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Fanik, it is slated that Iblis does not exist; the
Almighty God gave man free choice, and the faculty
of acting well or ill: wherefore he takes account of
his good and bad conduct.

This sect also maintains that, for marriage, neither
witnesses nor ceremonies are required; acquiescence
and agreement of two persons in a retired place are
sufficient. Further, although in the time of Muham-
med (the blessing and peace of God be upon him!)
it was permitted to ask in marriage the daughter of
relations,, such as that of a paternal or maternal
uncle, yet, after Muhammed, it was prohibited; like-
wise, connexion between consanguineous individu-
als, which was wont of old., became forbidden in
Muhammed's time. By Musaylima came the com-

conceal?—32. And when he said unto the angels: Worship Adam; they
all worshipped him, except Iblis, who refused,^and was puffed up with
pride, and became of the number of unbelievers.—In Chapter VII. v. 11.
God said unto him: What hindered thee from worshipping Adam, since
I commanded thee? He answered: I am more excellent than he; thou
hast created me of fire, and hast created him of clay.—12. God said :
Get thee down therefore from paradise: for it is not fit that thou behave
thyself proudly therein; get thee hence; thou shalt be one of the con-
temptible.—13. He answered: Give me respite until the day of resurrec-
tion. —V. 14. God said: Verily, thou shalt be one of those who are respited.
—15. The devil said: Because thou hast degraded me, I will wait for
men in thy strait way.—-16. Then I will come upon them from before
and from behind, and from their right hand and from their left, and thou
shalt not find the greater part of them thankful.—17. God said unto him:
Get thee hence, despised, and driven far away; verily, whoever of them
shall follow thec, I will surely fill hell with you all, etc., etc.

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