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Bathwick that he's a positive example to us all!"

Sam Ikuhwiek, who liaci a very large mouth,
grinned bashfully, though his heavy, sallow face had
an irrepressihly artful look about it. He farmed a
little bit of laml in an out-of-the-way corner of the
parish, and was reputed to have put by more money
than he admitted to.

Climbing over the fence again I became aware of
the arrival of the Rotherden eleven in a two-horse
brake. It was dose on twelve o'clock, but they'd had
a fourteen-mile drive and the road was up and down
hill al! the way. How enormous they looked as they
sauntered across the ground—several of them carrying
cricket ha&s. 1 should be lueky if 1 made any runs at
all against such inezi as they were!

Bulky Church clock was tolling twelve while our
opponents wen* bearing down on us from the other
side of the field, with William Dodd already half-way
across to meet them. But the Rothcrdcn men ap-
peared to be in no threat hurry to begin the game as they
stopped to have a louk at the wicket. Meanwhile
But Icy bells chimed sedately to the close of the mellow
extra celebration which Providence allowed them
every three hours without fail. . . .

"I suppose they've got their best team?" I faltered
to Dixon, whose keen g;use was identifying the still
distant stalwarts,

"You bet they have,!'1 he replied with a grim smile.

Two of the tallest mcu had detached themselves
from the others and were now pacing importantly
down the pitch with Dodd between them* Dixon in-
dicated this group, "They've got Crump and Bishop,