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42                          THE  BRONTE   SISTERS
Emily Jane Bronte (pseud. Ellis Bell)
WUTHERING HEIGHTSA Novel, 3 Vols. (1847). Novel.
Anne Bronte's novel Agnes Grey occupies the third volume.
*A New Edition revised with A Biographical Notice of the
Authors, A Selection rrom their Literary Remains and a
Preface by Currer Bell/
GONDAI POEMS. Edited [from the MS. in the British Museum]
by H. Brown andj. Mott. Oxford (19$%). Juvenilia.
COMPLETE POEMS. Edited by C. K. Shorter and C. W. Hatfield
(1923). Poems.
COMPLETE WORKS. Edited by C. K. Shorter and Sir W. R. Nicoll,
2 vols. (1910-11).
COMPLETE POEMS. Edited by Philip Henderson (1951).
GONDAL'S QUEEN. Arranged by Fannie E. Ratchford. Texas and
Edinburgh. (1955)-
Emily's poems arranged to tell the story of Gondal in chrono-
logical order of events.
Anne Bronte (pseud. Acton Bell)
AGNES  GREYA Novel, first published as Vol. Ill of Emily
Bronte's Wuthering Heights (1847). Novel.
THE TENANT OF WILDFELL HALL, 3 vols. (1848). Novel.
Reprinted with a Preface in 1850.
COMPLETE POEMS. Edited by C. K. Shorter and C. W. Hatfield
(1921). Poems.
Patrick Branwell Bronte
THE  ODES  OF HORACEFirst Book.  Translated by Branwell
Bronte. Edited by John Drinkwater (1923).
AND THE WEARY ARE AT REST. Edited by J. A. Symington and
C. W. Hatfield. Privately printed. (1924). Fragment of novel
See also The Shakespeare Head Bronte.
Some Critical and Biographical Studies:
BRONTE SOCIETY TRANSACTIONS, Vols.  i~59 to  date.  Shipley,
Yorks (1895-      ).
Contains unpublished fragments, juvenilia, biographical notes,
and other articles relating to the Brontes. Selections from the
Transactions were reprinted in 1947 as The Brontes Then and