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raand of God to take to wife the daughter of one,
between whom and the suitor not the least relation-
ship is known. To contract marriage with more
than one woman is not legal, but if any one wishes
more, he may take another on the condition of tem-
porary cohabitation.

To purify before prayer with sand or dust, when
water cannot be had, is not right.

When one possesses a slave, male or female, who
is an unbeliever, this slave, adopting the true faith,
becomes free without requiring the leave of his

Whatever animal feeds upon filth which pollutes,
this to eat is not allowable. Domestic fowls are
not to be eaten, because they are winged pigs.

Musaylima forbade to keep the fast of Ramezan,
but instead of this he prescribed the fast at night,,
in such a manner that, from sunset to sunrise, no-
thing may be eat nor drunk; and also abstinence
from sexual intercourse.

Moreover, he abolished circumcision, for avoiding
resemblance with the Jews. He prohibited all
intoxicating liquors, such as those produced from
the palm-tree, opium, nuts, and thelike.

Muhammed Kuli used to read much in the second
Fanik, the book of Musaylima, which, having col-
lected, he recited, and said : this doctrine came to
me from my father and my ancestors, who enjoyed