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to the Line. It was a Sunday, and there was a church
parade for the whole battalion. This was a special
occasion, for we were addressed by a bishop in uni-
form, a fact which speaks for itself.

In a spare notebook I wrote down the main points
of his sermon, so I am able to transcribe what might
otherwise appear to be inaccurately remembered.

"The bishop began by saying how very proud and
very pleased he was to have the privilege $f welcom-
ing us to the Western Front on behalf of his branch of
the service. Every heart, he said, had thrilled with
pride when the news came that our Division had cap-
tured Jerusalem. The armies in France had been
enthusiastic about it. He then gave us the following
information, speaking with stimulating heartiness, as
one having authority from a Higher Quarter.

"(i) Owing to the Russian Revolution the Ger-
mans have got the initiative and are hammering us

"(2) The troops are more enthusiastic about win-
ning the War than they were last year. Our lads feel
that they'd rather die than see their own land treated
like Belgium.

"(3) It is religion which keeps the morale of the
British Army so high.

"(4) (With extreme unction.) Thank God we hold
the seas!

"(5) The Americans are coming across in large

"(6) A distinguished general told me last week that
the Huns are getting weaker every week. Time is on
our side!

"He then preached a bit about the spiritual aspects
and implications of the labours, dangers, and suffer-
ings of which we were about to partake.