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X 1[ THEN DIXON arrived at the Packlestone Kennels
V V in the middle of October, with my four hunters
and a man under him, he was realizing an ambition
which must often have seemed unattainable. To
break away from Butley for a season in a country
which adjoined such notable names as the Quorn,
the Pytchley, and Mr. Fernie's—well might he have
wondered how it had been brought about! But there
we were; and Aunt Evelyn had been left to drive
through a lonely winter with Harkaway and the
stable-boy—now nearly eighteen and promoted to
the dignity of wearing Dixon's top-hat and blue
livery coat.

From the moment when Denis had first suggested
my going with him, I had made up my mind to do
it. Nevertheless, the fact remained that I couldn't
afford it, I was putting myself in a false position in
more ways than one: financially, because I should be
spending my whole year's income in less than six
months; and socially, because the people in the
Packlestone Hunt quite naturally assumed that I was
much better off than I really was. I had discussed it
all with Denis in April. Denis was good at making
fifteen shillings do the work of a pound, and he was
fond of talking about money. But when I divulged