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Patrick Bronte, born March 17th, 1777.
Maria Branwell, born 1783.
Patrick   Bronte,   married   to   Maria   Branwell
December zgth, 1812.
Maria Bronte, born 1813.
Elizabeth Bronte, born 1815.
Charlotte Bronte, born April zist> 1816.
Patrick Branwell Bronte, born June 26^, 1817.
Emily Jane Bronte, born July 30^, 1818.
Anne Bronte, born January i*]tk, 1820.
The family moved from Thornton to Haworth
April 1820.
Mrs. Bronte, died September i^th, 1821.
Miss Branwell came to Haworth 1821.
Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Emily at Cowan
Bridge School, 1824-5.
Maria Bronte, died May 6th, 1825.
Elizabeth Bronte, died June 15^, 1825.
Charlotte at Roe Head School, January 1831.
Leaves Roe Head, July 1832.
Returns to Roe Head as governess, with Emily,
July 1835.
Emily leaves Roe Head ;  Anne takes her place ;
Branwell visits London, 1835-6.
Emily at Halifax as governess for six months, 1836.