw company! 

I Custol 



Ad Sense 

Make money 
from your 

iign up now 


iLuckybug Cre aliens. Indep. C onsultant I 

Searching forvihe? 


\ elude Model 

A station wagon produced by Pontiac. New for the 2003 mode) year, redesigned for the 2009 r 


The Vibe was co-developed with Toyota as a station wagon version of the Corolla and based on 
referred to as the Toyota Matrix . Toyota sold a right-hand drive version of the Vibe in the Japani 
Manufacturing Corporation (NUMMD in Freeport, California until the venture and the Ponttac bi 

The Pontiac Vibe is the subject of the forum with over a half million posts as of the 

Page Sections 




2003 Specifications 

Model Kits and Die Cast 


Article Index 


200-i Pontiac vibe accelerating 0-60 (eve 

March 12, 2012 

Duration: 0:24 

This video is available under a Creative Com 

Download 2004 Pontiac vibe accelerating. 

\t i * u 

2005 Pontiac Vibe 
August 19,2011 
Duration: 2:18 

^t^^^^ * Vk«*| 

This one owner 2005 Pontiac Vibe with 69.C 
locks, ABS and a Pontiac factory sunroof. P 
By Salit Auto Sales 

Tail Lights 



Poutiac Vibe 



J Audio 



ige Free Rotation ■ NTBS Going On Now. Print Your Coupon & Save Todayl m 

IE Chip GO Horsepower 7 MPG Savings Boost Easy Installation Custom ECU Chip »wa»_<jFChi 

f Sonic 1 ,4L Turbo Engine Avail, The Only Turbocharged Engine in its Class. • 

AaCtaces > 

lodelyear, production ended in August 2009 with the last models being of the 2010 model year. Available in base model, AWI), and 

the Corolla 's "E-platform". The Toyota version of the Vibe is the Toyota Corolla Matrix , as the window sticker read, usually just 
iss market as the Toyota Voltz from 2002-2004. Manufactured by the joint Toyota - Genera] Motors venture New United Motor 
and were discontinued si General Motors ' bankruptcy proceedings. 

beginning of 2012. 





Visa" Prepaid Caid 

H URRY - FFER ENDS 4/1 6/12 


xions Attribution 3.0 Unported fCC BY 3X0 License 
0-60 feventualM in Flash Video format - 2. 1MB 

00 low miles on it is certified by CARFAX to have a clean vehicle history report. This low mileage wagon comes equipped with a remote keyless entry, power windows, power door 
ior to leaving our dealership this vehicle is serviced and it comes with a warranty 

M-A 2011 

Tail Lights 

P. 5 


By Bill Crittenden 

Last month, The Crittenden Automotive Library got 
permission from another new source. While all our sources 
are important to us, this one meant something a little differ- 
ent: it was the world's largest retailer, Walmart. 

I've been a fan of Mr. Sam Walton's stores and 
business model for a long time now. Their advertising slo- 
gan, their mantra, "Save Money, Live Better," isn't just 
something cute an ad firm came up with. It really means 
something to families on limited budgets. 

A few years ago, my wife lost her job. Thankfully, 
Walmart had just built a SuperCenter in Woodstock, Illi- 
nois. We were able to afford the basics of food and house- 
hold supplies, and that probably would not have been possi- 
ble paying the higher prices charged by other retailers in 

Walmart then further helped our family by giving 
my wife a job in the darkest times of the recent economic 
recession. She went from a holiday part-timer to a Person- 

nel Manager in an incredibly short time, and was even in- 
vited to the 2011 Shareholders' Meeting in Bentonville, Ar- 

We've seen now from the other side how "Save 
Money, Live Better" can motivate people to operate the 
most efficient store possible to provide the best value for 
other families in their communities. 

Now a company as big as Walmart is helping my 
family again, taking the time to acknowledge my little base- 
ment operation here and allowing us to use some of its mar- 
keting materials in the Library. 

Aside from the indirect impact being the world's 
largest retailer has on what an average car owner buys for 
their automobile, they're also going to sponsor a NASCAR 
race car for the first time this year, and most importantly 
they operate a huge private fleet of trucks for shipping the 
products we buy to the stores we shop in. Wal-Mart Trans- 
portation, LLC is a large enough buyer to influence the 
market for big rig trucks, and they're using their influence 
to help the trucking industry turn a profit producing fuel- 
efficient trucks. More pictures and articles at: 

M-A 2011 

Tail Lights 


Crushed Cars as Art 

By Peter Fedynsky, Voice of America 

New York's Guggenheim Museum has turned into 
something of a junkyard featuring sculptures made of auto- 
mobile parts by the late American artist John Chamberlain. 
The artist was known as a rebel who transformed cars into 
vehicles that transport the imagination. 

A sculpture at the entrance to the museum is made 
of old car bumpers. Inside are dozens of other automobile 
abstractions by sculptor John Chamberlain. He passed away 
in December at the age of 84. 

While the Guggenheim is not a parking garage, doz- 
ens of cars have been parked, so to speak, on each level of 
its spiraling space. Chamberlain reshaped the cars in a way 
that's consistent with the exhibit's name, Choices. Curator 
Susan Davidson explains that Chamberlain assembled mate- 
rials to create three dimensional collages. 

"He is able to choose the positioning of the colors, 
the fit of the shapes that he brings together, the sound that 
the metal makes when he assembles it," said Davidson. 

She says Chamberlain used common materials in an 
uncommon way. He sculpted these objects, which look like 
beanbags, from urethane foam. 

This abstraction is made of plastic. Aluminum foil 
is the material for the towering sculpture in the Guggen- 
heim foyer. But his primary resource was old cars. 

Museum Director Richard Armstrong says Cham- 
berlain's work is unique. 

"[Chamberlain's work embodies] a free spirit that 
helps define and redefine mid-20th century art," said Arm- 

Susan Davidson says Chamberlain had the spirit of 
an American rebel much like Rock and Roll legend Elvis 

Chamberlain's works are positioned away from the 
walls so viewers can see them from all sides. Freelance 
writer Deborah Bearg says the sculptures offer the imagina- 
tion an infinity of images. 

"Everytime you're looking, you're going to see 
something else," Bearg explained. "I'm sure if I walk back 
through this part of it today, I'll see very different images." 

The exhibit is drawing visitors from New York and 
far away. 

Waynette Ballengee from Louisiana says the show 
initially struck her as junk. 

"But as I traveled up the rotunda, it started to make 
more sense to me," said Ballengee. "And I thought that it 
became more interesting, as he changed the way that he 
worked with the material." 

Declan Kennedy, from Ireland, says he was im- 
pressed with the building, not the exhibit. 

"I think it just looks like a lot of scrunched up 
metal. So it doesn't appeal to me," said Kennedy. 

Susan Davidson says Chamberlain told her that the 
secret to artistic success is insanity. He added that art and 
criminality draw inspiration from the individual's own pecu- 
liarities. He preferred art. 

View the video for this report at 

Originally published March 3, 2012 

©The Crittenden Automotive Library 

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More information at 

M-A 2011 

Tail Lights 

P. 7 

The 1979 Mercury Capri is available in four versions - the well-equipped base Capri, the sporty Capri RS (above), the perfon 
oriented Turbo RS and the luxurious Capri Ghia. The Capri's standard powertrain is a 2.3-liter overhead cam four-cylinder ei 
pled with a four-speed manual transmission. Optional powerplants include a 2.8-liter V-6, a 5.0-liter V-8 and a turbocharged 
of the four-cylinder engine. Three levels of suspension - base, Radial Sport and one based on Michelin's revolutionary TRX t 
wheels (above) - are also available. The broad choice of powertrains, standard rack-and-pinion steering and three suspension 
add up to an extremely versatile car that can be equipped to meet a wide variety of tastes. 



lgine cou- 
ires and 

This photograph is part of a collection of 1979 Ford-Lincoln-Mercury photographs that 
is going online in the next few weeks. More to come in the next issue of Tail Lights!