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THE   BRONTES                      77
half when another short-lived attempt was made
to launch her into school. She went as a gover-
ness to a large school at Law Hill, near Halifax,
where, from an account she gave of it to Charlotte
which was retailed to Ellen, she was kept at work
" from six in the morning until near eleven at
night." Charlotte seems to have forgotten this
episode for, in the memoir before mentioned, she
writes as if Emily never left home again after Roe
Head until the two of them went to Brussels to-
gether in 1842. Either Charlotte had a bad
memory for dates and events or, when writing
the memoir (which has another inaccuracy in it
besides this one), she purposely left out what did
not fit in with the picture of Emily she was then
Nothing else is known of Emily's time at Law
Hill, though it has been suggested that she
obtained f colour " there for Wutkering Heights.
Mme. Duclaux, probably told by Miss Nussey,
says that Emily endured the school for a couple of
terms and then gave it up. Charlotte, in the
meantime, was at Dewsbury Moor, whither Miss
Wooler's school had removed from Roe Head, dis-
liking the place and disliking her job more and
more, and outpouring to Ellen, who was out of
reach, paying visits and, Charlotte feared, for-
getting her, that her heart was a " real hot-bed
of sinful thoughts." Miss Wooler was kind, but
Charlotte hated teaching (which, in those days,
seems to have included doing the pupils' mending
as well) and as she was terribly conscientious and
could only be got with difficulty to take outings