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ihat they all became green; as having, when n new-
born child, given testimony of his prophetic gift, so
that a class of noble persons professed their faith in
his divine mission. That man besides said, that the
Koran isMuhammed's miracle, by which he bound
the tongue of emulation to all the eloquent men of
Arabia; and in like manner the Almighty God sent to
Musaylima a book, which they call the first F&r&k,
4< separator ;" this also became a binder of tongues
to the eloquent; and no man, except Muhammed
and Musaylima, is capable of understanding these two
books, the reading of which affords salvation in this
and in the other world; but to expound them is a
great crime. The Almighty God bestowed upon
Musaylima the favor of another necessary and vener-
able book,entitled " the second Fariik," to the com-
mands of which it is indispensable to conform our
actions. What Muhammed had revealed is all
truth, and Musayliraa, too, chose his way in that
direction; if some precepts of the latter and his
celestial book are contrary to the statements of Mu-
hammed, it is because Musaylima survived Muham-
med1 ('upon whom be peace!), and cancelled some

ticular mode of suicide will be adverted to in a note at the end of chap-
ter VIII.

1 Muhammed died on the 8th June, A. D. 632; Musaylima did not
long survive him. He was killed, with ten thousand of his soldiers, under
the reign of Abu-bekr, in A. D. 632, in a battle against Khaled, the son
of Valid, who was sent with an army against him. Although the party