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Chapter I                .        .         .        .         page 11
Haworth Parsonage.
Chapter II.....17
Patrick Bronte's origin and education - enters the
Church - his first curacies and marriage to Maria
Branwell - birth of their children - arrival at
'Haworth-Mrs. Bronte's illness and death-the
children's early years - deaths of Maria and Eliza-
beth - home life,
Chapter III.....34
The children's library - Charlotte's and Branwcll's
Angrian literature - its origin and development -
the Bronte shyness.
Chapter IV.....48
Charlotte goes to school - Ellen Nussey and Mary
Taylor - returns to Angria - Ellen Nussey's picture
of the Parsonage group - Charlotte's correspon-
dence with her friends.
Chapter V.....68
Branwell's ambitions - their failure - Emily at
school - her disposition - Charlotte as a governess
and back at home again - the Brussels plan.
Chapter VI.....87
Charlotte and Emily at the Pensionnat Heger-
Villette - Miss Bran-well's death - Charlotte and
M. Heger - back at Haworth - publication of the
poems - Branwell's breakdown,