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the noble society of Musaylima. lie said and en-
joined that, after the birth of a son, the first observ-
ance is not to approach one's wife; the woman and
man ought lo turn their niind to God, and if one
cannot effect it, he ought at least not to see his wife
but once a day. According- to the second Farrik, .it
is allowable to have intercourse with another wo-
man, inasmuch as it is another sort of contract.
< Muhamined Kuli said : 4< I saw Musaylima repeat-
c edly in dreams, in which he disclosed what was
4t unknown to me, and said: When by orders of
'c Abu-bekr, Musaylima underwent the death of a
tc martyr, and other Khalifs were movers of this
" event, therefore the Almighty God made them
tc suffer the curse of mankind; in the same manner
" as he threw the Jews, on account of the murder
4'-of Jesus, into error and perdition.

" The murderers of Musaylima are liars and vil-
" lains, and so are the murderers of Said Al Sha-

1 Hamzah was an uncle of Muhammed, and one of the first abettors of
the prophet; he was killed by a servant of the Habeshi race, called Vah-
shi, in the battle of Bedr fought by Muhammed against the Korcish, in
the third year of the Hejira (A..D. (524); the same Vahshi killed Musay-
lima with the same spear with which, he had pierced Banr/a.-(Abut"
feda, vol. I. pp.-93. 213).