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Full text of "TheCompleteMemoirsOfGeorgeSherston"

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Going back to the drawing-room, I lit a pair of
candles which made their miniature gold reflections
on the shining surface of the massive Gup. I couldn't
keep my eyes away from it. I looked round the
shadowed room on which all my childhood and
adolescence had converged, but everything led back
to the talisman; while I gazed and gazed on its lustre
I said to myself, aloud, "It can't be true that it's
really there on the table!" The photograph of Watts's
"Love and Death" was there on the wall; but it
meant no more to me than the strangeness of the
stars which I had seen without question, out in the
quiet spring night. I was secure in a cosy little
universe of my own, and it had rewarded me with
the Colonel's Gup. My last thought before I fell
asleep was, "Next season I'll come out in a pink coat."