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cloud of brown-pink smoke. Some bursts are yellowish,
10.5. I can see the Manchesters down in New
Trench, getting ready to go over. Figures filing
down the trench. Two of them have gone out to look
at our wire gaps! Have just eaten my last orange....
I am staring at a sunlit picture of Hell, and still the
breeze shakes the yellow weeds, and the poppies glow
under Crawley Ridge where some shells fell a few
minutes ago. Manchesters are sending forward some
scouts. A bayonet glitters. A runner comes back
across the open to their Battalion Headquarters, close
here on the right. 2 ist Division still trotting along the
skyline toward La Boisselle. Barrage going strong tc
the right of Contalmaison Ridge. Heavy shelling
toward Mametz.

12.15. Quieter the last two hours. Manchesters
still waiting. Germans putting over a few shrapnel
shells. Silly if I got hit! Weather cloudless and hot.
A lark singing confidently overhead.

1.30. Manchesters attack at 2.30. Mametz and
Montauban reported taken. Mametz consolidated.
2.30. Manchesters left New Trench and apparently
took Sunken Road Trench, bearing rather to the
right. Could see about 400. Many walked casually
across with sloped arms. There were about forty
casualties on the left (from machine-gun in Fricourt}.
Through my glasses I could see one man moving his
left arm up and down as he lay on his side; his face
was a crimson patch. Others lay still in the sunlight
while the swarm of figures disappeared over the hill.
Fricourt was a cloud of pinkish smoke. Lively machine-
gun fire on the far side of the hill. At 2.50 no one to
be seen in no-man's-land except the casualties (about
half-way across). Our dug-out shelled again since