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at the Rectory for as long as I liked, and this was
followed by a letter in which he announced that he'd
got a month's holiday. "If your old nag's still lame
I can get you some top-hole hirelings from Downfield
for thirty-five bob a day, and I've ordered the
Guv'nor to offer up prayers next Sunday forbidding
the Almighty to send any frost to Sussex."

Aunt Evelyn considered this almost blasphemous;
but she thought my visit to Hoadley Rectory an
excellent idea, for Stephen was quite one of her
favourites, and of the Rev. Golwood (whom she had
met at a diocesan garden-party) she had the highest
possible opinion. "Such a fine face! And Mrs.
Golwood seemed a real fellow creature—quite one of
one's own sort," she exclaimed, adding, "D'you
mind holding his hind-legs, dear?" for she was pre-
occupied at the moment in combing the matted hair
out of one of her Persian cats.