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/% LL THROUGH an extra fine summer I often
jLjL wondered how the new Master was getting on
in the Ringwell country. But I was almost entirely
ignorant of what a Master of Hounds does with him-
self between April and September. I saw next to
nothing of Stephen, who was at Aldershot, learning
how to be a Special Reserve officer in the Royal Field

My own energies were mainly expended on club
cricket matches. I managed to play in three or four
matches every week; I was intent on keeping my
batting average up to twenty runs per innings, which
I found far from easy, though I had one great after-
noon when I compiled a century for Butley against
some very mediocre village bowling. Those long days
of dry weather and white figures moving to and fro
on green grounds now seem like an epitome of all
that was peaceful in my past. Walking home across
the fields from Butley, or driving back in the cool of
the evening after a high-scoring game on the county
ground at Dumbridge, I deplored my own failure or
gloated over one of my small successes; but I never
looked ahead, except when 1 thought about next
winter's hunting. The horses were out at grass; and
so, in a sense, was I.