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The   novels - their publication - success of Jane Eyre - the con-
fusion of authorships  Wuthering Heights,
THE novels - Charlotte's   The Professor,  Emily's
Wuthering Heights and Anne's Agnes Gr<y?-were
evidently under way in the  winter of 1845-6.
In April 1846, Charlotte wrote to the publishers
of the poems telling them that " C. E. & A. Bell "
were then " preparing for the press " a work of
fiction consisting of three distinct and unconnected
tales which could be published either together or
separately, and enquiring whether they, Aylott &
Jones,  would  consider publication.    Aylott   &
Jones were not prepared to publish fiction and so
the novels went on a round to various publishers,
at first together, afterwards separately ;  at least,
Charlotte's MS. separately  from  the  MSS.  of
her sisters.   They were not soon accepted ; their
authors grew accustomed to the sight of returned
parcels but, undauntedly, sent them forth again.
Eventually, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey were
accepted - " on terms somewhat impoverishing to
the two authors," so Charlotte, unaccustomed to
publishers' terms, naively wrote - by Mr. Newby
of Mortimer Street, who published the two tales
together in December 1847.     The Professor was
less fortunate but it acted,  nevertheless,  as a
herald of Jane Eyre for, in returning it as too short,