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home. "He's a lot faster than Jerry, and he'll simply
walk away with the Heavy Weights. Send in your
sub. and start qualifying him at once. You've only
got to bring him out eight times. He's done nothing
to-day, so you can have him out again on Wednesday."
The idea of my carrying off the Colonel's Cup
had caused me delicious trepidations. But now, in
the draughty bathroom and by the light of a bed-
room candle, I was attacked by doubts and misgiv-
ings. It was easy enough for Stephen to talk about
"qualifying" Cockbird; but how about my own
qualifications as a race-rider? The candle flickered
as if in ominous agreement with my scruples. There
was a drop of water on the wick and the flame seemed
to be fizzling toward extinction. Making it my for-
tune-teller, I decided that if it went out I should fall
off at the first fence. After a succession of splutters it
made a splendid recovery and spired into a confident

At the dinner-table the Rector glowed with austere
geniality while he carved the brace of pheasants
which represented a day's covert-shooting he'd had
with Lord Durnborough—"a long-standing annual
fixture of mine", he called it. During our day's
hunting we had only caught occasional glimpses of
him. But he had got away from Basset Wood with
the hounds, and had evidently enjoyed himself in his
reticent way. We discussed every small detail of our
various experiences. Kind Mrs. Colwood kept up
with the conversation as well as could be expected
from an absentee who hadn't ridden since she was
quite a girl. She was interested and amused by hear-