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^ dition, and duration, and the evanescence or de-

44 struction of the world, because the world is the

" creation of God, and as to the last judgment and

44 resurrection after death, attach your faith to them,

44 and be confident that you shall be raised to life,

" and in that fix your thoughts, that it will be with

'' the same or another body, in this or in another

" house, to heaven or to hell, to beatitude and re-

44 pose, to recompense or punishment; attach your

44 faith to this, and avoid diving too deep into it,

4< whether it will be in this or in another habitation ;

44 believe in the angels of God, but say not that they

4   have wings and feathers, or that, although this

44 form be not essential to them, they nevertheless

4i show themselves in this form,and know that good

44 and bad, fine and ugly, are existing; but do not

44 say, that this is good and that bad; for that which

14 you call bad may be good, and inversely:  but

44 whatever is commanded, that do."   The man

proceeded to say : " In the time of Muhammed no

" Kiblah was fixed: men turned their faces some-

44 times towards Jerusalem, sometimes towards the

44 Kabah of Mecca, and sometimes   towards any

." other place.   After Muhammed, his companions

44 established by force that Kabah should be the

4 4 Kiblah.   After Mubammed it was ordered by Mu-

44 sayliina, that turning the face towards the great

44 altar, or any determined object, is impiety, and a