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of tliem by the command of .God, as in like manner,
during Muhammed's life, some of his precepts have
.been obliterated. The man quoted from the hea-
venly book of Musaylima the following words :
4' Adopt the belief (0 men !) that our God is the God
c< of the world, and know, that he is the Creator of
" the universe and of its inhabitants;- that he is
tú above the creatures, none of whom is like him;
tc say not, that he has no body; for it may be that
4' he has a body, although not one like a body of his
4t creatures: hand, eye, and ear of God are men-
ie tioned in the Furkan1 which came from Muham-
" rned; and what is stated in the first Fanik, which
** is the book of Musaylima, is all truth; but the
j" hand, the eye, and the ear of God are not like the
44 hand and foot, and eye and ear of the creatures.
c c Thus faith is required for an intercourse with God,
" and contemplation of the Creator; yet, whatever
" was found existing can be seen, but the vision of
" the eye, and the want of it, ought not to be taken
" in a confined sense, as faith is to be entertained
' * that God shows himself to his servants in whatever
" manner he wills." The man further proceeded
to say: a Avoid discussions about antiquity, tra-

of the new prophet appeared then crushed, yet we see by the account of
theDabistan, that its doctrine maintained itself as late as the seventeenth
century of our era.

1 Furkan, separating, discriminating, is another name for the Koran;
and signifies any sacred book discriminating the right from \vrong.