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The deaths of Branwell, Emily and Anne - Charlotte's marriage
to Mr. Nicholis - hsr death.
A SECOND edition of Jane Eyre came out early in
1848 ; it was dedicated to Thackeray, whom
Charlotte greatly admired. The new edition
prospered, and Wuthering Heights (with Agnes
Grey) was selling. Anne's second novel, The
Tenant of Wildfell Hall, went into a second edition
in this year of its first publication (1848) ; Smith
& Elder had bought the unsold poems from Aylott
& Jones and re-issued them ; so that there were
no grounds for despondency as regards literary
prospects if the three sisters had not afflicted
themselves by brooding on the confusion of their
authorships, to which, of course, review notices,
copying from one another, as reviews do, con-
tinued to allude from time to time. But life in the
Parsonage was becoming more and more depress-
ing on account of Branwell, who was by now a
wreck, draining his father and sisters of sleep,
peace of mind and any hopefulness, and keeping
them all in a state of almost rabbit-like apprehen-
sion which inquisitiveness from friends as to the
novels seemed to aggravate. They were more
isolated than ever ; Charlotte's letters to Ellen,
who had been told nothing about the writing
but who was suspicious and asked questions, were
perfunctory and deceptive. On one occasion