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Patrick Bronte's origin and education  enters the Church - his
first curacies and marriage to Maria Branwell - birth of their
children - arrival at Haworth - Mrs. Bronte's illness and
death - the children's early years  deaths of Maria and
Elizabeth - home life.
MRS. GASKELL, in her Life of Charlotte Bronte,,
written soon after Charlotte's death in 1855, put a
vivid touch into her account of the Brontes' arrival
in Haworth (in 1820) when she said that there
were still people alive in the village who remem-
bered " seven heavily-laden carts lumbering
slowly up the long stone street bearing the * new
parson's 5 household goods to his future abode/'
That caravan5 containing, no doubt, the new
parson's family as well as his furniture, had come
by way of the moors south of Haworth, from
Thornton, near Bradford, six miles or so away.
For the last five years, Mr. Bronte had been curate
of Thornton ; before that, he had been at Harts-
head, near Huddersfield, and it was while he was
at Hartshead that he had married.
The Reverend Patrick Bronte was an Irishman,
born, in 1777, in a cottage at Emdale, Drum-
ballyroney, County Down. His father, Hugh
Brunty, was a peasant-farmer, and Patrick was
one often brothers and sisters. The family's name
and origin have been investigated by several
writers, and it seems probable that the ancestral
name was OTrunty. But Hugh's children were
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