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Full text of "TheCompleteMemoirsOfGeorgeSherston"

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announced that he expected a prisoner as soon as
possible^ the obvious thing to do was to send Howitt
across with a strong patrol some fine morning to bring
back that machine-gun team and thus acquire a
Military Gross. It had been great fun, I felt. And I
regarded myself as having scored a point against the
people who had asserted that I was suffering from

About ten o'clock that night I hunched my way
into the rabbit-hole feeling somewhat the worse for
wear. ''Slight strafe on, it seems!" I remarked to Vel-
more, who was leaning his back against the far end
where there was just room for the pair of us to sit side
by side.

"We must try and stop the men moving about so
much round headquarters by day,'3 he suggested. I
lit my pipe. There was no doubt they'd fairly put the
wind up me a few minutes before when a batch of
5.g's had dropped all round me while I lay flat on
the ground somewhere between number 8 and 9 sen-
try-posts. Velmore sympathized and commented on
the accuracy of the Teutonic artillerymen. The Adju-
tant had been up that evening and had told him that
a big shell had landed just outside Orderly Room win-
dow about breakfast time. Luckily it had fallen on
the manure-heap. A thud and an earth-shaking ex-
plosion immediately behind our dug-out now caused
me to propose that a spot of Flecker wouldn't do us
any harm, and we had just begun to make the
Golden Journey to Samarkand when another shell
arrived plump on top of us. But there was no explo-
sion. The smoke still curled up from Velmore's cigar-