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teen officers in a cattle truck. Got to Gaza after being-
bumped and rattled for twelve hours.

March n. Reached Railhead (Ludd) at 2.30 p.m.
Olive trees and almond orchards. Fine hills inland,
not unlike Scotland. Last night we went through flat
sandy places. About daybreak the country began to
be green. Tents among crops and trees all the way up
from Gaza. Weather warm and pleasant, with clouds.
Thousands of camels in one camp. A few Old Testa-
ment pictures of people and villages. Inhabitants
seem to live by selling enormous oranges to the troops
on the train.

March 12. Just off to Jerusalem, after sleeping in
tent at rest camp about a mile from Ludd Station.
Self and M. dined in Canteen tent. Talked to Moun-
tain-Battery Major who'd ridden down from Bethle-
hem. "Don't go to the Garden of Gcthsemane," he
said. "It's the duddest show I've ever seen!"

First night in Palestine quite pleasant, anyhow.
Looked out last thing at calm stars and clouds and
quiet candle-glow of bell-tents among olive trees.
Large black-headed tits among cactuses. Also a sort
of small rook (made same noise as a rook, anyway).
Rain in the night. Then sunshine and larks singing.
Soft warm air, like English summer. Early this morn-
ing, rumble of gun-fire miles away, for about ten
minutes. Nothing grim about this Front so far. France
was grim, even at Rouen,

Same day. Ramallah. Started at 9.30. (Twelve officers
and baggage in a lorry.) Reached 74th Division H.Q,.
at 4.30. The road climbed and twisted among the
hills, which are wild and desolate, strewn with rocks
and stones like thousands of sheep. Tractors going up
with six-inch howitzers. Ambulances coming down.
Leaving Ludd we passed a long procession of grey