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Here is the ancient floor
Footworn and hollowed and thin,
Here is the former door
Where the dead feet walked in.
"The Self Unseeing."
HAWORTH PARSONAGE, where the Brontes lived
and all of them, except Anne, died, has been
open to the public since 1928. Formerly, after
clambering through the steep Yorkshire village
and turning up the lane beside the Church, along-
side the grim churchyard, the visitor could only
peer sideways at the Parsonage which stood above
the churchyard, separated from it by a low wall
and a patch of front grass and shrub. The pil-
grim, going to Haworth for the first time, laden
with all that books could tell about the Brontes,
intent with hopes and dreams that Haworth itself
would tell him more, was pulled up short of his
goal. He could not intrude upon the reigning
parson's property and privacy ; he had to make-
shift with a timid view from the lane of an inex-
pressive grey house whose chief feature seemed to
be an array of windows facing the garden and
churchyard below. The house was solidly built.
There was nothing insignificant or mean about its
appearance. It was of a larger, better type than