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Author: Lash, Joseph P., 1909-1987. 

Title: The campus ; a fortress of democracy / 

Patron: Wright, Jonathan 

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Rsiwn ia the Third Annual Convention nf th<- Amerk-wt 
Student Vnifn «i s'"Vjs w &>tf #§,<;. The report of (he. Natiomi 
Secretary of the American Student Union u sre effort tv .«;,»!- 
fmirtsf th# punt policies <.</ the tJrikn and indicate new >H>ikk% 
h shititid he iuppiementen 6y a rending; ?:.■/ the pta^ram >mn 
re.s<tluu.<n>$ pi<e.-:e4 at the convention. These, em- he obtained 
from the rXntimori Oiliee, ;.;2 ftwf /yjAt Street. AW ¥ork (Mr. 

h'ubtished by 
U§ Sessi I9th £&«**< &'*«*> fork £% 

mjKTOti '«»' tsu; s;, s. 

was w :«■£':':': 

^•CxU^t ■sac* ■¥:XSft;vW-'? ;:?jn>S>':>X3>:, >>•» .^- o *. i \«a -. -j,^^ ■. 
«x% »>.\>>:»lx Nvx; X*x4. iV*ft a :w- t-^ *** ^ s v v^\' xV^Nl \> 

/">***.. j£;, ^fy;~-v««*,s&. 

M.NV \ 


<! i } > I v-iJ 

jVjjftt « ^ 

^ < it l/«i»d 

fortress of Democracy 


«*.«■*$<? v> s fh ^^n^xt-xi *?\>^, ^'",p n »!h iaAA v-JU iho'. vh H 
him Ai irom Sho vx<fl<l If xhc x^v 10 ***' 15 ' * ?K * ^' ^^i" 

sht ~..- S^m^rx !«(» •»»g«!f«'H ihi- ,j w »x»3>»* x-xHh t x>^<«!iuxk ■'-5 
}>r«hk »■«-, ^<»;4>nK om.** ^>*xf ^x>*ij> ih< x *. n< N xntHf^io »t, 
ii«\ f jvfk A(* rtj fVu t\KK(M«(, l<»k<\ Sh'">. jf.^ xwsi.s i, 
it« \ :,'nw)t< Use istlou- rwr* h. Jfehiru i>n j^^uot?; <:t> x \ >us* 
,iot, iji? Oxen t> i \iUvk;» ?o "set* xxh xV? j>s^ ^t'ni'ivf ;<>t>- hjv 

\\^ x-h-xli sut !«<■ i..i <-'u.-n-or.!^ Ai il" U»*t-«»\si u>u*^ U-xi 
«a\t« ... it-* Ith>~ p»-.K"f«f<i 'H««40? h\ in-- Usn:^- <<! ibp -t^t, s i 
K<d\ {*.- ii->«iH f , *'X<- li."»: fie li'intiU'*)! ct ! .i^ Ro«»>- 
Bt>»h>j fftkv a^h^u^ 1 $<>* x-vsx a»xJ hs-n^sx, wxi iV op n>*xsn- 
!,v<---(. s , rhe vv hs nt~ ytthyL *Hui>in jh^vi^ ^s\.- )Rvri:"i 

*>Xf!lS - .ti,^il>t I »!•}.* «<> kxu'i; ' ..SI ,»«$Ol>)f« s fl! »l*.»fS •-! PX S- '<S-(i5> 

xtft ii^t'.S^, hit i?X!«xt>>!iXfo j! S 4 UX^f'tU, U<l<\*\fM».4 s |.j| Wl- 

5 a^v Is x- c.~ if ,t H^«* thv h k? hi. en s^i«^ >i' »^i »vf p.xt;- 
>>f ii.i'^ f.4i'i\' n!>!<j>N-<h d^sct (xtk\i upx<n ih'^ ^,^n k .\i-~ Hu > w>» 
■«^ix<h$x>)!j of il(." A.jf j!1-,xo, v « h-jv !tjS!H</j>< <! Shp j>*-.!<U-ixx v^j 
si if i?vm She hc*J^M«xy <>»K> > v x.>- liXt-^, 5 i'.! ,ix,sx nwi)i' - ■<(,- 

H «» m o&$^m *u x r *» *^ SL.4 Sod** ,^;kw^ <^ ih<» bsck 
of s.»\c v >i<w!l «.■»»«<$ i-- sin i> «:i >>* & » s >ovu\ ^irn^v*. «> 

Wi,^! v <Jo> K 

Sins- < i *<m< J <>»» v n « ku » ,io*.\* v >>; p*<-y\-*)w $OJi>*\ 

S\ ihi^ ^US-..** ! \> * „-\ ^*\| W!' 1 1 o' '1! "Wo'l 5S tlH3t,£ 

v v\a-!i>M> H\\N j' 1 ' K i f ' >o<j M>v!>^ >' s i> ivljv^'c -u,<.i^S 
v>l\h;t ,snJ }. \x(^<u<<.n' t SV v> \ > v\^if!^ Use v$s3.J«4 

>n\! Uf*« I« «i (.•• *< i M b % > y «**M S*-> i -ji^s ^«j ,^«- « >t §> i v m^ 

!U!,-ni '> v* iS ^ ! Ji- h S^ ' ^<.- x ~n»« k-> \ he >'#*s:t- »; s}\ N ^x^-n-! 
t\ (<n-\ *i' \X~p " v^> " "V s ^ » < is i^ a «■ Jo ^o<:\*4 ^Ke- u » '$3->i 

t< 5 s Tl>o >I^o!^psrc '!•* <■? >;o v j v» m !>%^ Vcn^ *ju.«Wfl 

^O !ti< - 0)» \ <v!'^ !S> ^ rh* v K (- s< £U »(!■■£. V^«^j.^55t>S) >hst 

U> Js ( )i « v -j: VU»» HJ h-> o-1 v«> 5 h k ,v i~ '•^^ (fl'pH U^ KiU s 

the wars r&gBrg in fire world, the MI m the business index, 
hs»e pi4it}jc.iiihnti the evmpu-x, rt&t part. «/ jfe coe??/U«\ bat 

Thai k Use reasoa for skis, the I&tgest ee-nveatsoa in the 
history of the progressive stBxkat moven-iesu. That is way 
gteeler ihroags than ever before are tiira.usg «ru 50 tho k-oai 
xBeeilogs of she Aoxeriean Stndeat th\k>B. That is what ac- 
eotsai*- for the emphasis on social actios is the Y\s> Thai is the 
opbaaUos of ilse growth of the Catholic Siarhart Peace Feeler*- 
tion. 1 he campsjs is actively seare-hbig for .leadership, ft give.* 
Sir- Araerkaa Siasleet Uusoa great pleasure that a? the pres-exri 
?noaseot hundreds of other stuck srt« are saeeSiag to consider 
similar pro.khaas. Wo extend eo.r most eordia.1 salutatiooe to 
the ntagoifsoexrt asserohiy of lie; Starhait Christian MovesaeaS 
Ix-lnsr held m Ohio, We hope thai the National Stodeai Fedeis- 
Hos, meeting in. New Mexico, the Wesley Poxuidai.loos nseetlrsg 
in S.k .bonis,, <md the Araerlaasx Medical Stsnieats Aseooiatlors. irs 
Chicago, will arrive at decisions fjrnll'xrl to oar generation. 
All these eecgaakatioos are she i'oandatien of Use hrosd pro- 
gressive front that has beao fotgee? on the campus In rsoem 
years, a solidarity which obtains us reost eoaex-eis e>;pressie<n 
in the United Stndeot Peace Committee, To she latter we pbx%e 
i>m cooi.iouee! $upp<m mni loyalty, 

li is roamfy So the American Siodem Uuion that the eyes 
ot a distarhed ami eoneerned stodeot body are looking. They 
will examine the decisions of this eonveatioo for thek oiaxiry, 
lor their reallara, and lor their eosnage. .It we fail, tham sow 
other forees will atiexopt to oUhsc ilia politicaikatson of tire 
eanrpns. The aatore «f these forees we oao kstn i'xom she 
sprouting of such orgaaisathjas as the l.hjhed Seiooa of Arlstoe- 
rsey-axi effort to thlhuh. tho A.S.H., $.he Frsaki ia-for-^isj" 
Ckbs. an<| the swastika-hoy* ei ika Uxsivexsiiy of Dolawaro! 
t:n|s-^s we estoutl axsd ; ; rrer;«thers sho progressive starfoot fcont, 
■Irese Ifttoc* mil ride ever the campus like she? f oar Morsersxcxi 

«1 she Aooe&typse. We eeSl «»e«s the delegates to reraember 
st efl shoe* these serious resee:nss-h}thms, Wlseo. we s»e;sl< we 
do so, eot merely in those who eee assembled befe, but to the 
whole- s*«de»t body of the Ueited Ststes. 

Let ss at}W& s| the eoteet soswe ehrsple troths: the :bs:teee$ts 
o:f the Akssx-hi&r Stocks:*!: fkdoe are kiee» frvm lhos« of 
ee>&ce,; the kiereels of the Ase-erleae Sttsdest ihhos are ke 
separable frosts d:toe« ai dewsoeraey erol the widest eOjaaikatiOr! 
ef 0|>&-erteoi!yc the lete tests of tlx«? Americas Steskrd Ikuoo 
am xosejwislde Tress these e£ the adveweafsest el selesee a:e«! 
learokoj: s?)d to these dshkssioa sesseeg the widest masses ol 
people. Owe Stsssleot Ons ee Is dedkaksl to the sereiee of ow 
stadessS genenstiote of esse edyeajlorud systems of eor people. 
It is tie* Identity of Kspkatkoj Skat h the hssk rset sxoly of oas- 
ewe «mty.> b«t k the foussdskoo of the aTS>ekea; tsnlly of sli 
she progressive fes-ees Is the swfoe shoes sd systeex. 

"f «■-,) years ego we fooreied the fkst oaited. orgaekatioa ol 
demises-atie, S:elS--wifes 3<ad m'«etes.she kseees its the eOroHry, 
We wet* psood of shM ackseeeoseet. Today dkeiples of despair 
are smse^ who eot only ase eastiesx doohts «po« the deska- 
bdhy ftl that aeky, hut who are workmg to rssrfejoeas it. 
They beeosee reomatk shots?: "'the good olel elays." They ioojr 
fee ties sotellaetoal eertsdaty of Salkbrg S;o orseselh Laekhajs eeee 
tbhmee m shsorsselves they of eoeese faele k l» the stsdeot body. 
Let this eos-iyer;th>ss composed of the stalwarts of the Araerks.e 
Ssaflesst Oeiose from high sehoel sed college, who keow hy 
the soeetSBgs 5:bey heve hehh hy the demojiett&tiosie djey tes^e 
efgaetxeih hy the eeejpssgsjs thay have eseeute*!, hy the werh 
«s*d ss<-:rUk:*s they have eoeteibssted te etedeet iissisy aod |>ees> 

s-ess* Set this eoevesstke*. gke b.* aeewer «ow to those who hem;: 

lost: laisli, E^yyshleg foe the Amerie^e St««kst Uskss; Eveey- 
shieg throage die Ax«ersee«. Stssdetst Uoko! We will retssie 
sseked aed we will extend that o»ky to embrace &\t the forces 
of geejlwsl! os she eam|>sss! The A.S.O. Is s$«t tfee paws el any 

politic;^ «v^3K«at)csis. Tbi» cortvei-tjon. j'*^resc«tiii^ the ts««- 
sand:* t :>l rf;<>Tnhofs of tie? A,S.l\ will decide J he pr-.s grata tor 
the wiaiag year, it is* thai pro^x-anx which those who desdoe 
So hxniki da-. pT<:3*i-.i&hv. stxtni«xS sx5ovon>ex<£ wSH <:st(j" ««t. 

This !.;o<;vi-:nUias has ihrw taxis.?. Firs*$ h miss;. re-o.<:»;x:*e 
:?K" fxaxdamevikd pohcy ox sho Aris^fioxxo Studs-tit Usxion to 
deietxmne d-o changes lis pola.-y d-at altered 
xeqxdse. The bnpeo'ta*xr<* sd policy, hvvxjwr, is rorsthsgjnx: 
txposx dxe will and i-ldhty to t:,-»fy ont tha- xK>]S>:*y\ (>■» soeoxsd 
task, there fore, h U< -xod tan why so xaaois of <-ur progs ar-a, 
over xvhkh -bese is* a«d ha* beers rto dJSv-£re.;»ifiOHl, has «*ma;fi**d 
on psi'T. Bow I**; carry caxt ossr ; how we plan a 
casxspa-igxs ; how we ws^rk with othes <'<wtspus* osgaid^atis.-o.;*, 
how we x«obiihse the vesoas-eo,-: of a <.3«!|)w.»> for s judloy-- 
■hese are jiirobh-K-s the A.snerlesssx Ssxi-isuxS hhxkox has not eors-.- 
pletsdy so;v(>,i ,-ttjd whleh thi? eeoxvexdion -mxs-t speed xt!os*i *.d 
Us sirt-e ;ifs.N>v!?r;«;>;. Irs this* e-ons-eeHo-* wo heard of <; -jropos-ssd 
fhapwr of the A.S.O. in tixs-: Ss-xs-.h ixt which & gro-ijj of eajxiptis 
isx-eHeetixsds worst so axsoth:?;- gs'osjp of stadessfs* who «ese ilke- 
«'iw sxtSs- >■{:.•«*■<*<] h: st.atlx»g sax A.S.I'. «nd said- Xs We wits 
he dxe jdes-ojers and you wili s:assy out the ids-a'*/" We do no! 
!'s<e<>grd?.e any sneh exx** :~vst<-xs in the A..S.L". We have tso 
dhibsofion betwees* q-wn boos sad dx-on.e«. WV do n<»; separate 
idea- and ;}<.-' sos<». We are i sit;-- '^stod i» xsfeas hx action and 
we *vaiV: !■«» and «■•>(«*>) wh« embody isleax is; a*:iio», 1'h-jw 
vh» wis di*e«ss char.ges i« -ho pr-jgrasn of the A.SJ;, with 
iho jitoalss:- v&?idity ;jve $1kw- >*ho hav« worked wish <hs ^tadeni 
body to carry oui ihst prop.nssn ;x«d haxv ixmikhvaoe in tho 
■siudofii horfy. This* coavvnJi;-o is not a bj-U .■so , «h;)s nn jh* - 
,»iate of shr >v.-)fld, ;xnd sh« Arnenca;* Skfd«;>5t 1 xdon xs jj;;t a 
sk-biijiRg s<;o: ; 'i.y. We f«.s« »pon f.ho ffcle^tj's- £« «U sho di::- 
eKssiorc; to n:nv?nilSer they are fsHxmila'hx^ nohcies who«- 
roabxatio-! wxil h*flp our gon ; frsh<«5 achieve a hoi-e? life. 

i Ixs- isx ; ;s; {&>!*: ot our sionvenSon! i ; , t ai,? «f dosscs-h; ra->t frmi- 

satkijj. It Is »fss of dses, of district o3kes s of a membfetshSp 
ea$xipa%xi, of Mmenidsshaft in the AvS.Xk It m»st eajxsider 
mesas; wheteby So bmhl SB AJxl! i» ibe Soaik ami in the 
high, schools. It Is aa irvtersaf job of gesxiag: op oot msdxkse 
ami tepsskiog its shax%oxts:mp, 

Tho Shsebftf and P®a«e 

A y<?;xy ago, as out ,»a\x>od convetaSsan at Chicago, a rgpr«s*?n- 
tstrve of the Fedora! Uatoo <d Spsrdsh Students stood oe oar 
giatfomi s.od pleaded whh trs to supposl dxs esose of Use 
Spasish people, ,«ot os^J: at' idealistic aitroixm hut beeasse worki 
oea-:?e arid workl cWoocrrsey were at stake. Paradoxical as it 
seemed., the pesa:« of Exox>pe rested an. the hayosxets of sits 
Spanish .R.epyhKe;x« Amty, At the side of the delegate from 
Soahx $>U>od Loh Tsei, x-<an-esea?<r«ive of the AU-CIxixfa Stackut 
lax-ias, who wstxt*?d os tfxa£ japan was tlxre-stoixk'sa;' to match 
aposx China,. We did sot thhil; that hy the tixr;e. of this c<in- 
verities UV>. iaoosaods of sixidaats. whom she represented woaid, 
like thsxr Spanish comrade, be eki'e.adrrig their Hvtes a»d 
liberty wkh hayoaet K . These two evaaSs are t»o$. unrelated. 
jys.5 s.s the s««ess of aggrc;.-wk>» hi the Ethiopian war braojehi 
tin she .fascist ^r&b at Spoi.o, m the apostasy of world democ- 
racy is the ease of Sp<da Sad the Japanese to believe they ooohi 
srsvaoae- Laoxa W-jta hrtpaaity. 

The Aroerioso SttnW.t t>d«a is inseraatkyxalist in o«;h>ofc, 
It is boae.d by dose ties So stxtdeerb ihroogkous the vvodd be- 
cause the px-obhen>*. w ooafrant Unlay are wsKtld. pxobiej»». 
fixe A»>erioa,o Si«de&t lhxit>o has oevex- adapted Ibe atlhude 
that she development of was fa.»:w& slsroad -we?e of os-- 
ootKs\>rj t» «s ;«>d itsthou'd so sbre.H U> our ow» security s«d 
deoxoetaey. Thore has i>ee; ; gen^j's! agreement m the A.$>U. 
that fi!« basia task i» the prawat vvar esi«ss was to hritix hmc.r- 
ust* >yw kir pesioe ittio piay k: sits? pse«'.ot *>it!)aH»i>, II" 
Shw has> hoexs «Ksai<roeoK'«t, h tes;<-d lo tha questwsxof whetlxer 


' s'u i i. j\ s<.^ ] i os* k b >w i >t o tl> - j 4 o) *i < ! 
*<" x»t u r « ^n* < i ' 4 t ^k- h< «. ^ 1 jj. j. o^ ■* * 



ft i 

* ft >S Is \ i J « ! ^ • tl i i i) j h 

**< 5 <*<* * xi t\ i\ «■ - x 

f W !>t >.« <> Ij^t s is lot <?i * a», wti s' *S a 

i i < Xrt ot U * ' < v )♦ ol *j\ jH >. i - 

(S I » & |HI\ 


f« k 

,i>»i fh !^ tilt -f N s 

<ft»l insU, 

ii^wi', ;A«r ivor Li war can xu'tt ht> prt*;xnn>d. AH our efferti 
nm tf<?tu iwxrd GvaWmg; th<- i»Ubr<-(sl «/ ?<W kokwa-xt which 
tpeth th-v *fi<i of human eitdihxtio;'.. ife «■■</! ?u><' (/■es/v.wV o/ 
/wac'e. Our iy*hv&te\ms, ait our 8ffw.( .«v? »i««V«iWjf fVv f.4e 
.w«.w<» a«« passionate &<pirati^i> ('<■• defend {he ptttce tc« /msw 
a.';;,!' f;i /Wp bring pemu; to ihe peopli>.i th&i hove heen pinned 
into wat hy {&&&$$ aggression. 

WiiM sfjw.ifscaliy t>»v«r we d<.w »; ihij- euniws.lioo ? 1; u> 
appropriate in ?ho i'jrss piLoo ■« p f s> li jL=.u^ t<j !&►; fifty- »c ss- 
&{«&:»& v>ho qaktiy dstpaiti:-^ irom our («!«&>.( to J sin the Is- 
i^tri-sSisjiViS Brij>ad»:. The Aajecica-) SsudonJ Us too <}H m,l 
scud theso ;« Spain. F-^v of a» e\:?n knew Uwy vs-;'r»^ gc-jtsg. 
f*t!t »<; artr <?wpK pi-«od «t sh j ss; — -pro:j<: *j{ ihff swvioe j'<5coj-ds> 
oi o«! }Vfj> N.E,C asevfsl'srs, s>< f rgv W«u aad ?*««! Ma«- 
f..«ci»-ou, a-isi hunib!*? bst'orsj thcs.-w hko Ijoh H«ary >*f th» 
U-iiv^raitj- 05 K;js::~;s<. Naie SchifUng of i!hi«sjjj> Uaiv«-!<jt> > 
b«>n !..«vijii?j-j- ;,f Ohio .Ss^k-, Hoy M«?(^usj-vk- of Wsyntf, st-d 
ol}j«f* wk-y ha\v in^-ari k;il«(! in aoUofn Wliat can *-s &ay i«> 
thes« wjv(: <:.«r pi<*d«e ibaS \iw Atm-vicnn St-Kis?^?: Uaioa villi m>i 
i'jfjjfft IhcHi and wiH ilo»xi.O!«;f«!ft 5:« rf3«*:)Sii>r«n<w by it» de«h. 
1» sr ;■;?<- which po!ii>> scorn npc>n she *>n;ho!» of civiiuaHot; 

jut i*:*;. f"i?to!'xrf!, dcni-icjaoy, h«m«n5?)- iitfise felloe si-)- 

a<:r.ts oj oars have jovhaH^^d ihw^ va'ac^ (m oar s'onos-Msiiiii 


What L-u^ >^< ki the r-«ij; ; 3v;;-5 -A ;hf i-^hf fc-r vu> tri p\i>'** 
-is*n<-f l-LrvsHl, Mi> s bij,s« (S*»f% \«->t York <». ! J'y-', ii»^>" vst- 
5k \--it-A s'i ih<* >t-!M {«} .s fl«\t >-5 .r..s!-n! u.<x-s> "A- y» "su : k> ^pa'« 
\; N«<lk «j WU'u^.y-. <st ^ i^j), a, ^w.^shux.'^ -^ics ,»t •-<> st:t 

i<« i'SVf j>5 ■»■»*, Hf Sue ",(iM'» n <>S)?\ t' hi \\i Vw >>J 

fat h-Kf^'xit >tf t-K-uscBnh -A Xf-i^Six -'tiUdi'^i \tt i<>\ *]<:?: 

^p.-\f>. V>\» ^-> *r t pi>Ja^cJ .-, r,!i.!io xv.U,:^. iri<ni-> \- -wtA 
., v'»A io lV F«\-Vfjf L>; >«■ •"< ^iVtJi^fi ^Sllikoty, 5'>JH<riH(3 

»(Ui * lou»Ssvcsk % . ! *« ,ap$.- tsxo mA s., vu- pji'!-v^!--r n^eL.m , 
bv vvH.i'h s; e.n >' *»u t<-> .-~ *'.:k <>* $>.^*f <uis>,-<- \;».<'*v 
th? «ili< s f< Hn" j<-vj« <•■«» i'u.xL; <>f f'biKo. Thhi-'h >s of stjrf 
;*".■( - ,-"c<fr t<> Ahkc-*, h. ? ics J- -i \- •-.* «h.,v ^j\;.»< iu>s« 

Llna,., "$■< i.suiit'si,;? ^a ihx -.s- s <\:, jiyi {hi! - * 1 a-*' ^ih« < 
>;."- >v » < %v d.>>'m Kit* *<>f\ ,j. &< % h j« ■■xj)~ U> - ^ f sf( Hs- 1 >>'m 
ttiuh-f't jit-^fv, V>v.**<.*»t, 'Lit n'Oi ri$«' f'i'nK S> s ! SSV Swo;*^s 

■.toJ>^i!:> v.tis.1 J^: iL 'H\ftsi*;i ia-^<L, Ms- ;i { ^(fH-t<' t.'.£t <<:\>« 
vi»« !'- k-><-j< ai \>- thr thu.» !<•■ Uis-d- t.>j "Wr.s. *;".d io> }?:«>>' 
$<.>■» pii«,«'< vi'tM --;«- «|x**o -;.'.\, 

CciifXf; ..n.o'K' .! ",«<•.■! I'Uir,. -.{■! 'o >N ih x! ; tj-f j-ttsJx.Oiss i.'« 
^^SijCMii.Ji •.')<■■ !vxL \h '■■ >^i r<'f '\ {■'«! >'.a«pK >« ^v o"v 

-'!'">!'!! 'i < v ("' S.'S- '<''. 'Ut> ;Vti.\" ^;!>>x' J isjj. A'OjU iP «f!\'- 

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l> < y i i 1 tlil'i > i^Mii ( i KsU i tht \tl*°il i.< *{ *<a 

j&p&B may have conquered Shanghai &&& Nsuikisg* but she 
will n«t cossedkbsto her viotorioa hee&yse the Chinese people 
will »ot he slaves*. We car* assist the Chinese people. We can 
heh> koep teaks »«i of «r by this eoojua-sk, we«|>oss of 
the boycott. Throughout the world s.t«de.»t$- have laatK.bed 
Lbe boycott campaign ami bow is. is hagi»«i».g to be felt Thi* 
eonveatloji smsat Isarsoh *Ke 4m* to fihinin unasksota* »»£&ort 
for the boye.ots. roovessoBt os* the ea.sapus. Nfske the s.Ioj?s» 
of your e-arsrpe*; "Wear lisle- for a while.'" 

The Uohed Stadeot Peoee Cotjstjsiltee is initiating hstsreol- 
!eg'iate conferences thnnsghsRfi the euontry in the months of 
Jsauary a«4 Fe&ra&ry. They are behsg IsBriched amfer xks 
h&«r<<?r of Biakiog Araerita a force to? pe&ee, Qm of the jobs 
of the A.ihU. sb dsose eoeferassces will he the popularisation 
of the Japanese- boycott, 

Wo can do mare than ibis. W>? are t«id thot & jspstsese 
''goodwill*' eavoy is too? big the universities of the Ibn'ted 
Slates, ffo has t«; to persuade trs to eondooe invasion ssk) its 
aitexsdasU hourars. Wo will not allosy him so broadcast his 
apologetics Hschalier-.ged. We tvaxst tso apologies, Ws? want 
japan to get out of China. And wo want these "jx*>(i<iwii! w 
envoys who aro so 4or<;to4 to the brotherhood of ruas. to go 
hoote &od densawl thtrt their government get otst «f China. Lot 
Ute "goo4wiir envoys- spread iiiw of their goodwill o,c«<n;g 
she osetohets of tao japaoase military eiiqoa. Lei them tsoite 
with the 300-o?|4 trae representatives- of the Japanese people 
who have heen thrown bJo japa»esa jails heoaose of their ad- 
vocacy of goodwill sasd peace. 

Wo have spokos of what *, the war geJsetotko;, will 
do as war becomes iihsly, Wat Soefay is; iiBiTiiaoti^ imsvijaooi 
l«r She >vho|o woe hi, a«;l w» nsost he ami aro«.*ec? 
as nover be.forsi. Some people h?el ihal (ksstaxim&tvms m Irani 
tjf japatiffss; co«sykles are io had tsste. We do b&S. <sare*' with 
them. (Jae. e&fmot esp?e»s in?ligfiasio« by swwtjses* asd Ks;Kj. 


Q\w <"&?.> 5> ft 5 express uppossUos hy svs-»kah>os of rsgret. The 
student |j«a«s» osaYerraiea has a insdithrsi ai e«h>r, oi straggle, <d 
wihtaBev, We jsoi otsly £.ador«e: the ae.siors of the huadVetU »f 
New York A.SJi'ent who picketed ths japanas;? c»nsal&Je, 
hut we s>ay; "Move of \U"'' 5».i Uasg as we mriSir. aeqyk'f-mis 
asd quiet the l«pa«ese people are heiog< told by their eonssjU 
aao" axnhassador J.lsat Arru;rk-.a is really »at aotseerned over 
what J spa S3 is <h>mg to f.-hioa, Wt-; ase eonmxseo* c sad iei 
|ssp;m kaow }\. ThaS swears* d?*rricus Oration* at eorisulaies.; shai 
weass*. beyeoitc thas oteare; raakiog: oox strike a fxifidsauvstk-s: 

of Ji!p8Jtt»SJ? aggK^S-ioB. 

S«K!s people repeat hi horres:- arid s&y, "Y;>u raake ik> dk- 
tir-.eik>a fxi «'*>■;» the japartese paople nad the jspaoese rodhant 
di<g.W Wa do. 0ut we do re.k .bo!h;ve thai (he way to help 
th«; Japanese people is in allow the groups that a;v oxploitka' 
them now, the groops thai havs: plunged them inio war, to ar* 
away with what ihey art? s.hfin.s:. A-eag ifsat road $h«e is <.>nK 
m«,w wa;\ ajore exphktaiioo.. .voere? hc-rror. 

Campus MtiHsc.'sm k Ckoripos. Toryism 

The obvsnas war-raakio;;* roh? ef the faseki war aUiaaee 
shots id not dehide o.s into assuming' that oar guvemroeet is » 
!;■««!> on ilm world seetie. We 5»»*t he pliant shots oar own 
goversiratwJ. Ws- r-auta he vigilant gainst the gr«ops that ar«- 
dsdaUng a poliey of inaoiioo against argtessioa, t>f. akyrsekft- 
hsg- military badge is, of pfepar.aik>ns h>r .M-Day. 

Ihh <S<:m«»&Jraje& itaeif maul eosK-rslely in ot» owrt int.-;. 
hi testns .jf the E..O/T.C, which w know So hsi as,* imtrvtme-ni 
of reaction and nai ni pp-K-.e. We jste co«ijeni«d with ihe as;- 
gfcwshefiess ;)f fa-jeirf?.*, htJt ws: are >dso e?>m.!?rnefi with th<- 
friiiitafisfkr pohejes s.-f ant govefrsmerd. The %hi aseisif>S ih*' 
K.OXC miwt I>e esjuba^d. The hght sgais*5 the vent hvtd^t 
Kiwst he soatin?je(l. The hghi sstshist M-Oay ma-st lm e«ra.h)»ed. 
The reSe of {he militssy apparatsr* ja Aawrka is 3»&ctjf«ia?y 


s< < ! Js<u4 \\>i >! * »n! >(> o l\ < \ ^~it ^ -h^i,\>r> « m ks 

si >i \ if \S v< * \ ku i m ■* P<> li 1 - < p«ft< *•> ' ^lr 

*-* <> ^S p s i f *r n > !>i t U\ \ o is >) \ 

*'i <.k ♦,'<> RT > j ksi 1>< i* ! « k> <* * >p 

« ! M s 1 '<.''> h \ 5 - > ft ■> ! ft $ *<l < if* 

! | SJS! \ ^ < ! !M ! 5 ! * " *■> f < !!i 

> <> l\ < s s * \ i * ! t\ ' i u! i i (ui ■»« ■»» 

!" j. »( «< , n <> i n ! > < • t il ' is S r < k < 

f* i *l hi. ui * 5 ^<.(-> a <.< > 

! > !? * 1^ ^i S i" < < ' ' "> i\ ft !.] <i k 1 

> - ! < < h ft' ft ! < 1 ( < H *■ 1 > 

S I i S( > ! > *S < S S j ; N * | s J *\ 

Ki> t i s* I s t > > * \ pi^ n i ! N > i 

> *~* <H.f ht J« ! ' K ' " I 5 > ! U ) t \ n 

> 't K \"M !v ft NJ ->f < ( , !!(.?( ft U US 

if 1 f A < ' •• J -w. » p > ! )* ! ! \ ( ■* 

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w;' Bsi'xtvcfyfl ;U Berkeley lasi yawt %<> stftpiv j.-r<>v<-5(l. Oor 

«r*f? of «b«l!df>n. We sh«aSd yad«rtak« to work with the people 
in ski- tLO.Til ti>«rs#<; •?<> as to e<sjfjb<Jt everv effort J« b.v««d- 
e&pt feswjtkssniry <kx.1 fift*t.->. Ars-d f.bcv« 5« s lesson we sft;i<i 

U\»n ?«»** Sp&jw v>h-xo tho R'h*»k ofs«>'~'« cssio ums«»<i „»jwt8st 
«i^t«e»'f At v ?o.fl isrwk-rtook i<s itmswMo'n aj\*iJ$si: thf t<p»ib 

Improving the Poacss SHko 

Thj- C!':i\<*f>iKttt «- Olf JlLivC t>^ -fciM'SM' tV fOSSili* Iff LiM VO#3T « 

^ifiL<. H (•* itu«* ! lfaS •!;!•" judliVn ^>j<.k\)l? psuh* igMk-i! « ! >i>mf 
fa-iKxw jr fho »mko. h h. U«» *h*i* A? «HKl'>«i poxx* *«<**> 
f«t-fst iKj" }*v»<ww» ^ |«>w^fUiv Us'iS !~k> *>op <Hr«s o^-iik t>< 
op$Kw St AnJ voi, tV.r *vu^ vtnj ^h\k>!5y «.c«Uii **«•'- u* t<v- 
«-fffW Thf> stfrn^ h<? ln-\!5 s*iFoct>\1 bv ib< % jSf-rs^al thvst-K^ 
ri Ok- |<<\« >* mi*v*»*i« n\, ^w $mi«ps< have i?!»«fi i* x t sk- v nh*t<i 
U^O <4 til (A dlvjj-H^i 01 s\iv Hwt «<:itv >s }>>> U^sjur |>o^sl\u 
,«f!ons; {{»- |u*».v> f.-mx*- tn ^uxxjxvu',; iho ^ro^i-iTS tfviTi f--n 
AnsfisJia- tk«v m {h*> I. ir.i<\} SUkN** F<vw 5 <t<i»jn Jltt"*, {<»» 
p\ sisjolo, s^.ajfj ot ots> Ho-suo- «t-u qu;t>" pi*p«ivd to isiHkx 
Us'"ii <Ui\'!i rs '"fti^if! >\*sh u* in sji" -n'- t"' 5 ^ Fi>t «q^»f>rjactii coiod 
ho kninsi. Vvoithd-"^, iho jiTo> v ksii!aisi«» whith is mtl«*W 
in vx<r r,x-,lVO, !• u*4hi")k v>«ji tbo }>s~U *W agixxxyu. s>t 
I'i l>it-j\jf i?j^ Fjf Ox- ov>mi«s, ~«.nk» !!><» rhctpio's of i|so -\> i 

s\-^}}<\ < -XVkkx si SiU-HsiSill ^RlS >\*- iJk !XX?k!i(i »J»S«S «: 

)lho jx-moo s»U'\*-!?'5- f !5 >o4 if! i 1 lk<s-.* *~ * has4s j\>i iijik\ r>w<.h 

J Iv'Oi" k o^'O^^'fUM k ^ 'Dikti'lf {'■>*!!<">■ Wifb rrtTWCt JO 

Vhws M-tl ^inno, i\isciMit> ^Ssittl ui!i» i^jH-a i>! Ujp S.OTl 
srt.1 iriH ; ^>?s«! tu -\snt\tivj, and sssop'isX of jvjbuijs ib^t ^H! 
sis.-sk-* Asi*!iij vi i'Kw, i<n j\\i*> «« ihi- v.nri<i «^»-- K* im 
|.u>v<f si»*ci>ni»v -*S"ki- tho'omi^t bo ^<>ijct<i^«*^^ Sss oiijoiiii-f*. 
Ihoro ^i,I W ojip<..^!tk>ii W >tiij j.v>mJ of vio^~ oss ^p«i« s;h! 
< N K i!-j; -n-'s th t ?i ns^-i}; wo jvtuut; ^t-sos- <.!l" «uf rls^ptoo- lvit}\ t i 

5>r. -*<\ KcO.Oij <>| .isjoV j(t>yjU«Ci ii«»i jh'ni !*Mi (1 Ka'Jty j-oUOat 
bfJor^ ^>*iopI<vhK Jik' v s u^ s*,riO\isli 'Hjo v*»v o<; v ^firk w>Hi 
{«■'^ «.<>s *v-xi iU-3*trii»«! t'i Wov f so i hh>x^Uv io Li.-s 
\s,!fs 'ilSiL* 1 ,U«> jdilslKifil^SkfH jbU 3 JVo o^snpiia po>>vU- 


srsdertook to ekesmves?: a .strike, Tbe A ,8, II, d«okled tka?; 
«rdty shoals?, be achieved, ssroarai the strike ami sot by sseriile- 
iftg the latter, They had eoafelotsee in the studeoi kody sad 
JSiijde it tke arbiter of: the isssa. They Sooded fee earopHs 
wife le&Oefc^wsll-mittea, listRfeomely illestrstesi cosrviBeksg 
leaflets, arid Wayoe Usrwmty kad a strike. We wast to single 
oot «K£ ferowaway fkat disolayod r^oarcet^ratas arai iaHjgiaa- 
rlost. It abowes! a gxotrp el lesdmg alleges, St&kh, Ilsrvarsl 
N,Y,IL, MJchigaa, all rapreseatwl by racetR>»-eoahs:! eolhsglaisa 
koklnsg ifeek porasaeJ* high. Those wore the colleges prepar- 
ing for fee strike.. Off o;o fee side stood toe Wayse eolloglas, 
his hamret irajiksg sadly or fea siwst, belated! from fee rsai»- 
sfcreara of tke mousses!, usable to reake op his raiad 
whether o:r riot to suppsri fee paaee sink.o, It was o»e ol tk* 
leabfjts that did fee trkk, Yes f we cooper ale loyally wish other 
orgaoisatloHs, We work wife admkfetrsfe>»s a»d are pro»:d 
of fee eotdiai tolstions xsow existkig: oa. raaoy earoprsses be- 
tweea adosiosstra tiers sa«! fee A,S.U, Whosi there are disagree- 
mesjtev however, a:od feey relate Jo matters af polley, afesotbg 
our generators* we brbrg those fesagreeroeMte Before the Sto- 
deot body ami place St kefore fee lertos? fo:r deftisiori, 

T here wss smother basse weakness In last yea,?'* strike. Oat 
stalwarts failed to resile feat as fee novelty of the strike weaxs 
off it heecaaes all tke mora koperttot to intxod-aee sew ele- 
rneete of drama, sew aieareots of eoiar awl that the actual strike 
d^roosistratkar limit must he earefally prepared. We eanoot 
trast, g^ ^-£ usee- did, to tke dyrnterlas ol Opposltloa io .make 
tk« strike tfer.Ulssg* 

Now wa mast sse ro«:aauiSy\ Wo xmtst' i&ke a leaf from tko 
kook of our Vassar kosts wlsere tko sfersisssts-stsoa ami starleTsS 
bed)- kave cooperatad fos y«ars m &» peaoo mev^taeat. 
Soap, oolorfsi kaaaers, paxadsS;, appos;b to fee towaspeople, 
t?j«s« were tbe eloroetits «sed 1st ¥assar U make tkekr peace 
aotivjtiee ei.dorfsl, la tie oeafeig sii:ske agaiest. wa? t«S ra«s! 

















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sill plas sisrukr tldtigss, Otagrvsisa osr strike .assy prin-e s 
very dal! atl'si*. Our prohkm of £k$ strifes m (h& adk$M «<>« : 
« &m <>/ mpr&trmg, the quaUiy o$ th& strike and thereby «.»■ 
aM% m &> m&'bMix>s the smdmi Mdy m «■ tek&fa /or pm&e. 

In the high school* oat problem ha* a«ea sasaewhat cifiler- 
mt. The ajaaxaig respond to oar esli for p*?3.s:« actions via- 
dfestes, sis the opioid of Jaasj-", oar iledsiaS »ot ftsllbf far a 
strike. Others still &my that the fees! taohak|«e ia the high 
schoais js sne of psaos actioas hek! «a se£is>ei gxoaasfs i» e«- 
eperaifoa. with the selsool a^aisaislratknsa hi the high school* 
ear prlfs&ry- g>Tohl«ts is oaa af >:xwvmebg the high s«koe; 
popalatsoa that war Is irsasiaeat mii thai peaas b riesirshie 
sakl possible. The high seaaesi sessions mil o\>fermh>e what 
teehalqta-Sa. esa hast !>« employe):! to achieve thesa ohjeetivg*. 

We have <fe*at«l a good iksl of tiros to the issaa of peace; 
ohyso&siy moeh saote esa Ix; said; hat k m tiase to «h s a>y to s 
close. Out eaairai ahjestbas ia the eoosk;g ffirtb la the 
straggle for pe&ea are; 

L A cajaps'lipj m support of SpaAh faaoeracf m&<k con- 
crete hy the raisiag of Casals. 

2* The popular i gat iea af the h&ymii <&»< 

3. The fight agaiost R,(XT,C, &»<! Am«m&» militarism. 

4, Improving the quality of She strifes sgaiast war aast es> 
tessliag if to the geoeral cossai»«%- 

5. The ■' consideration of & legislative polley whioh we esss 
gapport iss W<"islsHSgkf», 

6, Ssrppojt of t!i« 'U.S»F.C> hy <sa?rylsg o»i Its ■pers|i«c5.'!vs* 
os; Ifx;a! oasapuses sxid by coaselidatrag i:!s« «»lty <sf ifcs |se&c? 
forces »tt local eampsisess, 

M«sks Amines -a P*>fe« fo? P«t«cs! 

Op fe tlris |>«.iat is this seetiosj oa. |>osfi« thore has hees gao- 
«ral eos!ctitros«e by the s^atioaa! stall. What wc will say «ew, 

\">T, *<t xsuo<- xwxoSns t<i 'V - ! vT. I* !f;wii- *xci "*« 

U> o,x*s -;. \om-\ ms.-xxV V t*v *M >x\1 f'^il • >f f.w* 
^xxsrvxt t v xxsn vwx »>»litV4v\f '«wr>&\ .jo^-U sk.' \^t> 
s<>s4vk? sx -U't >-nh *A\ ^ n Osx ^isni 1 ! cii^xm^o-, *^ oxst 
^tttt^S ,> x Vt> xxo, t x( thx .-.Mj-xVix '«x sx^x- <*t.x xx»> "x» 

.«• *t> Vl'j.' \*!JJ OSxt o$ >>A , il o lk;VKxK XX ^'"I'fH }>S'Xxa' 

s.<oo,,,>< jxx<v*. . ht <k\x<J }\>\\i, U-K -V (Hoc\ J) A>*xti 
«h«t «o v* t JI ih xxVxs * if < ox ^ <>r> con <ti *>* ^si'x t o»v xo 

|H<.XOx." %„ X ft ^ l „p» { kVs >w 5{< >}„ » Si S(!X t\ po (Oo V>f 

i-,i<.*\ how to xc^Mt ,»o !>-M si 'M! H<- Vl n -k.SJofox, t-\ 
Hsci-t a<; xo N o. x Dxc <khod Vl«h (isx!^<Jt'-- i \~< m> 

^ fth il.o k-i'!?s- X(X0.(ih b-^t» flj-lUt^ "fx s !X u V , -f4,^ xW 
xMoi t Pi! 5 '<» <»"»» i<?S SoJi txV XfU " J HX^Xx'XXo! of \<,Xi !>!oH 

o ■.<» X ax.«\i ^tvt<- ,h..»t),, .twh x-^Jo ,,c-«xi)n* !hs * ^ 
^nveitntxt" t t ''ii >4y Soo o;r* ,■>»< Ux ' •>-'> o<xr sepo-*,^ ik* 
*tj&s<,sh to «,ur ,l u \ "It t >LxSV ojxi -s. \kss it!* v, , j» >> 

; s< XX s *> ii, oX" "<-' oX ti»o ¥K*k.' ! ijo lo>^ 'i 1 ,*! tfco xJ\(H x (\y 

»f '|o P; fi P f !" x *£ ^-»> svl'4 i-^ !V.*' ;>,( n u> nyiXt; '\<sxth^<; 
'am x>o« x j x k n \ R»,x' x >^xs ii< tx:<- x ikro x< r x >(rt,iai x:-<ipV-< 
>nh *x s s5 " xn t« t' x< !"- t s , v \ A-M >* ^.jjjxi' <K«? 

l\v J.>J<«J>"\ \S • of SV XN ! v 1 f^lt\ x >*Xi r-i -x-ijX ^ «i t t>> 
UX !,- v-4'Cv>> XX « o)*sV XN'Xs't t V>*P 0<) X,{ "! >^X <\ fX» > - 

i«A !^ ««xh -Ko >.v \ ii; x > , iv ; ,. t^, vxx ,.,>,>■> \(,t ti - a\x K 
t:xy« to ts^s'»uU Jrxt x oixt>x>iv ^< >i- v i! K >\<" h^o t>» c, .«' 
Sn**n m do' ! x,., 1 ' x s x x' ',> o- (-) v o, ;,»--> ^i\ j x , j <\m«-n f-'x in 
xxr\ «h- t»xxo ,j l'V v ^ t }\ , !\->. x k ;>S l-5o<^ »« K of» v v v j tK^ \ v~ X I: v st; im"I^ - mx< •-'< . - „-i 
'X «s.t! \ nt* >» < -)\ s \ ■x'i(x.!'\ o~ io ! > > ,n- , ;, '»r{ »\^( 
t <\ xxj<o s x XxitK"v ( x »x oj< ro ;! i,o.k x ^ x t-,)) Hj ,,»ih t 

\^o!t. L<»o X -vX '! o \') x „v % o x i x f < { ; ]<>>!•> !V'x\Ov -i- xi >!; 

>XXf-t-V v < " x > k< i'i v U X"> " ! ' -! .. t<U O" i x --!,', i >Vj!-' 

<k;?3.Esi win-id anil act* so ssiop war »vj«, U can do so aloHBi tK«* 
Sines Sndioafed by President Hoo'ievdi- m fck eJ&rioa call to 
action a^sinss the war-makers-. A; the present BXHKSesit to x»afce 
oaj basic ■■>i>jceHc>>— as* «<;«»<; %v>. ; iild have a* d^—to rwia 
^f«sid<:nt Roosevelt's, Ri!>v«.< towar;i «iSerT-,sU!.<r*:d uu.-p^rariiST! 
a;sa.h;s-? iasclsl aj>s;cesslo;- i:: uasHeaHv So um:ete*iim«t«? the 
wsf-j^.akJrij? vole -of the feosst war alliance; i* to s>ive«B:f?K!ri 
the ca?np of i^ol-stu.-sv, h i.o U'.sd h-evst.-disy irsto ths-1 works was 
Vfhich we all f<'»r. ObIy ojw policy can pst'vex-t uur he Ins 
involved In war and sh&t h ee-lkjehee aef joh t« ha.h a^s;r«?«si<;«. 
W--; havo s:Bj;p-.:ricd th«? liJt^TasShjftai people's boycott against 
japan. Wo rmi*t support s« imtjxo-iiai« etabar&s; «p<«- jap<»< 
F.vety ohst.sclc r»w-iS be placed io rhr way of fa.-vC'S! ag*-Yos?i>:.>o 
in the Far Essi 

\xi this htiwr s<y U> woshi peaoe, set «s nut bi< iheolo- 
gisiss argujog over iexU, 

£F*t stated &?,?r year &j ike raw <-.>/ Spain wid we reprnt k ir, 
the case o/ Ckiwt: retreat hefor?. «;>gJO$$H>>'* *&wy reor enS-hnvm 
goodwill in the u»>rid, dots not insure j>e#&\ dues noi pave 
ih-e K.«y jor jast&i e. Only the creation of a/i inlernai&oK&l 
&nxi'i<i.wi$i /^f<N>; jronl t in ivhick the te&a<?;ship of the United 
States is i'ssentix? > eaa asntn: ,?/;ese ««&.*.* 

The Ixeoncsrttk-. Sscarffy of the Student 
A >■««? ssjOj at >)!ir Cbic-sjvo eovsYestie-ji, v-e p«int«d owl rhat 
ibo-moils ot students were bah-g UiYie-A into a fals^ *rase of 
secuniy by b tzmftoruty rok-rrs z,i pr»sp«tiiy. We s;'ifi «o$ 
a«tJc-ipst« that By this cs«!vcfjt!0» the jiomf-aiile siutshtja wfostd 
h«ve t='x:;-JX<o so s.erio»s that It •vv»n;ld he digmfwd by tho n«ni<? 
of "f<c«?.«^Jon." At-d sh*? present t»H m th«; b»siaess itxbsx 
!« b»Stig aggr.svatod by nxany Tore ^roajjs wi-h <b-if asssali 
a|>(«) the prognwsivv? feature* of ihe Nevr $)e&\ and n\i pro- 
gressive legisiajion. 

* Se« sl>e ApjscsiiSis fer Use Csmwadsss S««>la4lo» as Fmm. 

At the t«?3U tm-<;Sh*g of the National A^few;j«tio.»j of Mams- 
tar/Savers, rest? ton dvew up its piaSfonn tut K'dJi This pisS- 
b.xrm des. ;s si si against. Fed«t a.5 n<gsdaU;;« «t psic**, h<*«rs>, sn<i 
wages. It eox«*s> a tit sgains-t the; asU-tm«t laws., for the o^eu 

ihop. SjSSk! SOT CttfOJijMS* 5Jfii<»S::. !:. HtH:S> the. iniSOS poriitiVon oS 

traxio itf;i»n?> a«d opposes any t«x law widen, «s it i* s:«pho«ii~- 
dually phseed, "redb.ieo ine-nHve to- itsvest funds'* as<i "fioKss** 
which have the rvfiVc; of rs-ihiSrihisSiog wealds and iac-raie-," 
This is shs-: :>r«Kfra»: which is hehxg oiiexeii tw si* ax a progs ,<«o 
that wiO i>rins< ths- America*! ptosis? to a. feigber jita.vsdard of 
iuhii;; «»;i oxote deet-ot lift:! And this program found its edxii 
it- thn< sborSive "Addxess So tsV Aiaexicact F<;opbr <ir«H«f by 
Sepiih-.ifei.n and consorv.iike Dcn-ot.ratJc Senators which, ab 
Shuxigh is was atpiehshf:-!, dearly iiscKurto-i she tealbs'imje.fjt that 
is t.Aiag. place imder she surface of everyday pohSbx« 

JogeSher wxth tin:;*: tfK:ves of the Tory das*., we 'save the 
v-fTatt of the: H<-jj«hlicaa S*sttY to xohs*htiUai« ifsxdf by sppobs- 
{?;.$? « fiaSitjx-.ii policy eonmxhto*: of L>9„ hwolec! by Idem; Fva>sfc 
— <jfsr own parrots of polishcx piaSition-s whom w<; gi-nt-.r-m:- 
ly give So die xv^pixhiiea-i Party, h cesraiios ;n.' asni-isdj;; 
uetsx^iioxity ■•)?■ otir prsrt to ps-edi-. s. that xmder a was-^ of ar-phbo 
tica; v«fbi<j»sr its pti;pran; »iU b« sjt>;ii;;r So thai oi shs No- 
liotsal A:i : iooiati<«i oi MtsJ»«f".ei«.;j'*'<"K, We da ti<>i have ti- 


ti.-i pro^r-im. S»n»t:;f .Vh-N&ry. die .Rtrpubiksii 

ii>ord<?adef himself, bus d>*dasvxi shsit any Jieiiaior who si#Be<i 

a manifesto, such as j>ropo:-ed by shy torfwrvafiv*' Senators, 

woidd he. rlasst: ; i by the wSuile eounSry ".-js a f.i.lx:!ty Itn'rucr*' 

ri'« preterit thest: ,e,i^vo> Jn^caitfc tisoy repi'firssnv :i«? : s n;:n!-!.iv~<jr-j 

•it f«icdt>n i» es.iahijsh « aniiwi front a (ini^id txont whii?h 

aief. ; ae<"» the w^H'aie of siai y-jy;.h of tisij- <:osiT!try, Mr. Hatytd 
Masoti, v^:j-:>l;iry <si ikt-. Hepabiir^n sNaSh.-nsd CommiS-e?-, in a 
■noxsicfsi os' bi;.dj -iptixaifi-n, afses- Gle^n Frassk was ixsv-sed so 
ix- the rh ; >iri)i,;;i <jf She vnfjtisUtrer «xs poiiey, dw.ians(j; "Tbc 
Shins s»^ y-iiiiSi of Aisairn:,; ;x r;-i;ir«»is: ;.<, *h« Bepi-idirAo 


Party, '' We fesy tisis. We 4e«y thaS ifee youlk s»«I stalsat 
toly of Assesses; will be wos tio say pyognsKS of sessxsty &s4 
j^sstlgsssess, teawse tlsM pograsa :1s .o<*t to t&e ist«r«sta »f 
yoask Basically, saeli & program is opposed to say kx&d at 
^oao.tsjie plaasibsg, to at She same ikoa tast It sismsrisls froo 
stoi for tsxphtitmtm arid feigns profits,. '%% tsrge* gownf3C8*saS: ki- 
i&rtfmU&s sg&iasS ki*or< Whale mLlfioqa of p««pie are ill- 
isoyseds lll-fels iU-elotlMsI, this progiaas eaU« «po» «s to "pity 
site po-H- li&dfo&s m.& mmujiimtmsm/' H repngseste s e«a- 
€<mi f*r ilie prml^go. of iHo few s»<i a Sbroia? «Kcooe«ra for 
the welfare *}.( tlse eotamoii people. 

$*Hcfefi*s Hmd RY.A, 

* * is I" i <, <\ i ' i> I ("~ < ~ *- >. > i f i"* »*<^ >* S^i 

■>Ki^ sS \v \ ii^'i i, x o f f < s ! > *s , i<r> * < 

n v (!< < st ^$x f }\ 'us f ilSx<> J i 1 * u> i * N ^ ^ *lis<J* 

>^ k !>\ I 'OWS'Sl "* of ->S («» K l<!>!> i ti \ <. i ' i ! & 
< *Kst * *S^ \ - < s $^ v p r s j,^. J t »~ * *i Of' ! r> ^ t ill! 

K 1< 'iKii* " JM s I »* ! t <> S tiH \ 1 \ !'i> K { S (> t K 

s> <.> 1- icif \h>< - »hi» ^i< ii f iit S i s <s i S Ul 1 v ! IV 1 tO> 

v > \ { jlrt« ^, \ ,i h} \ll «» -i sS » ' \*K< )l! I > N , v ^< 

<.> I t lC s tr> ii.S< s >iT i^S (! i), 1 'i i i is.* ^<h» K t 
v !l- *. 5'is k ,^ J- i >v t U|i* I vs( » ¥> d^l s s t i> \ > V 

js i \ h s !*<<)! so ,j i! >i \ ii (^ i* i su >k> J < sr «■»$ 

s s< IK«vlllN\V ! I« ll 1 -Ni^l »i»< JJ < s> B x Ri <> >! 

1 *« IS " tK ^^ I' if [K^l sJ l!)i > SI ><.f SO \K «^j „* > 

& tt < 0\ 5 V ^^;^ j < ;i ; ifljv' V > li f S |K 

U> v S ?{. Us«»» S^ N s v s'sSS >H J t«S ! !<<. Jf t \|S 

sf t " f^ *n ^ t i\ < s ( '< » So s> ) \^i V Dv 

ViUv ^^ (lit } * 't " iiSi ' Uili f <n < > ,-» (Of 

s'^S I * * < > S ^ s „ i < i > i I i -S di rtt S ijsi 

l I \ t J* X i i. S ! < (. s S , } si s i \S |i ^ S 1 i 

tl !!» J (I S U ^ !1< Ml! 1 ^S I t S< t, > s ! s v> - 

»- " ! < l> s I > t)4 ) I ji\< v< i( «(v iik Os ! ii 


t'h tK f>iS» x \ \t> < >*<■ sMAt s (i f (kk \<*» i o< tii <<>. 

tl>! J, i(» } (■x ■* s j> - > S 1 <■ H<-f Si*< * Sis'" * 

0< > < v p "~ U ! f ! t \ I »n !1^ * „ 1 ! *' 

> Ijl » M < 1 V I it i ! ill t I il < < J!U !( «><.<. s 5 * ^< 

Ot< \-l ! > 1 )« \ J \ 

\l i ») i*** <)> > i * (I I >f f ^t. f IS \ 111 \l !i * 1"W !" ! * 

^ it >! M f! ^ } <-\£ *-\ IJl Y> < i <\ !\W N *fvS ( *$ ( 1- 

K iki U (. S }> •, S > ^J i> J \ U'f. * t <K <S Sv> 

><.)<: f »<* tl < < i ' tfc \ $ f > > x 1 tf \ > *i * i ! t 

\ \ \ 

**'!«» ^fsr- <\!»i J"tiiA«t i ' '%■» •ni"t !>H<u;< *■■ the owff«* 

V>.th Cis^Ul* J. to>«- ((>>> the « s! s il V>^ ! ^ :** ! h<> eaiiipKie^ i'df 

ih^ *\ti ns? ; rt?i t.*i (V \A V. ,n<i s\<t tin Asr.iikii!; \>-«?h A*i 
TW 0Jt*}p*v*) rss.-^t l*e plsXiS-i-i ,-j! ih^ t*8t«e»v*&. ;.*; th^ c -vs 

^t ofir <-)t* , »t-»)t;»>('» is*? *mi, »«* pnnasiVfi J hi* V>*stk K*h-<"><- 

Ih^-r >*£ ios »h-» ^u-' ir \fc.sts-hwjj «, )* *\ w^M ^tT«*> sh&s 
;h< N *W*>» of thut J<"(«v-n!i>tnti»<j> '.«•"* pr-nkis 5 ^ i>v tht \t»i! 
i, *i! St-jJeut i M'U He ps^ijst.i th»-« ^js Li"! *i hruiJev 
v^.-s^ee;ivo h mil n-'t -^-^ xi'-aiAocs S^^ <•'<.! <-?*^si« »>f Stsr 
N V A„ hiv ii >rtiU ,»(«•«<«$ ,' 'MwicWiNi* 1 U^i-Lilve p>i* 
^issa >>j; J^lw'f o< vyuiK. \\ k'. iLi .4is.(«ii srs ^ta«e«i i hKt 

l&»t >s'«r. ^>!« »e w& pti>it.:s-5- $.i' % Vo-3th f'.^.etjw r*,iHV' 
*"ft. vs< >■{•" .n t .n"' t !.,! >e i^t ! ji^< the \ ,Hsih t >>«$:{< w **>»' 
■sv!< v* sis tisin-seth st-\\ *'*t 'i! U<vuh yfxih rttht t ountu.-~ rttx^.**?<» 

la'f\*> ^r^rs.-n '\<i she v^'S'^^ <<>M U- («liv tsV s ij.»pa» 

ini.hhs-c ^i isiiK^n^ --i t\w ^Ku sse rwipn-Kts >f N.Y ^. 


;s.'*«^S;<x-. We skfnild tstti haiUi theses as> ,<dj«»oij« c>3 the 
A,S,U. Wf* vts-M ntr.h-r -is^xa to iw mUi«l*:;l hy tfw joi?^ 
eiTnri.- of sis;? stoikni. c»unf. - U> the Y's-, and ouvsebest. \%<- 
aasfjitifRf U«»e three ergon ;&filo*is *p>ttiho*Hy beo.anse s1i of 
$K«k xupjKtt-i the anrso&ieo f>.u she America?* You-b Act soil 
h&v» ;-im?xl to the desirability of forming Jifsvj«s of N.V.A 

To se<:n?s; the wjs-ofrJe w;ll -ix-'mg of the umkf§:t&tl«.-»i*> *,-<? 
h.-jvj >'x*«tere<i our cJFfirtst sfttViJ^J the «r.M»|jssg.» fov the Asrse- s 
Cim Yioith Acs as an ot«i:;k ; n of she MY.A. Wsr chorda vot 
ignore ihs? fcscJ, however, ihsi marty shoK'j.aooh of *H;«Vm.s an- 
woikbsc; tKfiiir Ksy shs'0>;&n coljfc&e on l«hs, »o> &»s*B:i;stsfd wth 
$h«: N.\.A.. ess v>«beis. ;;;;d;ors. -ytJits, e<e. W*i xou«t give 
tbem hesp In the <lofe«-e <;f then bstemt- W<? aw gM h> 
have i: this siotsvention n n>n >;«??! Sco Ives of she St:)sb»«i Workers 
Kvd<-:"i:tif>tj at the V : aj*'«?r.«ty of Miehk?;s.s; vrhxch has- do?*? s«)ch 
sph'mhs.l vsorf; irs -hi* ee>nrseeH:'.:r.\ 

Tie? feohoi-pse bo d-efsoi^e i»f :>Su<&?n: wiBiosiic hsifirwls \hai 
has sptead srsoH wiHeis-, howi'ver, has bees; thai of the coopefs- 
tjv;hi.. Eiitit:j>, »(X>wif>jj, hook., hssirselry cooss- have spro^Rxi 
thsosxghoi-t the ec<si«try*s: eolb?sv;; s?nl ij.r-.iv*Msi;«"?s. Wo h,:\e 
beeo gbsd ?:•; play a roodest part in this Hiovexnejit. Whs; we 
have dooe h;s-s b(::?n assisted by the eokmteer voxk of ji-« 
Ns-wwjaii of W«'s>iey<$«, *>■}»;■■«?■ re.e6ni»:e;!:bitlo«s for m:xt y<:;<f'* 
wurk )<n« v;U hear at ihs fieosjd Jshb? <.-« coops, 

M<.*i of ysi -ste preparing oisfselyes to b^itnw t^schi-i.-, 
,'jhysi*.'iaB&, archil*^*?. et;j:}«:OiTs> b-svyet*. We a?i: pwf;ari«ji 
i'--t jiook- K.j»d oj p;:osex'i:0:s.^ <:aj«'r. But if she Bia-xss; <<t 
i.>ff=pis' i; ; ek j?w.-«cy v>hh wbch t ; ; p?;teh«sir p5ofi-*sio«ss «^r 
iks-)-. v.e «ii^hj. ji«t ;;^ iv^li pc«|>ar« onrHiivcs tor the brfa<J- 
iUcii. All of us- have hoafd *lw ii-iulhiiK y>«\) "S.i>;5.t j>v«- 

C*:kk:0« is CMOfCf O^'iieif " U the TtK'I'lieisI P:"l>fi'^Kil>fK UsX 'iti 

sinu>x\ ov^rcs-owdedy -Ave we a nation of heaKhy Aslosiijv-s? 
Ytn* Coinmittee on Jhe i." t >?ts of Medkai C«ie imx- report^i $h;--t 


over 40 |>8S' o«?r5 of tho fjjstsiiies mih msatisms. of #2, OCX! sad 
ssrwfcr m;jssv<s «« mciiicsl, dosstal or <?>■« sa.m. And tkb fe«lffe 
Jroo for most of the pmfmwim, There b a jmssI' for msr 
*Hrvi<jeSj Inst so kf&g &* »«r ncammnv sjsJesi will sot ssores*^ 
th« poTchasbg; $}«**? of the miritmm osople ther« will be 
ovs^rowdujg Ik si:se prtifssskssss, Ws rosjrf suppose fc pr»- 
gx&m of r$sastso$>> a pragrsxs of sfisrd!:y s >:isv«si«tissg So the 
Siierssts of tmr gtimvstmi mii tlss »eop!<? sss a whole, Atd 
xmmnm interests dictates oar sspjso.Jt (m a ^«H«r&l |>©«pJe's 
program «f &x-.axllv\ 

*U<:S Sr« ? !< i - S \(K ! Ill » * < U s (>(. >■ <<J 

t s ^t^tf > K tiiiv k( { s< t in r \- ; >\* j- 

f<> U~i •* u' < > ^ s \ <.;* o i ;> ( - ! ; 

S* it M I M j t » tj. t , ( > i ! K ? j t , ,s ? , t j v.* 

* w °" > s N ** \ <>,** j i \ , if, > , j, n (1 n| 


* 1' * \ S 1 {<< ! < i ■» 

, « > J i > f 

sit !~~ ! S! ! !t S 

\ ; s it v 

■**t s -.\ ■■> i» i i' 

i\vx <» 

< !* >V 

>< i \t< , > i (. > 

"A > 

( i > \ , \N 

S <f < -i" * I S ! !< > < v f ! , V, f 

1 f » »io X '< < j a k >^ i s | s s v t , ( | t , i ^ 

\s « kit «, ! i JS t i S 1S „ , ^ !1 , < ^ ^s j 

si tke petsseer d*ss\ A.»v isKSTCftj* !js 5>ejskktk»a s&at we ges. eos»«s 
from Uj<j*$ wKo iw* ihs Wst isukhg.-e»s*, , . , Oed i* s seseekmafj-. 
I knew ke hass'si &« <*$>«» mitid, ta>i at Ssast saward »»>»s« a? b»e 
half-kiiked kseofies ft? tSs« jsfeaiict {!«>>;. Me <ioes Osiega s'wss &b««f 
as be did i 8,988 ysars 8$o." 

Tkis is Cr&ttk j<h3b>8{;$>hy »f tls?? Tories, Hmv dee* k 
tdied. ksali in oat ^eiuestiotsal eyttess? 

iki-e.xkife?- s.he joke-son pias which htis dghtly erected sox'h 
e iijusee in Qik^ijo. This is ;s plan s.hat seoobj Bosvsrt the 
Chicago high ■teh-mi syssest; hii« a vocational -schowl aystero. 
by eiinkoaiisg gi-i*ersi eobieasios a»d ossiy prepst big stedet-ta 
ha then "propes" ].)ia;:e as worker* on the factory ibeh. The 
8s.wtn»ihm& <»l the Joh}>»e>« pi«B ae*? jBredss-iy diase indicate 
by President CntSea. There ;see ihi>«e of breeding, anoi ihrn 
O'er? is the $n<jh! Why try So eds.«?;ste the jtiob toy smyebhsg 
hot ks Whv tessutne- ils-U everybody is good eeo«a"b 
So go So college! We are not arEaekkra; the dignity of lahor 
md human toil whc-Tf wo ait;sck £.be Jnhsson pian. We aSreme 
oosty 0jS|toa« a?) eekseiiik.-esi program that we-ohl stratify 
Ajrjsrkwi life, Demeeeaey is h«sed uprcs the wiehesr. avail- 
sinks* c>i ethiextiej*, s>i an ed\e:;ssh<n S.Unt \i. ViOt of oste hind for 
Workers and ss-osiier kiss! for the pTivskj^i dassss. We stinie- 
in this by the fakh sos! work-? ei" Thonsas Jeflersoft, 

President .Hnt<-iko.« f>t Chicago is a gentlexoao .■jotiotsslv -eoj!- 
oenm-l the; ■■psality «>f sdiaefcUoa, S-:une5kRea bks arsii- 
moots ;stKt spproseb hec«HW a we;!|.-oo f«r S.b? t'f;se?itt!>arb«. 
^■oj- exiHtJ|jh: the title- of. S^js< eotteHt series «f axticios m the 
^«&y*k?y Ei&ning pc->.^ ~'We Are Geitksg No Oeigbier," is th*- 
son of tkis!« btr. Cuitcjj <.vo«;id w<jy bis bead to, !>s\ HBi?Ai«s 
■'ier?s.r«e- ; "ri'is'-re ;s.;s almost <si< Ksa«y er.kt>oI.s as %hat& sti- ii<.-S 
th^ skysd«.' J Os-e «se leaith f n,:teiy oeisk'ise niass »rs)chidk>8 

i« e<l«eirtie» for ss;vera'l tea>«ot!s for »x«nipS<? b«eaBs« qu;iiit> 

*!iker», Othttrs, hevvovej\ obj^.% bee a as* tbey see th.« world 
as (tsoided i>etweeo arisfoefarry asxl >W ;W/«s s«d see iw s>omt 


Ui fs$-\i.tiihi£ tW ^stk-t. W? ssis' ^.i*1 ih&J IV IhsithiH. k^ 

-ohi*>»? t*i-*v <ie<i< v L<>j> iishisH 

. •■*<■» and jhjt ni^k^ tV>m 

\ ^ ,i\,iV--s}^ )■< « s ,f-Mp i.<o^: TH<-U' K N ?n >.> ; ^h a j>\<.tK>s^hi}> 

->u»uK-<h oi -»f!t\\ s .>on. W t-\. ! &. u.iftmponn v^i" iSn 
Is- 1 <u thv ?•«! us "»*. n4« \ fh< x *>sji ""* > is- .;i\o< V.sul "V* flit 

v ^ ex.'! r\d <k n .h'< s« Tht ^u<v<j$* .y <sy^i( a drsw in-spt);!- 

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' ■ ""' ,; ^ »: , ,t> . s A . , - o <,- „ ^ 

i» « <^Ksp.aigH Us keep ftdssssdtm true to the j<fe«Js of 


for Ameroas edoeatksaj oar most reliable ally will paradoxf- 
oally prove to be «s>t ike arktoerste of culture like Kb\ Caites, 
bat his mueh despised "protetarhrusC' the labor rnoverrseat. 

A Program fer American Educ&ffea 

Ooe of the bask tasks of this eoaveatiors,. so light «:f thtss? 
drrvss to eartail aod distort the fuuetios of edtieaitea, will, bo 
to draw tip s progfasrs for Asoerkao edueatioft. That pr»gra?a 
will elea] wits tliret? problem*; the availability of edncstiou-,; 
the rareteat of odoeatko; aad tbe os-mro! of edasatioa, 'fusw 
has heeu set aside lor deeper conskleraisOa of tkese problems 
;si«i, taensfme, we shall sot go mte them at lesgih sow. We 
would like, Isowever, to imlxoate bow - f *t Chester Xiigjb Seheol., 
m Pesesflvaoia* stodeots kit so strmssrly aboot the aeed for a 
iargyr school thiit with the help eC out S^arthmoce Chapter 
the? orejaaked a sinks ar«ia:«i this .issao sad therohy per- 
soaded tho loeal selmd hmrit to aodestske action So s;et a new 
h:ta;h seboob 

We also wotdd retakd our Philadelphia people haw : at tbe 
last eoawmdon wa ooagrataiated them «a ralsiaa: shs issue of 
a tree city college for Philadelphia. Wo asked thesn what 
thaf hsti dooe so carry oat tlrek jreog:raai for a free eity cob 
lege? 11m; reply w;ss aeraowhat ead>arrasskiK;, hut hissh reso- 
tutiooa wore made about what they would do. Jo the eoreksg 
year. Hero we are at soother conveotieu. The seed im 
a tree eity eollege in PMiadelplda is as aeule as it was last 
year, but the Phlladeljjhia A.S.C. still has dose very little 
.on this :issa.e. We cau draw up the fcest a ad a-sost oalighteood 
prugraa* for Amorseafi edsajatJeu tbat w^f -desko, bus sfjksjs the 
ebsptes-s sit dowa, usop s>ot o« retail y Is »k tl»at |>rogf«j» apalses 
to tbesr beal osssjjifs, a«d h<*w they will. taobUke- support for 
Jlsetr |a-0|p-5«ft, v»-e h&ys wasted ear tltae. 

W>s w«abl. like to ?J5isko oris suggestios* ooo<5eno«g the co«-- 
teat e* edaestloa, |i;jrtseaiarly witb :refenjaee to lite high 

*xi<.rt|s 1 K ^ KU! > iu xS 1^ Vi 1*^1* O * i**. 

i >»» i,Wlx« H * '1 I "■» ! 1 k 5 V> »* 1 !'- * 

ts *K'it »J'i < ■i's i \ ss <'s J >J» x> ( v > >ii ^t * i S 

j»*k< n \\ s. k I o j\hs i« \i ( * N i h) x<J< 1 

-< \ il, 1 |'l\> il i i x ' ! !! <> \ >x«< « (i {V 

< r» } * vt !«■ ' i ! h ' x j » vn»\» » I d i i ^ ^fi 

» < d d !. ) f> i i W „ 1 J J >1< ! li t ^ ^ ! * \ » 

)! % - I- U i i \< t ! i 

x> S *\ 5 * U 1 ' ) i. i { t ) ! » «. t i i > 

1 1 th j !» - ■* ^ x. )\K <x I iU > i - &i N "*> ' 

i ! J* *»* p <*• d x S d * S* il'il (»l d L I !\ ! 

( I I 1 ! *> t >x x \ *< \^x UU {»* p ^x H> J >> >t 

! Vt ~ * i V i>' f< v. t ~ M ifrt ! V ! s t5 t < « f i 

< > j > * <• ! x <■ xds* i "So h ^ * "■ » ^ !i ft- x 

» > >l' Vf, >x x »1 \N V tO ! i\ If ( 'I (1(1 IN 

It <<x""Uxx fti <\! ! f >x * x,|<>», 1 X M }i lH*S" < 

ItH't* i* \ ik <.>* 'V Vv l« • >\ !l I \ I(U «} i I i v 

I »*!!* xi<N.< ! { |l> i x. ■>}, >tS\ ! thl i*tiS xx ,' S « i i! * 

I 10 \« I U M i x t I. ! ! - 1 > < , hi i~ I f , ! 

K( \\x d ! !! ! ! <■( "• i i * J ii> >< > J i{< 

! {'I ^4.1 !<! l^t »'t d 1 * i 


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!« 1 « fix < v i *\ * (K H i * xx J ^ H (1 S- * \ 

i> !»\-~ O (l»|> \\ » 'x ! t >}> (.I > v ^< xi X-J 1 * " x 

wo xx k W <>.»>! i \dU i. .i 

!', SV 1 v, , I I It [lf f tt< N ( ( St. i'« fS $ *i 

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x k"x ii t}< f x i o 'xx XI ? V l! > H U i < >! 

^•^(JlJ < < < I l' 1 ' I'll ll t^tHxi * hiixiSN 

*-\i<.> »S Si! ' S. i»t< ! « > xj ' U ) ! < ! <>3l}x-> lv ^v XX ! ; 

A..8.07ers wk» fc.;sv« abe j«sl wos the award, U yam mmmm 
di« rails- «f FM Bets fCappa $s the last three years, yon will 
Had & large ysersetltage of them to t^v members -of the AsasarJcsa 
St&deKt Xi«ios. There is so esaftiet JbstweeTs work is. the A»S,U> 
arai & life of real si-hotarshspv We will make so be-M as to say 
that the rooat froitM approach t« «»«■» a«d*svg;rad«ate eshea- 
tkar is throsf h the America};;- Stsdeot Oases, 

Stedfefsts ami Leber 

We haee already Infested the close lies tkat the - Asbmes'a 
Stodeot ilaistfs Its;* w& labor, This is tr«« sot «»!y m oor 
attests to make edaestseR serve deomcrsey, eot ooly la- oar 
light for the Aamrsears Yeoth Act which has Ixasa eadorsed 
by ikit CJ'JJL feat is isasj Other aspects o! o«r program. Oar 
pregraarajsta; dkjsisr&ShHt reads ; 

"la s Istrg&r sease the cads wkfcSt Use A.S.-O. fess s$ far issett 
saaswa J* sssfjyjtxl fey sasnfeais afcse, im vfkhi& the e*aSrsea of tfe* 
eiaas>T,o, Oirr -aras.e1*> lacviisMj' ts&fc a* to da? scarce* sa jkjw«k\ 
the; tssMstsws kalist, sswi itaSiiad sasss Jaa ease-? «&$srds? {s>rhf#t 
Eaassos. ksdtsstry md a«Ssics). Osr strajsafes "aal (karaawtrase ear 
eoKHftaahy of aaeresr wah Sja<k u«i<*» and ka'asar areaa* whs* 
just Jseesase rlisy are iks skiet vkssass s>l exakkatiiea by tta? .k«w; 
«,*.%s!'CO>% are iiia saasaaprisgsi at soeisS chxe^a" 

Is it sot abeat shoe that we riki aiore ihao jsay ii|r-s»erv:ke to 
this ho-ssd that we have with the trade o.aiors roove.aresst? is 
the eoadrsa; y*ar ooe of our bss-k; crhjeetives shoaio! be to ladld 
op oar ties with the labor movement for »:r«ie of the eMot" amu 
&( the A<S.1J< is to proveot that earoree betweeo the sxihlrhe 
eissa asai s.ha Ishar movofaeat whieh is the basis «f fsseiarij. 

fiiiw da we baiki up msr reiatiosrsliips wisis tlso AosarKiaa 
ishi>r KUsvofaest? Uy 'helping it m ite slxaggb for better «>s$- 
ditieae. We woahl like to .p^y speeisl trihate to Cojaasli mem- 
bers of tlra Amesio&R Sta<l»ot Oaioa who travdles! 80 miles to 
deliver jseversl teas of coal to fee Elkksral strikers- Wc aosst 

swsiiwji lb* splendid work of the Harvard Lsbtti- Cot&mitJee 
m hdpira> the CJ.O. hi Nw EttKiatwI. Hie €,I.O. lis* }«»! 
&:!.t;o5isRX-fi hs> istcn&m to ;)?£«.£■««: piohr-ri;; i sod servs*? «iV 
pk>yer* hi the colleges. The Arn^vh'=«f Student lh-hr« wiii 
Nippon that drive. Metnbers of the A.SJh cs-n *ssk; sh^ 
trade u»kui i»<jveij5«nt hy h<»if>jr»s» w> vwfcers* educ::l;«n, hy 
distributing ie;dkts. hy J'oc«j*fRjj aSfr'.-uiorj on b»:i !«pois like 
Eik!a»d a«;d jetsey thy. If w <k ths™? thiKgs th<< ;ra<k 
uoien* wii? gU'e Hs support, i i:«: Ibsek oC leiegvam* we hsv« 
reedvi?o! ivata kadi-sg tra<k wnioa hgures already indicates 
how Ktwh labor look* tir>oti «$ as it* n.)\y in the eolhw? 


With the support of -.he iahor iesjv^-no-ss, w crffn b«iid a 
pow>;d\iI high soivxd A.5.U. hi ii eiiy Hke Detroit, w csb 
approach the Uaited A«tw»:<tbih- Workers oi Ar^enca as;d 
work w-.ii jointly with {hem a plan vvheteby the so«s &*id 
d&ysjhtrcs of s«t<» «*«<;& sri-Msih^vs h* the IVmrh high schools 
would eerjxe is to the, A,SJ.;, and he rasisdris the prhieiplee of 
trade «.f!iOi:i.!!fa, This involves o&rcius <«fd patsent work, h 
ttieaHS prcpiijlsg ieaterhd that e*o he d.istrtbott*! through 
n;sior; ohanoek to union nsenioors. It msr-ass e.adeavoriir^ to artieies o?» the vv'otk of top A.S.U, ifito Ose pu.hh;;;itio.o* of 
trafle ursiofs h>eak h ?no.n : « wTpprfiisittg roeeths/p; kdolH 
with hinders of the U.A.W.A. ll means forgeitkig »*wr «ld 
fioltoa of eoopetatka wish i;;i<k «<»of*s which was hkoJted to 
getihuj the ersdors^sueni. -.A & fow 3.radt: onion hssdefs. That 
h not our objective, if &ur high school civics coaxr^ v*-HJ 
not ttN-sch ftbfttsl Jh*> Wt!««of Labor RcUsiions .'Uu, ih« A.S.U. 

Os? e«o|K>ratiofi, whh ihe trade ualoa movwisBt, o«y eSlor$« 
m g&g&r&l t« »Ki1>ilke she cosHmirtsi^y hiihsHfl oar isctlvitfes 
have alre»!;!y horsjo »uf o«.r pro«!i(!th>« th«t m the effort to 
seMeve oar o&jecfives we will &mI ap hs the legislative hsl^< 
Qur eamj>alga» for t&e Nye-KvsUVB£lL fer the AsHiJrfosa Y<mih 

Aat* tax tbe Marrisos3t>HeSehe:f Bilk- jfoy the jHs&lyaehbg bilk 
for laca! y«»ih acts haw hidiaaicd tlse close tie* wa have ."»?&& 
gxsiitses. Is pomt oi foci, the; presumes we already km? 
Massed for »tw oi>Jeet:H*ce have. *ep:r??«alael forass of p-elitkial 

Shall the A-SXk eotea- p«ikses in the swse of supporting 
csaKHdates and* parsies? Wc ca.a«05- aaawer ihh question wish- 
oat hYat mnxitiSt ulnp; some ed the rse-eeat ratswu tlc-Yeiep- 
meats hi aatiusai aad local polities, particularly the cxoer- 
geae« «1' a progressive political sinvsroenl. Progressive po- 
litical actios 1*. m&tuffistiag hself La asaay iYa'ass; ibefe are 
sacb aasveaatats as \ha Waehlagtaa awl ilregoa Ca«wao.awaalih 
Fedcrafkars, finely aachoted Sa the labor raovoraeat b«i em- 
bracing large ««c.iioti» e£ th» adddhs cbsss aad lanae-as, rataoiag 
cjaKlklaSes !Mi<lf:)r ike Berate*** k label as well a« tkeir »ra. 
There i* I .abac's League eaeauragbaj iadapaadea! 
labor p«]itk-») aeiioa jhroaghoat the eoujsSry, There ia ih-" 
tkuak. Labor Party sad the American- Labor Party i« Nest 
York whkh dial n»$ hesaaie ia support LaGuardis m a \>m- 
;grcssii.-o abisoiaxh he was endorsed by the Repaldiean Party. 
Aay evalasSion of the fwrm* at" progressive political actios 
«a»&t Sake rata aeeaataS saea like Maury Maverick assl jerry 
tPiaaaaell, progressive Demaer&ts, Akkaygb we a<<ed act 
spcad any Sitae «a tlwr weli-kaaa-a ima'etaaats ia WLsaoasia 
sxid Minnesota, we aiaaild eaapba-sixe iksS she «a>»t powerful 
impetus to prtajresaiva political aesioa has beea ihs growih 
af the €,!.(>. aad the geaerul prawsh of She labor raovaae v aa 
\v 8,000,000 iaeisiaas. 

Thifi vast ;ieveia|aaro-it, sagas al which akeadv $wxe sa cvi- 
thivi- st i>ur ars-t coaveasifav b;i-s bad jis iarpaet upaia the 
A.S.U, hi Na<.v fork (aiy\ fea esa.KSisle, Tasaaaay tJiid«noak 
Ut prea-'e ibaS the esiiRietkaad ^ystraa had a;aas lied saider 
Majsi LaCaatdsa. It did eo .by ia\x4;sag the evhleace jfet ihe 
Bead af Ilighar it!du«:ati<sa was esa>eidesaas:; givlas? mx>s.>- 

Si>>.».i >^*' if c 1 )^ E<1w,n!v>n has "sad '.hr i\a\U- wnkt *»v.f% 
-*<v Si it ■s*& t ki>i!<>>js t< *t is Kj .Vl$\<v »*» $ * £ *s j? My in 
K-t^i\h-v v.- «(»{(».»! >i-»x -,<!«> 'i, v hi., i. t* *vp, T. {rs> 
Ki the H'sh N~l r»t$ Vnx .r>ot\ S~\ aIcs j^ i js> *L>v*n<? 
si* r>t<>.-.\ x --'l j\ ..J { << ^dwiRf, th*' \^l !'~ * •> - !r«"s «H <>!-.* 
^i u .•*>»» ihf j'» s-H< ,'S the £> ^ - is jt pt<v>t s ^f *V |st-o-*^re^^ v? 
.>.ei v si i k\< (««-){ v) Vk >ft?k i. r«. Bui 'u<y> Jh-n •- .-j *<* 
^> in n n? ;os-\op:ci*os 5. .v p'^-sr..,^ ,h<! t«cs v ,<t i <.> 

?» J ho \»! \>~« ^ -fk >Stson ii v. i~ is ;.> !u>\»tti* I .*» ih >i 
aJiV o,» p,-.- vt m >^i .h< Hutf'S. I^.<k * is ->v M^o-t >o 

to t')^\< "* < t r»u t» f ss*>juL r s-Si >>{> >*f<tu /, {k r^ ^tf» 
ij» <.>", iU v i »tjj<j* '.^ y'usS^i^ {«>V(« '! i !>-m \ih.<.h j; v *!-' 

™»fc tj.^vs v U .J f i( \x )<: f it "^iti'is K s ( I. Ill M<« O O' l's |>*»st 

>'s;\ii>V > ( i|> ( "Mth .m V^uMm LsK>- Wnu tiwc as iV 
\ N ! n fv <.h-s v 'in n- 

{>«.}t.o„ a ■( f jh >(>> -i tx \ - J « s'Nih. v'sco^f ih< 
'hu;->!v V\ h.-M .KiMr^; fn .t.-l-h-n t- \\(- t n^-i 

VKX iX V, i\<~sf. «. v « £«„», »«. i '(K ;, ,» t ^ »,(„ S! ,i 

'''J'^*"* It*' <* ,s> ^, >; ,, \,-; v , ;,* °s»J-n( i i,,>r»'i»i> 
I as if «,,u oo> j ><s,k! s ;,\ \;.^.!s.n -^ , \tt { -i ,>t h 

^»s .i»,h }! f a)i '[ y >n>f«np j sX"'iKJs 

!") - v !>-"!( M"! "*Usi ^<S ,it vh^Su. " U U.I " K J . 

"-s^ - ! r <» > o >«, < j..V - . •> u «.;\ .r 
.s ••»)« ("'iij^ssti \. ^^f -Mi'.r'fii. Uki s,»..*.f.<. 

*' " ■■ ' ! K !! s A, i> ! ) t . i " >>. ? t: - \ SJV 

.' . "\ ft. <i.^ .'I". 

*-H\ x *>iU **e Averse; 'K^n' $«tn «,<» ii us sir, iT!<ijth:» jU t>* vV 
s-v>$w«>TiK -« J he ->nrS .*«'i».i >$ y-v,,*ii«,W IK ' M iv.r> 
Msr.t; o* thai i \,- the ^ vt<^ ^'i>r» -o f^r 'lr n ss-csifslso, 

i>? ie£euii>>e* sr 5 e-s* the wjij.vis' 

h> sU no-; R« »* *i lii«-, the issij.> 'A i' ,. tjxni osrs «; .st "l< 

J>t*s*»f.i »(."J}f f ' SS i l M? K'or;j, !l Jn v.!<«- "hsktVllS. <*" ,,X(3i>\l 
,"».;;, ]li i<nt»v. «"* it i^ <\y~- iy j!C» iKe* f'W *K* <"«.!«• 

*h > h\3 tUix wh.- N !s \rvr t>>»f«i> .i» o»*. p»>hh'*Al pasK, «*tsU 
ihvti <.xn »«> sis-s p ^t ;>)htktf£ *-o;^ n Oih, i-^ . »*io«» that *t, 
■wsso-r «uH a!t the hi v \f v >." t^.ui**^ h> ih*. ( m\»l ^Hi-^ 
* J tht f>!ree; ?^n>j>j$h<'!' s t- h»J«n <(<i !i- ,>nj>» ps^ns, Ai iin* 
Hss^es ^M;j<*th*''t>' k i tht < o-t>trK )! ^\>;\<\ a u»s :Ss v* hsJikl j 

h x , h i* *> xe<«.iK«! 1 t p ■i^j- s >» ih - 'NMJisxsv ?< «»" K ,ru>h<l- 
i^\l is" nwtk\< ,» \ \n- vM~&fetl .<) ,i« xi'Mi: £ < •>%!■ -^h-xs.iS 
e.<Mx<»ji SnJ *■** s «. -5 hi >•» M<i<rJ ,* r<o< e- ^xmn a - , the 
t-! S ei^-^.i\ -if< »¥(*•< \t» x>» (»'<e;j x .« t ;\ki>u- {<> x vs^hJv*- «i> 

$»«»,.* ixit " VK * l ! * to! s >^ ,T,<i >hi' «|oy.{)<^ «!*>* w-hkh tisi i-'° 
I'~ «:<» v>rt *(of ^l^^.'J^e ii( " ^t SsJeT.i hodv h>! l>S«, , e^!t< 

}.">» t»e«5 jeUv-Rx "ts > *t\hr r x(>te >v^l <.'tjatt,-te xt t>>! t^j-^ioix. 
^■■e ««^xl C"> S jHos t «?«»> t)i tht ' ^iS->>i Ni.n *.>' \f-t x -tm > 
v*< ^«<^ith.^^^.^ \- tV> F;,?-s\! «.{>,c K»sj; « % l.ih«, jo jV -Utnip- 
no v f ( iO e-^&m/'"^ -n'o the Lh< hv M«^,e..»i Stiti 


■o i*»e r-j.s" 

.*»« J srt ivi< ; t> v-.ih »«r v-sA,V! «t }h-i 

«■*'< itf^ s it* yi.-tx't -i ' - H \\s , <s .s Jth.J ft\sf".!^r in 
tht- 'Vlt £•■<.•» st v»e ^K'-t")! t- - -i % \jiui+f«x K *,* a t't>t>t.>i i<r<> 
iifs N n, ,i f«-,j!}\tje pfog-vsi«, c>«>e i'» *hje|. xKh oar >^iuxo aii 4 
*x» *luh hxs» a -jix.r«o >i{ ,i\<.->™ { h»-> v ,s« ,,nK JV <|'^^ 
thd-yjwh f t (Sa}',j, n !<< a s>«fix!»v.! ftcxr oJ \i' *«}..^ ttr j-so 
> j<--.-i%t j, i,t ess >*sSt>^s * 

* JW *;**- \j»-. ->,;!^ ». > t\t> V<-, u , ., p.iiK.U V,",HT> 


bskk ibs Americas StadM U»km 

It Is two years ssseo the Artseneass. Sl»de»t fjjriots was 
fo^aekxl We hsve at litss presest 8josa«sit l?§ aetaa! ehspters 
bv Colleges sx«| 70 elisspters Hi .h:lg:b sehook:. We hsVe eoss- 
taots asid are wmtmg with stssdetsts m 29? colleges. It is 
ehselly ji I&ek el tokb which expkios why we havts sot keoa 
«hle to devekip these awAsets. 

Oar greyest weskssess si: the presets* rssosrsssA is :m the Sepsis, 
£hses tMs mess. thM the American Stiklsast lltsioti esstrool be 
b«It its tke Ssntib? Cksr ehepter at the Ikkverslry of T.irgiob 
was ahem 1 t?s rebels this osmal&diaa w.he« it d^kled to mmm$ 
all the <Iert»: stories mid .hritkmhok; stirdesits ImlivMsssikv osr the 
syhject of the A.SAX f» a brie! time the? tripled their urns* 
hership aad we qwte thesrt whe^ -we says *The A.S,tL has 
»et fsjtoc! m the So«ik — it bag rawer heea tried." Certakdy 
there ares &ra<fHkms of liberalises sod progress <-rs powerful 
sad fivhsg la the Soistkens colleges as elsew:h«rs. It k the \&h 
>d tk« A.,$.tl to help wxtseo.bte fchose ttsdhsoas said give them 
emvcTete expression. 

If- the Negto schools there is obviously a«a<! of tk« Uoio.a, 
1 he Negro students ssore Ih&o say other tradss-pad^e group 
Hi the eeoistry iseed as orgasib;stioii which trill help thein 
carry »e the fight for stpsality as ail spheres, aod psiasarik 
for the cqaalfty ei edueatkead oppf>?tiimlv. Setae people 
express de-akt whether Negro sta?lestB eaa protect m- 
terests throisgk tke A.S.I:. The receat experience of bmidiajr 
ss. chapter si Ikmaatt College in Gfeemkoro, North Catoimm 
should prove heipfal in asswetbsg this msesiloss. Oar ehspter 
tkere hs^ i« a f sw weeks, made &{»&dtag strkk-SS, Every stti- 
<3«st has, received s ^»w pis^ee of A.S.U ijt^atyre, K&k Oje 
srujtefit budy \m<>. alr<<sdy iodiostod ioterest ja S0 5sie as|soet of 
tks A.S.U. program. I'Im- chapter has initiated a "iJskJed 
Siudest Peace Cosjiohaee. 1'hey b;sv t - worserl or the Asrti- 
Lynchirig Bill. They at? okssnkig a Coop Bookstore. Now 


ihey ssk oi5? sssistaass:- io cooihstsmg the vicieys actios e4 
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st ilse ^ojsveotioRj a»cl we owe a great vote of lhatsks le the 
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And we snast appeal to -he college deles at ions- t ; * -akc as; 
ij;lcr*"ii so fho hiiih soho-.*! ;novooier.t and i-.y ,-mi«« capabt*; 
fovoo* i(> help y.i&i ehspt^fs in the high school:,, h h a »iatte; 
<>i re^jet tha; ;to; Vs-ivcr-shy of Chk-a^ii A.S.i-. >;th is« ^5*5 
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