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'There, clear. There's the money for your horse,
and the Hunt subscription as well." She placed a
cheque on the arm of the chair. "It's your Christ-
mas present," she explained. It was so unexpected
that 1 alm< >st forgot to thank her. But I had the grace
to ask whether she could really afford it.

"Well, dear/' she said, "to tell the truth, I couldn't.
But I can now/5 And she confessed that she'd sold
one of her rings for seventy-five pounds up in
London. "And why not?" she asked. "I'm so
delighted at your having taken up hunting again;
it's such a healthy hobby for a young man, and
Dixon's almost beside himself—he's so pleased with
the new horse. And after all, dear, I've got no other
interest in the whole world except you."

Miriam then appeared with the tea-tray, and soon
afterwards 1 went upstairs to gloat over my good