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spite of a tempestuous effort the band was completely
outplayed by its automatic and uncxhaustible adver-
sary. The discord becoming intolerable, it seemed
possible that the batsrnen would "appeal against the
music" in the same way that they sometimes "appeal
against the light" when they consider it inadequate.
But William Dodd was equal to the emergency; with
an ample gesture he conveyed himself across the
ground and prohibited the activity of the steam-
organ until the match was finished. The flitting
steeds now revolved and undulated noiselessly
beneath their gilded canopy, while the Butlcy Band
palavered peacefully onward into the unclouded
jollity of the afternoon.

The clock struck four, Rotherden were all out for
183 and Tom Dixon had finished the iunings with a
confident catch on the boundary off one of Docld's
artfully innocent lobs. No catches had come rny
way, so my part in the game had been an unobtrusive
one. When Dodd and Picksett went out to open our
innings it was a matter of general opinion in the
Beer Tent that the home team had a sporting chance
to make the runs by seven o'clock, although there
were some misgivings about the wicket and it was
anticipated that Crump and Bishop would make the
ball fly about a bit when they got to work.

Having ascertained that I was last but one on the
list in the score-book, I made my way slowly round
the field to have a look at the Flower Show. As 1
went along the boundary in front of the spectators
who were leaning their elbows on the fence 1 felt
quite an important public character. And as I